Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The "Talentime" babes.

Hafiz in uniform

Mahesh in kurta

Melur in kebaya

Kahoe in costume

Bhavani in Punjabi suit


Beng Tian said...

When will Talentime come to Singapore?
I can't wait to catch it.

Best wishes to "Muallaf" screening over in its Motherland :)

Beng Tian

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Oh my....

Kahoe is so cute!!

Like his costume so much.

Can't wait to watch it in cinema~

Muhammad said...


Kak Yasmin


Andrew Oh said...

no idea how much they are censoring this time, nevertheless i'll still hope for the uncensored version to be in the market - Muallaf or Talentime.

Another great scott!
Keep it up Kak Yasmin

shahariah said...

saya paling suka pose syafie

shahariah said...

I am happy to report that I have collected RM 1210 for the palestinian after 1 week of fund raising drive. There will be more coming next week. Alhamdulillah

aBoy said...

I love all of them!!
What a sweet, young and talented people!!

Kris Law said...

So GORGEOUS, with the pitch black background. Somehow enhance their features more with the front lighting, almost like an Olay print ad I saw recently for Regenerist.

But wait, why aren't they smiling (be friendly to camera?) and "act" like they got something to hide? So mysterious. So intriguing! So dangerous like a crime thriller poster. Unfortunately, some looks "lan-see" to me, except for Melur in kebaya, who looks very warm and welcoming like a mother or virgin Mary.

Forgive me if you don't like my opinion. But they're all beautiful anyway, ehem. Good enough to eat! Yum. If only they were all nude together....haha! Wouldn't that be fun?

naziehah said...

I like the second one the best. (I don't know his name).

It just captured his profile and emotion perfectly.

And all the best for the screening too.

Jumping Jane. said...


hannah.banana said...

eventhough im in the midst of chaotic exams,looking at this poster makes me giddy!

i cant wait to see pamela chong act,i like her in the amazing race asia.

leon said...

nice pics!
jus wondering why 'talentime' and not 'talent time'...or am i wrong in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Petronas ad wins People’s Choice Award
LOS ANGELES, Jan 9 — "The Love of Tan Hong Ming," a spot by Leo Burnett in Malaysia for oil and gas concern Petronas, has won the People's Choice Award for favourite commercial.

The award was bestowed after several months of online voting among five 2008 Gold Clio-winning spots. In addition to the Petronas ad, the other nominees included efforts for Cadbury Dairy Milk, Guinness, Sony Bravia and Sony Walkman.

The winning commercial was acknowledged last night during the 35th Annual People's Choice Awards on CBS.

A public service spot, "The Love of Tan Hong Ming" tackles the topic of race by showing how children are colour blind. A young, bashful Chinese boy is interviewed about the girl he likes. When his crush comes on camera, it is revealed that she is in fact Malay — and that she likes him, too.

The Clios are presented by Nielsen Business Media, which is also the parent of Adweek. The awards for creative excellence celebrate their 50th anniversary in May. — Adweek

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

cant wait for it to be launched

Irma said...

Nice shots. But I think Pamela should wear other than black coz the background is already black. Just my opinion :)

shahariah said...

K.Min, you really hit it big time! Congrats!

afams-chan said...

hi Yasmin-sensei!~

Congratulations for People's Choice Award-The Love of Tan Hong Ming.

By the way, just want to ask about the latest info for 'Muallaf' was it? I heard they want to cut 2 scenes. and how's the appeal? Cant hardly wait...

DalcaLodeh said...

Yay the Malaysians are here!!!^_^

Cant wait to watch Talentime.:)

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Kak Yas.
There we go, your next big thing.

All the best.

Mohd Hazreen Rashid said...

salam kak yasmin...

when are you guys going to be done with the official trailer?

cant wait to see it. upload la cepat2...

i have a feeling that this movie is gonna be ur most successful.

Jackie said...

Hi Yasmin,

I accidently stumbled upon this blog and I have to admit that it is entertaining and interesting besides informative about art works produced locally.

andy gomes said...

kak min,
those pics are beautiful. very artistic. i totally love it.

Kris Law said...

"Say west, but do east"

Poor folks like me who are not exact "babes" material have to work. So seeing my finances is on the brink of crisis, I applied for work in an international conference company, (reputable ones, mind you, where the past conferences it organised were all top leaders with solid successful brands) very close to KLCC, where they invite leaders in the world of business and politics to speak. And interestingly enough, I impressed them, and clinched the job!

As the week is progressing nearer to the start of my new job, I was a feeling a bit sad and tensed to leave my normal day-to-day casual attire (which consists of a little sexy shorts and a T-shirt) to a more strict corporate attire of boring tie and long pants that covers the whole bottom half of my body ...bummer :-( Further more, it is a sales-oriented job where I have to get a number of attendees for the conference where each head costs like 5k a piece! My, do I even have the great salesmanship skill to pull this off? Such an expensive entry to an international conference and my limited sales experience? The head sales executive assured me that I can, and say it's no big deal. She elaborated further that the hard part is maintaining the same number of people for the next conference. She also said I could easily earned a lot.

Then I called in on Friday afternoon, to re-confirm my start in the job on Monday, and guess what? The HR person requested me to wait for their call as to when to start the job. I quickly pointed out that the reason I called is because the Head Sales Executive verbally instructed me to report to work on Monday, and not that I wanted to trouble anyone. I felt a bit relief that the company has further postponed the date where I'm supposed to start work because that means I still get to wear my favourite casual attire out everyday. But the other side of me just questions the integrity of such a reputable company who says one thing, but do the other!

MORE "Say one thing, but do the other" in:

silent guy said...


i watched the silky girl/men adverts tonite...there were two of them....(i'm not sure if you were the director of these two ads)

the first one was with mawi and sharifah, it was damn funny when mawi teased sharifah about "sound silly when i speak in malay"

the second one was with the younger sharifah (mukhsin's girl) and 4 or 5 boys (hafiz n kahoe were part of the boys also) was funny as well...

anyway, they were both funny and good ads..

lastly, can't wait for the screening of talentime...

i wish i could see the first screening for charity (if there's any)

all the best!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin,

I love your movie, Sepet! Somehow I feel I could relate to it since I'm currently in an interracial relationship myself.

Anyway, I can't wait for Muallaf to hit the cinemas! :)

vrempire said...

That Talentime pic all of them are really hynotising me a lot.

yes silent guy, that mawi dialogue (silly things) is really funny :D

Farah said...

Kak Yasmin, did Muallaf survive LPF?

Kris Law said...

"My Flu"

I know I have the flu,
When my throat is in a knot,
My sleep is what it's not,
And dreams is rare and body's hot.

The food becomes bland,
Everybody's name sounds like Blanche,
Anti-social sentiments expands,
People runs away, no fans...

Paranoia begins to surface,
Memories of negative portray,
Destitute, desperation, hope erased,
A shell developed, hear no "hey!".

Nose bleeds and feels like traffic,
So much congestion I need a fix,
Body arched resembling an addict,
Somebody help, I need the medic!

Sweet water oozes everywhere,
Tears of flu mistaken for funfare,
Runny nose blocks the air,
Choking in silence, flam ensnares!

Coughing loudly, the throat is bare,
Words are useless, nobody cares,
Must go to hospital, celebration near,
Doctor please, patients outside mustn't hear!

Cough drops in tablets, syrup and shots,
No point visiting when body is hot,
Celebration needs meaning, and sickness is not,
Buck up think positive, meds taken alot!

Sleep and snoring stores the flam,
Woke up weakly hoping flu is damned,
Days passed by and body in strength,
Food gets tasty, joy for life comprehend!

PS: GONG XI FA CAI, Happy Chinese New Year PUAN YASMIN. Ang pow please? You must give me because I'm the only one dared to ask here. (joking...or maybe not!!)

andy gomes said...

kak min,
i chatted with kahoe the other day. he's a very down to earth, fun-loving and friendly guy. by the way, i would love to address you as "mak" too. (i'm 18 going on 19 this year)

actually mak,
you have impacted my life and i REALLY want to meet you. i can pretty much guarantee that i'm your biggest fan (due to the fact that i make time everyday to admire your work). is it possible? i would really appreciate it if you can spare some time off your busy life to make my dream come true=)

hope to get a feedback.
love you...
God bless and take care.

andy gomes said...

im trying to get my hands on the talentime tickets for next friday but the cineleisure online booking counter dont seem to sell tickets for it.
how do i get it?
how much does it cost?
i really hope i can get it in time as this tickets are limited.
thanks in advance,
may God bless you for your good works=)

lionel said...

hi kak yasmin.

congrats on the win of thm in love. i've been waiting. any news on muallaf?

Kris Law said...

"Sunting You"

I went for a casting today. Being my usual charming self, I took along another friend so it won't be boring. We were supposed to meet, but then it rained so heavily. We safely arrived there an hour late, and completely clueless what the film is about. Usually I'm very friendly and talked with everyone waiting in the room. I also love to hear other people's opinions (if any, usually they don't) or simply enjoy observing their behavior and company.

Quite a number came up to me and chit-chat, maybe because my face looks a bit familiar to them. Zul and myself were getting a bit worried because we weren't given any script while others in the room seem to have a piece of paper each to read. So I quickly took the initiative and asked for one. The man "organising" the casting just simply took out a script and directed me to share that measly crumpled piece of paper with Zul. Well, how to complain? Typical Malay-sian "tidak kisah" attitude. So poor Zul and myself shared the one piece script, and I quickly appoint Zul the part with the most dialogue because I know he really needed those extra lines to express himself better as an actor, and I took the part with lesser lines. After rehearsing with each other, we discovered the film is set in the war period during communist attack in Malaya, and how this Malik guy fought to bring a national anthem for the country. ooo...

Casting sessions are usually best when you can share with other people your experience and talked, so as to help the long waiting period. One skinny Malay bespectacled chap who is up next, were left in a limbo when suddenly the film director decided to audition 2 people at a time, when he seems to be alone without anyone. I called him over and look at his script. Hey, there's a "Chin Thien" part, so I decided to help the skinny chap in rehearsing his part. Everything was done in a rush, and I quickly found myself and the skinny chap in the room with the film director sitting on the table in front, ahead of other actors who still has to wait for their turns.

When I introduced myself, I am required to say about my experience, and I told the camera I've acted in Shuhaimi Baba's "1957 Hati Malaya", where I played Chin Peng's first commander, but also added that it was cut out (disunting keluar) from the film because of some controversy. In a flash, the film director got up from his seat and quickly pointed out that my zipper is left undone! Jokingly, he warned me that "nanti kena sunting macam filem 1957". I quickly feel for my zipper to see whether he's telling the truth, confirmed the half-done zipper and gently pushed it up, consciously tucking a few pubic hair in, fearing of indecent exposure. Indeed it was exposed already and too late to repair the damage, because I made the mistake of not wearing any undies. So much for my charming self.

hamzah said...

Salam kak Yasmin...last nite tengok iklas petronas for CNY..I believed its directed by always..touching and the message that I got is "2nd chances"and it's never too late...tahniah

Mad Maureen said...

Hi Kak Yasmin..Just watched this movie this morning, and I want to let you know that I really like the fresh new faces in your movie.. The casts especially the newbies are so adorable, even the extras... Thanks for discovering such great talents among young Malaysians.. Honestly,I like Jaclyn Victor's performance in this movie and I think that her acting is as good as her singing.. She really put herself in the character's shoes and there's no trace of a Malaysian idol personality there.. You are gifted in discovering new talents and I really hope you can do it more so that you can help the other Malaysian directors who,err, some of them though not all, did a poor job in discovering new talent.. (oops, just being honest..)Last but not least, thanks for spreading so much love in your movie.. ;)

rOzzana said...


First of all Congratulation on ur latest production... de "FAMILY" advertisement & "TALENTIME"... I have caught the "TALENTIME" while I was in KL when the movie released...yipeeee!! I went to KL on right tyming...but I think I shall watch it again when it release in S'pore and I could not wait to get de DVD for my personal collection...

The cast u brought forward were not famous yet the bring the story very well... all of them really have the chemistry with each other... beside promoting the different cultures and religion we have as Singaporean and even Malaysian...the English used in the MOVIE are great...

I am looking forward for more movie from you or maybe English Drama... or maybe something with the same concept like all ur film but in drama version...

And lastly, I have a favor to ask from you... will u able to realease Muallaf DVD? de full version of it... in S'pore... I have missed it... and I really wish to watch to be able to watch it...:) Thank you...

ALL THE BEST to u YASMIN AHMAD ... I AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR UR LATEST PRODUCTION...I will always support you and will always look at you as my role model and someone who can insire me in my life... INSYALLAH...