Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sad, but hopeful. Dr Jem's latest sms from Gaza.

gaza children

At around 5:50am this morning of January the 8th, 2009, I sent a message to Dr Jemilah:

"Salaam, my love. Hope all's well with you. We're in the midst of organising a charity screening of 'Muallaf' to garner corporate donations for Mercy. Doa for us, ok?"

Her response came in less than a minute:

"Alhamdulillah. I am fine. Spent some time with Palestinian kids transferred to Cairo for treatment. They were crying and wanting to go home! They don't realise their homes have been blown apart. So very sad. Getting the second consignment ready to go again. Take care. Salaam to all and thank everyone for their generosity and doas."

So far, AirAsia, the New Straits Times, TV3, Alliance Cosmetics (Silky Girl), AddAudio and McCann-Ericson have said YES to block-booking seats for the screening. I thank them for their generosity. Heads of corporations reading this are welcome to do the same.

We should be sending the "Muallaf" print to Lembaga Penapisan Filem next week, inshaallah. We are asking them not to make any cuts.

According to a recent report, about a third of those killed in Gaza have been children. Those children are now safe with Allah. Let's try and help the ones left behind wounded and homeless.



ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Salam Kak Min.

Alhamdulillah, glad to read the sms by her to u~

It's been a MUST for me to watch the news and read every articles that highlighted this issue. InsyaALLAH, some of us here already took the bank account number that been aired in TV3 recently and try to donate some for the people there.

I do hope everything will go smoothly for the charity screening of Muallaf.


ummum said...

semoga Allah selamatkn saudara2 kita di gaza..
semoga Allah tempatkn mereka yg telah pergi di kalangan mereka yg Dia kasihi..
semoga Allah membantu kita semua..

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Anonymous said...

Kak Yasmin,

Thank u so much for these updates. Yesterday I felt so helpless so I made use of your info regarding Mercy's CIMB account.

Regarding the Muallaf charity screening, I understand corporate sponsors would be best able to contribute. However, are there any ways ordinary poeple like me can help as well? I would so love to promote your movie and contribute to the palestinian cause as well. maybe another Talentime showing?

Thank you God for creating people like you and Dr Jemilah.

derick said...

kak yasmin,
pls do inform me about the time date and venue of the screening. i will tell all my friends and students to make sure they are there to show support to these unfortunate souls.
and i will definitely be there kak yasmin.
hope to see you there.


nia said...

to see the pictures, already made me cry.....

ArnabGumuk said...

rupanya Muallaf belum ke Lembaga Penapisan Filem? apesal kat Pancaindera 28th Dec tulis Muallaf kena gam atas alasan menyamaratakan semua agama demi kelangsungan hidup?hmm confusing..harap2 dpt la ditayangkan kat Msia.

Zana Fauzi said...

It's beyond words to describe how we feel over what's happening at Gaza strip right now. As we sit over here whining about the bland juice we had for breakfast, our brothers & sisters over there barely had food for the whole week, running & fighting for their lives. Allah save them (and us).

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

So sad.Alfatihah..

aki said...

Kak Yasmin,
Thank you so much for your postings on Gaza. I've been thinking what I can do for them from Japan..

afams-chan said...

May Allah protect them and us as well..

Anonymous said...

8 comments only? some of your other posts has received ten fold as much comments from the public/ur fans. I find that we Malaysians are fed the wrong type of information, still focusing on petty things (like our dirty politics) when this Gaza disaster is happening. People should be angry and absolutely disgusted by this 'crisis'. But maybe most of us are ignorant, including me and that has to change. Those who do hear about these things get their source of information mostly from the highly skewed USA media. But we should be listening to both sides of the story.

Here's an article on the unbalanceness of American media.

Let us not be fooled. We are smarter than that.

Thank you Yasmin for at least doing something. 4 posts on this topic with about 80 comments from people.

Nik Amir

man said...

rilek la Nik Amir, it doesnt mean 8 comments, a sign that we dont care!
All we Malaysian can do now is to come forward and make a donor, the least is DOA, dont underestimate the power of DOA from a genuine intention, genuine Muslim, towards another Muslims.

Allah is watching, He knows beyond what we know.

Irma said...

Dear Kak Yasmin,

Thanx for the postings on Gaza. Sgt menyedihkan. Sy rasa tak sanggup nak tgk gambar2 kat Gaza. Kita semua mesti bersyukur dgn nikmat yg Dia berikan kat Malaysia ni. Tp masih ramai yg leka.. kan?

Anyway.. ordinary people bleh ke join charity screening Mualaf tu?

Wai Meng said...

I refuse 2 believe that the heart of Malaysians should be judged by the number of comments.

As there are, silent readers like myself.

Sometimes, we are just out of words when something sad like this happens.

Well, i guess i should just leave a comment then. : )

Wai Meng said...

Ok, ok.

Maybe just another one. : )

CT said...

Kak Yasmin,

Have u heard the news on the school bombing?

What were they thinking??!

These people seek refuge there because the building has been gazetted by the UN as their shelter and yet the Israeli troops bomb it in spite of that.

Because they THOUGHT there are militants there.

And guess what...? In the aftermath, there's not a single militant found in the premise... And they didn't even come back to see!

Hamas shoot their (technologically challenged) rockets - with not a single casualty. The much technologically advanced Israeli launched bombs that killed mainly civilians....

Ajami Hashim said...

Salaam kak min,

I'll support u dear..InsyaAllah

* pls watch this YOUTUBE

ummum said...

thank you very much kak min for ur effort to help the our brothers n sisters in gaza n palestine. i wish n pray for ur success with muallaf.

may Allah bless u :)~

i on the other hand can just forward the message around n write in my blog just to keep the awareness alive.

on that note:
Aman Palestin akan mengadakan rally Rise For Gaza di Stadium Melawati Shah Alam pada 10 Jan '09 (Sabtu), 10pg. Tlg kerahkan seramai mungkin termasuk anak2 utk tunjukkan keprihatinan. Al-Jazeera TV akan buat liputan. Kalau boleh bawa placard, banner atau kain rentang in English or Malay. Sebarkan."

if anyone can make it to s alam this saturday, pls do, they need as many people as possible. we need to help them as much as possible. because this is all we can do, n its sad that we cant do more. that we value our comfortable daily lives more than the suffering of our brothers n sisters.

humanity is truly asleep in the fires of gaza.

i read an article about the jews of the warsaw ghetto resistance against the nazis occupiers in 1943. n its so overwhelming to me n i almost burst into tears, that the situation is the same NOW in 2009 with gaza. but the irony is, israel is doing the exact same thing to the palestinian as what were done to the jews of warsaw by the nazis.

n i got to know this from george galloway, a british politician with a very staunch stand on the israeli occupation of palestine, off all people in the world. search him on youtube.

the video below is a must see to really comprehend n understand the full situation of the conflict, n why it has been going on for 60+ years. kak min posted the same video i think from utube. this ones a full version from google video. pls people, do watch:

n let us continue our support for the palestinian even after the humanitarian crisis n tragedy of gaza ends(pray that it ends soon). insyaAllah.

spread the word around.

Anonymous said...

"I refuse 2 believe that the heart of Malaysians should be judged by the number of comments."

I was merely stating something, not judging anyone.

but, i do think msia's younger generation, in general, are oblivious to this issue. well, they probably know smthng's happening, but unsure of what exactly. or am i wrong?

nik amir

Anonymous said...

That little girl in the blue t-shirt with the smiley face. How scared she is. Haunts me.

Please god, help all the little children.

the Razzler said...

Kak Min ..

Thank you for the updates on the situation in Gaza!!

It's really sad that in this day and age... such atrocities are still happening!!

:( :(

Anonymous said...

kak min..tak nak buat ker cerita tentang kesengsaraan perang ...kak mim buat mesti touching...

farah said...

K.Min, thank you for your gaza postings. Thank you for the cimb account. Thank you for the youtube on the skewed media.

Thank you, k.min. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

aunt min, im really disappointed with the way people react to these merciless injustice. I have always ignored the comments on youtube, on almost all vids ive watched because i dont take it seriously. But while watching vids from the al-jazeera channel, depicting the sufferings of the Palestinians, I scroll down and see so many cruel things written, most of them are really ridiculous and they taunt me. Somehow i think whether humans are really worthwhile. There are many kind and generous people out there that sympathize but i know that there exist people who enjoy, support and ignore these cruelties. I'm in grief. After reading your post about Mercy, i know there's still hope for us.

yasmin said...

salaam, lemonie.

people will say what they want to say. let's just be grateful that allah has not erased love from OUR hearts, na'uzubillah.

we can talk about all that later, but for now, the situation is desperate. thousand are wounded and need medical help. we are lucky that malaysia has volunteers there, like dr jemilah and her friends at mercy malaysia. so let's not waste any more time!

as i've said before, you don't have to be rich to help. you can collect small amounts from many people, then find someone with a cheque book who can issue a cheque after you give them the collection.

believe me, inshaallah you can actually FEEL allah's pleasure in your heart with every small amount that you collect. let others debate about this and that. we can actually DO something about it.

now, go, go, go, people! you can do it!


Ted said...

just speechless.

how could the bomb a school? a SCHOOL?

1/3 of the slain are children?

i wonder how do the army personnel who did all those go to sleep at night.

tq kak min and the rest for the postings on how we could help, in whatever way we can.

everybody, let's do it. no amount is too small, and no one person's attendance is too insignificant.

yasmin said...

precisely, ted. no child, palestinian or israeli, should be put through this kind of horror.

*cosmic freak* said...

no child, not anyone, should be put through this madness.

blog updated for recent gaza reports as well.

Jae Senn said...

"For civilization to survive, the human race must remain civilized" - an episode of Twilight Zone

shamyl said...

Hope the situation in GAza getting better, for those who want to forward some monetary aid can also do it at any mosque during friday prayer. For this two weeks, all donated money to mosque will be allocated to palestinian fund. .

|sMa| said...

kak yasmin, ismal here. I changed to new hp so I lost ur contact.

anyway, I mmg sgt sedih mengenangkan of what happened there. Rasa mcm nak jadi sukarelawan ke sana. haihh~

syafiq said...

how to get to muallaf charity screning.. im interested to bring all my friends..

-atie- said...

kak min...i'm here again...

i'll support u kak min....
n if can i wanna join to help due to the screening of muallaf

Linus Linnaeus said...

War doesn't negate decency. It demands it, even more than in times of peace.
from the Kite Runner

Am going to make a serious effort to contact all my msn contacts and friends to ask them to donate money to Gaza....

Interested to know if I can also buy tickets to your fund raising screenings

Please let me know.


JumboWing said...

No war, world peace! Please stop the war!

I am really sad when I saw some of the pictures.

God bless! World wish!


Syuhada Johari said...

pray for them....
no more war. please! please!!

GAIA said...

Semoga Allah merahmati mereka yg teraniaya di sana...

and to Kak Min, may Allah blessed your efforts. Insya Allah....

Anonymous said...

Salam dear Yasmin and all her fans and friends
What can I say except thank you to all of you esp Min, for your continued love and support. I am not a blogger type person..just cannot find enough time but I did spend some time reading this blog and the comments.
It has been painful being close to the action and witnessing some of the horrors. But thank God for all of you who make it easier for us to do the work we do. We have already delivered 5 trucks with 50 tons of supplies and inshallah early next week another 50 tons and soon 4 ambulances, a mobile blood bank, wheelchairs etc. The needs are so great.
Twenty of our surgeons are ready to be deployed- Malaysians from all walks of life headed by Dr Heng. We also have surgeons who have volunteered with us before deploying from London headed by Dr Ang Swee Chai. For those who haven't yet read her book, it is a must read "From Beirut to Jerusalem".
Please continue with your support to MERCY Malaysia beyond Palestine - to all our projects in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. and Malaysia too.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. God bless all of you and may peace come soon.
Much love,
Jemilah, MERCY Malaysia

the deep blue sea said...


thank u aunty to give me some idea to help them..
pray for me.hope my pengarah collage will agree with this idea of mine..

thanks to allah have given me the orptnty to help them that need the most.
i will pray for them.

amirahlee said...

Been including them in my prayers :'(

Lynette said...

I am a dive instructor and after reading your blog have been moved to take action. I have decided that for every person that signs up for a dive course, I will donate RM100 to Mercy Malaysia. I just wanted you to know that you are making a difference, and more importantly, inspiring others to make a difference too. Our prayers are with Dr Jemilah and the other brave, selfless souls out there in the heart of the conflict, horror, fear and pain.

Kris Law said...

I read a few websites about this issue. Dr. Mahathir has called for Malaysians to boycott all American products like McDonald's and Coca-cola. The money we spent on these products are channelled back into the war in Gaza. I hope people who has the advertising power and in the advertising business especially, could really advised these American brands to be more responsible, because YOU have direct contact with these "big shots" to not misuse the profits to fund such irresponsible wars. Hopefully the issue brought up in this blog, is taken into serious action because you have the power to really turn things around.

fad said...

jelas dan nyata yahudi itu golongan yg angkuh dan sombong seperti yg termaktub di dalam alQuran(al-Israa'17:4)

Anonymous said...

Helo Yasmin. I remember you mention last time that you refuse for Muallaf to be screened in Malaysia, and chose Singapore instead. So why are you sending it over to Lembaga Penapisah Filem? Does that mean it will be shown in Malaysia?

*anya* said...

Helo Yasmin. I believe u once mentioned that your refuse to screen Muallaf in Malaysia, and choose Singapore instead. But now ur sending the movie to Lembaga Penapisan Filem. Does this mean that this movie will be shown in Malaysia after all?

Anonymous said...

i love muallaf so much.
and i am happy to watch mualaaf in japan.
(and yes, i love mukshin so much!)

things happening in GAZA is sad, but yes always hopeful.
people are lovely and beautiful.

thank you for your message, dir. Yasmin!

my best regards,