Monday, January 5, 2009

Some news from Dr Jemilah of Mercy Malaysia.

Salaam, all.

Apart from the brief feature of Dr Jemilah in the video above, I also received another sms from her, after I told her that I was to be phone-interviewed, live, on Astro last night.

"Allahu Akbar (God is great). Please thank Malaysians for their support. After I wrote to you, the bombs stopped. I am now crossing into the border. Doa for me. Love u."

Latest news!

I sms'd Dr Jem, enquiring about her current state of affairs, and got this reply:

"Alhamdulillah (Praise the Lord). Nothing short of a miracle and Allah's love and mercy for us. We managed to transfer 50 tons of supplies. Many people waited for days, but we sailed through. Alhamdulillah. How was your TV thing? To be honest, it's been very slow on the fund-raising side from HQ."

Understandably, many of you out there are young and don't yet have a steady income. And you probably feel helpless about it all. Don't worry. You can do what a group of us did when we were studying in England: collect small amounts from as many people as possible, then ask someone with a bank account to make out a cheque. As Dr Jemilah often says, "No amount is too small, and will be gratefully received."

And who knows, the 10 ringgit that you gather may seem small, but by God's will, it could translate into some suture (medical sewing) which would stop a child from bleeding to death.

( Please make cheques payable to MERCY MALAYSIA. CIMB account number: 1424-000-6561053. For more information, please contact 03-2273 3999. )


Kris Law said...

Just to inform you, I borrow your Gaza picture for my blog. I don't know what to do, this is all I can do. I find it very hard to write on the Gaza violence, that's why the delay, sorry.

Nadiah Ismail said...


CT said...

50 TONS..? Seems like a large amount, eh? I wonder how long that'll last, given the never-ending bombings. Are other supplies also coming in from elsewhere??

So THAT's Dr Jemilah. Kudos to her. Alhamdulillah, all went well. Hope she remains safe.

PS: (on a lighter note..) that Mehmet guy from Turkey? He's cute!

derick said...

kak yasmin,

You know what, maybe there is a God after all.

WhiteLighter said...

Praise to The Almighty...i wish and pray for Dr. Jemilah's safety.

maRie said...

Dear Yasmin,
would've sent you this via email but realized don't know your email address, so am posting this as a comment.

You've possibly come across this film already, but just in case not, for the benefit of your readers too, the film Promises continues to have so much meaning today, almost a decade after it was made.

There's so much more to say and do, and it all seems so much more urgent today, in the present, but hey, if time and opportunity permits, this film effort is definitely worth a watch by anyone.

in hope,

Anonymous said...

sedih melihat kesengsaraan mereka. i'm donating some money. although it isnt that much (becoz i am still a student), but i hope it will help.

thank you for the info kak yasmin.

-diha sepet-

Hidayah said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Yasmin,

Thank you for the Gaza postings, and the sms-es from Dr. Jemilah.
I don't know how else to do this, but I've basically directed a whole buncha people to your blog so they can read and see for themselves about this horrific situation from an insider's POV. And hopefully contribute. We've been feeling helpless just watching the bloodshed.

Sorry if you find your blog traffic suddenly rising at an unprecedented level!

Take care, and keep the postings coming =)

Hidayah Hassan from Singapore

Silent Speaker said...

although all the protesters has been fighting for this issue and repersentatives has been yelling their throats out for decades, i wonder, why is there still news of killings everyday in the newspapers?

and best of all, the reasons r unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

thank u for posting all this..
Allah s.w.t menguji mereka dan kita semua.

shahariah said...

Dear K.Yasmin,

Am mobilizing resources within my company to raise funds for Palestine to be channelled to Mercy. Hope the fund raising goes well. I have a little obstacle due to bureucracy but insyaAllah it will take off.

My prayers go to the Palestinian people and may Mercy's mission be successful.

shahariah said...

I have initiated a fund raising idea to my company and there is a positive response from the club. The Chairman said that based on previous experience, the response was not encouraging due to lack of awareness. We will sit down soon to brainstorm on how to create awareness. One of the ways is to have a regular update on what the Mercy situation is in Gaza so that the people here are able to see for themselves the condition there. Whatever info available on the blog I have passed on and that somewhat creates some awareness. I will contact Mercy themselves if they have some feedback and I would appreciate it since you have direct contact with Dr.J, that you update here regularly as well. Other than that I would also appreciate if there are any other ideas that could encourage people to donate

Kris Law said...

Hopefully you are able to let us know soon, how much donation money Mercy Malaysia was able to raise. Cheers...and always praying.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Insya Allah saya akan buat derma kepada Mercy sebagai hadiah saya pada Kak Yasmin.

miloskilos said...

its always forever be palestine, but not Gaza.

"Today, we see Western Media, Arab Media, Palestinian Media, World governments and their people including Arab Governments and their people calling it nothing but "Gaza" and the Palestinians there as "Gazans". "FREE GAZA" we now say, not "free Palestine". That is exactly what Israel wants, for the world to start calling that Palestinian territory, Gaza"

mavi peri said...

May Allah help all our brothers, sisters, our children and elder people in Gaza. Could not see the video but already watched so many terriblely upsetting news :( hope can do anything to do for them...

Yoon Kit said...

Blogged it ( ) and contributed to MERCY.

Thanks for highlighting this so well.


zamzarina said...

Dear Kak Yasmin,
My name is Zamzarina, currently co-producing and conducting my own talkshow called "Apa Kata Wanita!..bersama Zamzarina" aired every Friday at 9.30pm, TV1.

I am always insipired with ur creativity in both advertising and film making industry.

Would appreciate if u can come as my personality guest to my show to share ur inspiration.

I would also very much like to invite Dato' Dr Jemilah to the show, and would probably help disseminate MERCY's donation LIVE. Would u help me forwarding my invitation to Dr Jem as well as maybe u fwd me her contacts or email, as I could liaise wt her directly.

Care to check out our programme;s web at Pls reply me at Thanks so much!!