Sunday, November 30, 2008

I just fell in love with the French!

Someone in France made this. Don't ask me who it was, or why he did it, because I haven't the faintest.

But here it is. I found it on youtube.

And if that French person can prove to me that he did it, I shall send to him the best existing copy of "Mukhsin" dvd which was printed in the Netherlands.

The Dutch being the Dutch, there's even a 24-page booklet in the box.


Muhammad said...

cute la mukhsin

kama; said...

you look good with that newsboy cap, mademoiselle...

najwa said...

why is it muksin?
shouldn't it be mukHsin?

andy boy said...

wow...i dont think most malaysians will actually pay tribute to your achievements and movies the way that french guy did.... that is some video you got there.

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

This is really good Kak Min!
Thanks a lot for the autograph itself, my dear friend already showed me the picture of it.
Gonna get it from him soon, when he come back to Muar. I'm from there too!

Love u so much Kak Min!

riz said...

Asalamualaikum Kak Yasmin Ahmad

I was just wondering if we can get the mentioned dvd here? And if yes, where?

I have been dieing to send dvds of the orked trilogy to my ex-english and australian culture lecturer in Perth, as I know she would absolutely LOVE it as I did mention about you and your movies to her.

maziyan said...

wow, i love it! great resource for my students next year when they learn istopmotion. thanks kakak!

mEduSa said...

so cute!

Mas Ai said...

comay,...seronok la kak min kan~

nu'ul said...

Dear Yasmin,

On a Saturday, you make my day by waving at me on the road of Singapore near Cathay. I may be just a total stranger to you, but having you to wave at me when I shout out your name, i feel like Madonna..haha..

I enjoy ALL your movies and I wish you all the best for your future film.

Anyway French is so adorable aren't they..Pandai jer capture people's heart..haha

amethyst said...

that's definitely one of the most cutest thing ever..

Anonymous said...

yes, and I love the 24 pages booklet:-)

*not Dutch*
nina in amsterdam xxxxxxxx

Kema Azeman said...


i tink mukhsin is 1 of the sweetest n cutest love stori ever. =D

btw. i just wana share this:

Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel Fattah. Just a little bit of sumting that have to do with islamophobia, racist n stuff like dat; about a story of a normal hijabi teenager who enjoys entertainmnt like evry other teenager. Tell me wat u tink later. :)

urs truly,
kema azeman

p/s: u myte not like my latest entry but dont take it too seriously since i was just making a point and was REALLY bored di kala cuti semester. huuu (T_T)

rapheydhillo said...

kak min,
sooo cute! Luv it!

huss said...

Kak Min, I read your interview in today's Life in Straits Times. Wah wah wahhh... flirting ngan photographer eh??? Boleh tahan ah you :)

yong said...

love it very much !

aki said...

i love the animation!! the music makes the film French.. haha..

wénkt said...

les francais ne pronouncent pas le H.

org french tak sebut huruf H.

so, maybe sbb tu dia tak kuar huruf H.


yasmin said...

exactement, cheri.

troisnyx* said...

awwww. :) qu'il est mignon ce film ! darn, they're not only hot-blooded, they even know how to pay a tribute.

Jumping Jane. said...

OH MY GOD. You must be really touched kan! Ya Allah! Comelnya.


Camille said...

I did it, I'm French waaaaat. Send me a copy.

C'est moi qui l'ait faite, envoie-moi une copie de ton super DVD.


troisnyx* said...

(looks like we did find our winner after all ?) ;-)

wenkt : it's 'prononcent' not 'pronouncent'

euka said...

Hi Yasmin,

I'am Adrien, and I, under the nickname of euka01, made this short animated trailer.
I was so surprised when I got a message from your nephew, Camille Delaune, on my website today ! She (He ?) said you put my short animated trailer on your website, I went there to check and I was so glad !
Actually, I made it for my cinema teacher. I chose this movie because this is the only one I got to watch in cinema when I was in Malaysia (I spent one year in a host family). There are, in fact, not many places with cinemas in Malaysia ! So "Mukhsin" is a real symbol for me, and remind me this fabulous year ! ( I was 16 at that time).

I'am now studying cinema in Montpellier ( Southern France).

I have a documentary project in Malaysia this or next summer, and I really wanted to meet you !

By the way, your movies are unfortunately very difficult to get in France ! I really wanted to watch your others movies... :)

But I got the Mukhsin DVD few weeks ago, from my host family, and I was really excited to watch it again :)

anyway, thanks a lot to share my animated trailer with Malaysian people on your website.

Here's my website, about my year in malaysia :

Good luck, take care, and please, don't stop to represent Malaysian Cinema !!


anon said...

actually methinks he/she is malaysian - his/her youtube channel has a link to his/her website (saya malas nak find out the youtuber's gender haha) -

anon said...

oh wait, french apparently!

Tira said...

this is superrr cutee!