Monday, November 24, 2008

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo...

Kissing my baby

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, some people wrote that this was not something worth celebrating, because it was an insignificant triumph. But I'm not one to discount or dismiss any blessing Allah bestows upon me, however small it may seem to some people.

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, I felt vindicated because those very same people once described it as my worst film to date.

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, it won in one of my favourite festivals because it was the second one to give me a prize (Best Asian Film for "Sepet" in 2005), and the first to hold a retrospective of my films in 2007.

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, it won among stiff competition. And even though it shared the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Special Mention with two other films, those two other films were made by filmmakers I have great respect for -- Jiang Wen and Ann Hui.

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, these were the films it was up against:

by Kim Tae-Kyun from Korea

by Jeon Kyu-Hwan from Korea

by Li Dawei from China

by Yoon Seong-Ho from Korea

by Jiang Wen from China

by Pang Ho-Cheung from Hong Kong

by Ann Hui from Hong Kong

by Tom Shu-Yu Lin from Taiwan

by Lee Chi Yuarn from Taiwan

by Liew Seng Tat from Malaysia

by Eric Khoo from Singapore

by Aditya Assarat from Thailand

by Ronaldo M. Bertubin from The Philippines

by Shimit Amin from India

by Mohammed Ali Talebi from Iran

by Seyfi Teoman from Turkey

by Huseyin Karabey from Turkey

by Nadine Labaki from France/Lebanon

by M. Rashid Masharawi from Palestine/Tunisia/Netherlands

When "Muallaf" won a Special Mention in Tokyo, I jumped up and down with joy, muttered "Alhamdulillah" under my breath, and after my solat, pressed my forehead on my prayer mat and thanked God almighty for His generosity.

May I never, EVER be so arrogant as to dismiss His blessings as "small". Na'uzubillah.


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Salam Kak Min.

"Alhamdulillah" . Others see your works, others treasured your works.

We will support you Kak Min, and insyaALLAH, Allah will bless you forever and always.

Good day Kak Min!

yasmin said...

ameen, ya rabbal aalameen. salaam, zara.

azri abu hassan said...

tahniah kak min, apabila kita ingat kat Allah s.w.t, maka Allah akan mengingati kita..

Anonymous said...

congrats kak yasmin...Alhamdulillah..I'm believe sumtin came from a sincere heart...for sure the best things dat we hoping will come true. love u kak to share n feel de life via ur story...

YTSL said...

Congratulations (again), Kak Yasmin. And FWIW, I think that THE WAY WE ARE is Ann Hui's best film (and the best Hong Kong film of the year 2008 thus far by a country mile). Also, Jiang Wen's THE SUN ALSO RISES ain't half bad. So you really are in amazingly good and exalted company there. :)

RY said...

asyik menang je...

nx film, nak jadi extra la. boleh tumpang populariti. hehe.

nyway, congrats!

(nothingness) said...

congratulations. we are all so blessed!

and i miss you so much yasmin! coming back home in three week ;p


yasmin said...

faiz!!! i miss u too, sayang! i can't wait to show you talentime!

Nadrah Mustafa said...

and ya Allah banyak nya other movies!

Anonymous said...

i heard what he said too...
celebration is not about poppin' cristal or throwing a party off the roof...
be grateful and acknowledging His greatness are perhaps the best celebration of all.

scenenseen said...

kak yasmin,
congratulations for the recent achievement!!!
ur talent pays big time!
looking forward for muallaf to hit our local cinemas.
i'm tired of mainstream...

Anonymous said...


glenn_marsalim said...

you win or lose
win big or small
it doesn't matter to me

i am still your friend
that's what i value the most

i believe in whatever you are doing
i have faith in whatever you do
i will do anything i can
to keep you do whatever you do
and i never stop saying alhamdulillah
to have you as my friend

gman said...

u deserve it..

ur film dig deep into human life...

not many malay films do that

after all, all we're concerned is stupid comedy...(yeah RIGHT!!!)


the Razzler said...

Kak Min...

No matter what people says... you are always the best in my heart!!

We love you.. :) :)

LadyM said...

alhamdulillah and syukur kak yasmin...smuanya bermula dgn niat, so whatever people might say, its just ppl sayings...congrats again and all the best always

Anonymous said...

dear kak min..
betulla..mmg kene syukur dgn setiap yg Dia bagi..memandai je depa to see them as small..look who's talking hmm igt sendiri tu siapa..

sorry ter'emo' hehe...take good care!!!

yasmin said...

pak glenn! gue kangen banget sama lu!

Andy Darrel Gomes said...

rain dogs tu cerita apa?
is it the title of your next film?

yasmin said...

"rain dogs" was a lovely film by ho yuhang in which i acted. it got selected by venice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Yasmin,

Congratulations! It cheered me up everytime I heard that you got another price for your movie. I am a new friend here, a muallaf, and can't wait to watch your "Muallaf"! :)
Thanks for your wonderful movies, I love them all!! It's so real and I am always touched by the warm Muslims shown in the movies (and sick of our mainstream media with negative racial news everyday).
Thanks for the great movie and thanks for making us proud as Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

dear kak min,
thanks for all your films...i used to abhore malay films as i found most of them were streotypical and lack of thought-provoking but when i watched your 'gubra', it was a big relief to me that at least, somoene out there has shed a new light in our malay movie making industry...since then, i've been one of your ardent fans...i love some of the issues highlighted in your films thou some people might feel uneasy about it..i believe your films are meant not only for entertaining sake, but they are also educational in the same time..keep up the good work ;)

Anonymous said...

kak yasmin, i love you because you are so OPEN and true to yourself
you speak loudly about what you believe, in humanity, in life and most importantly, what impressed me a lot; in God.
you praise to Allah openly in your blog, in your workplace, in a place or in an industry which majority of Muslims hide their belief or chose not to talk about, some even shy away from it.
please continue to be like this...
im not looking for a pious person in this field, but at least someone who's proud in humility of being a muslim
sometimes i feel i never gonna find one..
there's different between being discreet about faith and being open about it
like companion Umar being very open and ended the 3years of dakwah in discretion.
you're my role model

Rach the Lee said...

Kak Yasmin,

looking at all your achievements inspire me. I'm a Broadcasting student now and i wished that i have the chance to learn from you.

Any chance for interns? ;)

I loved Sepet, I love how I can reflect my own life on your film. I smile at your jokes, I cried like a bitch at your petronas ads. Keep up the good work and I certainly can't wait for more! :)

Anonymous said...

Really can't wait to watch "Muallaf". Loved all of your previous works.

Congratulations and a job well done.

I never expect any thing less from my favourite film director.

Anonymous said...

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27 Nov THUR at these times:

9.55am, 12.50pm, 2.25pm, 7.55pm, 10.35 pm

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hazera said...

tahniah k.min~!

sorry cant make it to singapore :(

wish u all the best, muwahs~!

Anonymous said...

It bet it will be hard for us to see Mualaf in Malaysian cinema, just like its hard to practice Yoga openly. Will Muallaf face the same fate like Yoga, being decided by the uninformed..?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yasmin, congrats on the win. Actually, I'm keen to do an email interview with you in relation to the work you did for MCYS and any future projects with the ministry. We're working on an inhouse magazine for the ministry and would like to get in touch with you. Wondering if there's a less bureaucratic way of touching base with you? Cheerios

my email is:

please let me know if there's an email i could communicate with you. cheerios

Anonymous said...

"Some people" tu sapa, kak?

I rasa orang Malaysia tak sedengki camtu la, kak, bukan semuanya begitu buruk. Saya sendiri bersyukur akak menang.

Pelik, sebab akak ni asyik macam ramai musuh je dalam industri ini. Kenapa yek?

Anonymous said...

congrats kak yasmin! :) i'm super excited because i'll be making a trip to singapore this weekend for muallaf screening! can't wait to see the movie, and hopefully exchange a few words with you.

take care.

yasmin said...

karateka, see you there, inshaallah.

Chris said...

I can't wait for it to play in malaysia.. when?

is there any difference between the print in m'sia n singapore?

More censored in m'sia?

yasmin said...

chris, the difference is singapoe has a print, and malaysia doesn't.

Andy Darrel Gomes said...

kak min,
you acted in a movie? hahaha... cool. those 2 new stars of yours... mahesh jugal kishore and howard kahoe... how did u discover them and what is it about them that made you cast them in your movie.

yasmin said...

i cast them bcos they've got charisma and such interesting faces.

Unknown said...

Pay them no mind, k.min. Jujur and ikhlas...and all else will follow - inshaallah. Ya tak?

We'll always there for you.

yasmin said...

bless you, farah.

Anonymous said...

Kak Yasmin,

Tahniah. Dalam banyak senarai filem yang bertanding, saya sudah tonton The Sun Also Rises. Filemnya indah dan artistik. Dan Muallaf mengatasinya untuk menang.


yasmin said...

salaam, riduan.

muallaf shared the Special Mention with that film, yang.

Nour said...

Definitely worth the recognition and celebration...Congratulations!

Akerzz said...

dearest kak yasmin,
i am currently back in k.l for holidays and will return back to perth on the 10th of december. chances are i will not be able to catch muallaf when it comes to the cinemas, and i would love nothing more to see this award winning gem. is there a chance that i can watch it before i leave? pretty pretty pleeaaaase

Anonymous said...

i miss orked... will u be making any more films about orked?

Andy Darrel Gomes said...

one more day, kak yasmin..... just one more day.
God bless n all the best with muallaf.

Anonymous said...

Kak Yas!

I booked my tickets for Sat show! I can't wait to meet you! Is Amani coming along too? :)


yasmin said...

yes, inshaallah, amani coming along.

yasmin said...

no more films about orked, i'm afraid, amethyst.

Anonymous said...

Salaam, Secured tickets for whole family for 27th at 2115hrs showtime!

yasmin said...

salaam. thank you for wanting to watch my film. i'm so touched.

Anonymous said...

thank u for ur contribution on malay fims...
im hoping dat will... if not sumhow wider malaysian's view toward malay film..dat sumhow been classified as "2nd class" or myb lower than that, looking forward for mualaf to premier at our own beloved country...
keep up the gud work
btw, lurve...all ur tv's commercial(petronas especially)...
take care
cheers, Rubi~

fikriehisham said...

i'm new here..haha
wow..i really do like

fikriehisham said...

i'm new here..
my first visit..hhaha
woow..i really do like you..=)

Anonymous said...

Kak min,

Tahniah sekali lagi. Walaupun cerita akak ni mendapat tentangan banyak dr pelbagai pihak dan juga Nani yang dikritik kerana sanggup membotakkan kepala utk cerita ini.. membuatkan some people nak masuk Islam.. akak dah buat banyak pahala..

Walaupun org ckp, its not worth it to celebrate... akak celebrate je dgn kami yang menyokong akak.. pedulikan mereka.. dorg jeles sbb akak dpt tempah nama di luar dan cerita mereka tak dpt.. yelah cerita mereka terlalu surrreal, x mcm cerita akak...

tahniah sekali lagi..

yasmin said...

salaam, all.

fikri, you're from kota baru! i love kota baru! i went to pasar siti khadijah and interviewed some women who sold keropok lekar and chilli padi, and they said they had watched sepet and gubra (vcd cetak rompak) and they really liked them. that's when i realised that it wasn't the rakyat who have problems with my films, just one or two reporters. alhamdulillah!

yasmin said...

and thanks, shaz. very sweet of you to say so.

fikriehisham said...

hahah..yup ..i'm a kelantanese.. do you know this??

well..your movies were superb...=)
errr..cetak rompak still a problem in kelantan..sorry but i'll support you..

just come again to kelantan when you're free ok..hahaha

ps..i love your movies so much

*cosmic freak* said...


Please do another screening. :( If Malaysia still won't release it.

yusof sadjirin said...

congrtulations Yasmin.filem mualaf ni mcm best je.tapi kenapa tak tayang lagi.?

yusof sadjirin said...

tahniah Yasmin.mualaf memang the best,tapi kenapa tak tayang lagi kat malaysia?

Nadrah Mustafa said...

yes yes pleaseeee!! temasik's trip got cancelleddddd

Chris said...

Does this mean that I will never be able to watch it unless I travel to singapore?!


Anonymous said...

Kak Min! A few hours more before I get to see you life in person after screening of Muallaf at 1.15pm later. *excited*

Anonymous said...

hi kak yasmin,

congratulations on your win and all the other accalims for muallaf. can't wait to watch it and also talentime.

take care, God bless your talent!


-vincent- said...

a humble opinion of Muallaf, seen from my eyes :)


Malaysia boleh!


HaNeeM PoTTeR said...

congrats!u deserved proud of u!=)

yasmin said...

vince dear, your positive review makes me want to work even harder. thank you.

Kembara Musafir said...

my sincerest and heartiest congratulations Yasmin...!! you are an inspiration... even though we have never met before, I brag to my friends that we come from the same town, and used to go to the same school... have bought all the DVDs of your previous movies (to watch here in Dubai), and can't wait to get a copy of Muallaf DVD when it comes out... hmm... if only I am in "tanahair", I would definitely make a trip to "visit my relatives" in Singapore and go watch your movie there this wknd...!

wishing you millions and millions more successes...!