Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Muallaf" back by popular demand in Singapore.

muallaf - love in a mosque

Inshaallah, come February the 26th, something which almost never happens, will happen.

It's called a "re-release", and it's scheduled to take place at the Cathay Causeway Point cinema.

As some of you may know, our film was severely maligned by one local journalist who could not tell the difference between Quranic and Biblical verses, but never bothered to find out, and went on to accuse me of being a religious pluralist.

Consequently, there was a sort of cyberspace persecution, where bloggers and forumers who had never even seen the film embarked upon a blind crusade to send me to hell. And to think that they were attacking the very same film which made many people in Japan and Singapore, both Muslims and non-Muslims, look up the Holy Quran and later confess how they found it beautiful.

Perhaps that's why the mere thought of "Muallaf" resurfacing, despite all those attempts to suppress it, now moves me so deeply.

"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you. If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust." - Al-Imran, 3:160.


Helmi Razali said...

Prejudice is ubiquitous, and sometimes it is infectious. Once a person blogged about something, another blogger would probably start blogging/writing about the same thing. But Tuhan is fair. When there's prejudice, there's also open-mindedness. And orang yang open minded makin banyak. Apa pun, I do wish you all the best.

p.s. the spectrum of how a person thinks is too wide. Dan nak satisfy kedua2 ends of the spectrum tu kan susah. peace.

DoOrDie said...

jealous ngan org SG...bilalah saya leh tgk Mualaf di MY.

mo said...

how long will it run in s'pore again?

yasmin said...

i have no idea, mo. it all depends on how well it does. it ran for a month at the picturehouse.

Daniel Adnan said... I wish I can watch it here too. Maybe only in the DVD version if not allowed in cinema.

ArnabGumuk said...
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Anonymous said...

kak yasmin, hope u'll give further info about re-release date, duration etc..
Harap2 sgt dapat menyebeberang tambak kali ni, 1st time show itu hari sibuk sgt, tak sempat.. frustnya. All of my frens invite me for the movie, kali ni isnyaallah kalau ada kesempatan sy nak menonton di sana..

bakri hafiz hisham said...

when are the malaysians gonna have a chance in watching muallaf insyaAllah?

NANA said...

Looks like your films are still making waves. Haven't seen any for the past three years but I'm sure they are all beatiful. Carry On Min!

Ilya Syafeena said...

well done!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Salam Kak Min.

Congrats on this. I wonder when I can watch the film in Malaysia. It seems that I really must cross Selat Tebrau for this...^_^

A n o n y m o u s said...

good day ma'am...

looking forward to catching it this time round... love your work!

best regards

baincardin said...

Allah sure will help you kak Yasmin, amin... ^_^ kita berdoa banyak² utk yang terbaik demi kebaikan dunia dan akhirat utk kita semua ya. Amin.....^_~

hamzah said...

Salam kak Yasmin..may god always be with you...I always hold to these verses as self motivation.

041.030 In the case of those who say, "Our Lord is God", and, further, stand straight
and steadfast, the angels descend on them (from time to time): "Fear ye not!" (they
suggest), "Nor grieve! but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden (of Bliss), the
which ye were promised!

041.031 "We are your protectors in this life and in the Hereafter: therein shall ye
have all that your souls shall desire; therein shall ye have all that ye ask for!-

041.032 "A hospitable gift from one Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful!"

Anonymous said...

Wow weee!

I'm so gonna watch it again! :) and Kak Yas.. i just love the pic of both Sharifahs you put there.

Good day!


Cherry said...

bila la citer ni nak tayang kat malaysia agaknya? hmmm biasalah tu kak min, tak kenal maka tak cinta..
belum tengok jadi belum tau cerita.. hahaha... yang heran belum tengok pun dah boleh kutuk? apa pun i hope nanti keluar dvd ya? please? i x suka vcd sebab gambar x terang.. hehehe..

glenn_marsalim said...

i watched it twice
and all these while
i thought it was from bible.
but it doesn't bother me.
i still think this movie
is the best of yasmin ahmad.

filla said...

Kak yasmin!I love this movie..I'm gg to watch it again in the theatres..It really moved me to tears esp the part where she still forgives her dad despite what he had done..

Sheikh Azraai said...

Sawadee Ka Kak Min!

Just got back from Chiangmai, a beautiful place indeed.

Anywho, Kak Min, as usual don't pay attention to both sides. And instead, I find it, as always, funny, that people are out crucifying you and vilifying you in the name of Islam (come on guys, what are you trying to prove here?). And since the day I met you, you've never disdain the religion - in fact, you celebrate it with love and joy.

well, here's to another controversial movie that will make me cry and smile at the same time.

Kak Min, Sharifah Amani ada kriteria tak untuk future boifren?

adee said...

congrats on the re-release!:D


Kris Law said...

Come on, let us STOP all these hatred cycle and acting clever over our enemies. It doesn't motivate me to go watch a film more just because others condemn it so harshly. I would go watch the film for the simple reason of the story being good and inspiring, not over the war.

If a film can be successful due to its harsh condemnation, then a controversial actor who is condemned harshly for his manipulative ways should be successful too.

yasmin said...

well, kris, there have been a lot of questions here as to why muallaf is not being released here, so i think i owe some people some explanation.

the only hatred that surfaced was in YOUR last comment.

Kris Law said...

I didn't mean that way.

I just feel your films can be just as successful without taking into account all these people lambasting away the controversy surrounding it.

Really, I get a better peace of mind if I decide to go watch Muallaf in the cinema.

Peace to all...

PS: waiting your approval on my facebook account.m

theosofie mashon said...


I will dive into the movie further and deper. Insya'Allah

1 thing i learn about the movie is how i am related for never thanking Allah SWT enough for all his gift by thanking those who help or deny me.

hannah.banana said...

there will always gonna be naysayers in everything,even when we are feeling on top of the world.i hope you dont let them get to you so much.

i'm still waiting for muallaf to be released in March.cant wait!:)

geNe said...

Hi Yasmin. I'm always inspired by your ads and i love your film Sepet very much. Not to mention, all your other films are great as well. I regretted the fact that I did not have the chance to watch Muallaf here on Malaysia's own silver screen.

The condemners are wrong to accuse you before even watching the films.
"But i tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
Be patience, and God bless!

Quiyah said...

i so wanna watch this movie la.. takde harapan nak masuk malaysia langsung ke?

nak tengok jugak se ekstreme mana kah the "idea of puralism" being portrayed in this movie?

Michael said...

Heyy. I just watched Sepet, and then Gubra and Mukhsin back to back. Gotta say i enjoyed it immensely =).

IT's funny how you're appreciated everywhere but your home...but i guess that's how life is. I can name offhand a few similiar incidents.

But that's for another day. I just wanna ask you something tricky that may require you to walk upon memory lane once again...

In Gubra after Orchid leaves her husband and looks at the pictures of herself with Jason and the letters he never sent, she also came across a book of selected poems which belongs to Jason, i'm curios to know what book is that.

I wanna check it out =). And i'm really grateful for people like you to make movies about Love. Regardless of what people think or say and despite the intelligent arguments brought out, i think the title of your blog sums it all, you're a storyteller and that's all you're doing. Telling stories from your point of view, your observations.

I wish you all the best in your life! And happy Chinese New Year! haha.

farlinass said...

really? i cant wait for it to come to singapore since i missed it the other time.

yasmin said...

michael, honestly i'm not doing too badly here. the dvd's of my films are perpetually sold out, and people out there are very appreciative. it's just a few bad hats who go out of their way to pick on my work.

and by the way, that book was selected poems by rabindranath tagore.

shahariah said...

Salam K.Yasmin,

I miss your storytelling days. I know that since this is a blog for yasmin the film maker, the postings is mostly about films.I love your films but I love your writings more. Your story comes alive under your pen.Please do write once in a while and tell us a good story

madame blossom said...

Dear Kak Yasmin,

Syabas, on your achievements. InsyaAllah, your sincerity in making the films will be rewarded. YOu can never have everyone, understand or agree or even like what you're doing, cause they are only human, and cannot tell what's in your heart.
The further weakness is to speak out, without investigating. Even if it is found to be true, condemning in public or even in front of another person, is never the accepted way of a Muslim - but sadly, this is all too common among the Muslims themselves.

So, don't be bothered by what they say and what they do. God knows best and I pray that you'll be successful in all the good things you do, and may Allah guide us all. Ameen.

Thank you for creating new perspectives and for making a difference in the Malay-related movie scene. You give others, like me, hope, that there is a way to break the narrow-mindedness of the Malays and/or the Muslims in general. We may not be able to change everyone's views.. but like you said earlier, even if one is moved, and changed.. you've done a lot. I've discussed with my Ustazs about dakwah.. and there are many ways to do dakwah. And using the mass media to explain Islam and set good examples, is also dakwah.


AJ said...

Please keep us update on when and how long Mualaf will be in Spore cinema. If that's the only way to watch on the big screen, then I'd just take a trip to Spore.

HAMZAH said...

Salam kak'nt there anyone from the film industry or kementerian that can help you on the muaalaf will be wasted if it cant go into cinema in malaysia?Muaalaf contain a wisely dakwah that need to be share out..I really hope someone out there could help you...all the best..salam

yasmin said...

salaam, hamzah.

muallaf has not been banned at all. and they made no cuts to the film. they just wanted 2 or 3 parts muted.

i'm just afraid to run it hear for fear of being attacked again.

Anonymous said...

eleh cengeng. baru "one local journalist"...

yasmin said...


Has said...

it deserves to be bck. fantastic show it it. juz lk all ur other shows. i would definitely wanna catch it again.

cant wait for Talentime. will it make it to spore first?

ur such a genious. my sis would kill to act in ur shows. hehe.

hafizanmohd said...

saya akan ke singapore

anya said...

Alah, susah2 cam nih I pegi Singapore je lar tgk...haha:)

Kris Law said...

HONESTLY, I always like girls with tudungs: something mystical and secretive about them in that way. Sets my imagination wild afire to FANTASIZE what's underneath that beautiful supple skin that further excites the physical urge from the primitive animal inside me to just roar and tear and rip it all off their heads violently to openly reveal any beauty or ugliness to light...

Ms Yasmin, I'm glad the local cinemas will be showing Muallaf without any cuts. Will be so worth paying the blady expensive cinema ticket nowadays and the effort to even go one.

Can you secretly tell us what are the content of the muted dialogues in the film, like you said, just to prepare for some of us poor souls (so undeserved of your invitation to the private screenings, hehe) going to pay and watch it in the cinema? Any vulgar or banned quranic words to tilltilate our bored senses? Or are you fearful some nonsense people will be reading this comment section and further write negative things? Hope not, because they're not worth your constant worrying.

So looking forward...

PS: my facebook, approve quickly. u got so many "friends" in your list.

kamal said...

Cuadrados y Angulos

Houses in a line, in a line,
In a line there,
Squares, squares, squares,
Even people now have square souls,
Ideas in file, I declare,
And on their shoulders, angles wear.
Just yesterday I shed a tear and it
Oh, God, was square! ( said...

dear kak yasmin,

u remind me of our beloved Prophet SAW, when he faces so many obstacles, preaching during his time.

it's so sad when some people (narrow minded esp) condemning others' effort to enlgihten/remind others about the true meaning of Islam when they themselves did not do anything at all.

apa2 pun, good luck to u kak and may Allah gives u strength and patience in achieving your goal.

p/s: cant hardly wait to watch Muallaf (uncut version if possible)..


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Yasmin, my name is Fiza, im one of your biggest fan and really love your work. As i am aware that you are specializing in the Advertising and has won many international award and brings Malaysia as at Par with other movie, Congrats!! i would really delighted to invite you as a speaker for our business launcheon on 25th March 2009 at PNB Darby Park Ampang. really do not know how to contact you. I am actually a student at UTM City Campus KL which now studying marketing subject. The marketing student at UTM really appreciate if you can spend 2 hours of your time to be the speaker with the topic of Advertising and Entertainment Marketing. Please email your feedback to my email which is or i will email you the programme if you agree to be our speaker that day. appreciate your confirmation earliest possible. Thank you very much.

not proppa poppa said...

Hai Yasmin,

Nampaknya hampir kesemua filem-filem oleh Yasmin Ahmad kalau tak berjaya di'banned', akan di busuk-busukkan sesuka hati oleh pelbagai pihak. Macam-macam cara MEREKA buat..

Sumpah mati, saya tak paham apa masalah mereka. Sangat-sangat pelik. Sangat banyak filem-filem 'tak cukup akal' by Malaysians prod. kat luar sana, tapi it seems as if THEY were REALLY supporting it! Filem-filem anda yang sangat intelektual? Apa masalah mereka?

Jujurnya, it looks like someone, or some group of people are really working hard to kill you down. What on this God's earth have you done? To them?!

If you were so cool, I ain't. My goodness, praise a lot for your perseverance and calms. At least, let US feel angry for you. I believe, there are a lot of people out here stand by your side.

THEY seriously don't have to look at global issues at all, if this is the way they treat other fellow Malaysians. Konsert amal for dearest Gaza for heavens sake! It's a good deed, but with each and every Dermawan come on stage with bigger-than-heart cheques with smiling proud faces for publicity and tenders-in-mind, perhaps? Just one did use 'Hamba Allah' aka anonymous for those who don't read Malay language, with RM500K donation. May Allah bless him/her. It's not me (after all, i am just me..) to talk big to them. But, yeargh.. we never know the real things IN there. They say they're 'ikhlas', so, they say so.. Let it be. After all, the funds will go to Gaza (hope).

I should post this comment elsewhere so that THEY could read how their other fellow Malaysians feel. But, will they care enough? So, i might just pray for the best for all the good deeds done by others.

Anyway Yasmin, sincerely, may you earn the best for your good intentions. All the best, don't give up.

With heartfelt.. : If all of us have the heart like yours, we could build another Malaysia..

afams-chan said...

At last, we at least know when 'Muallaf' will be showing again in Singapore.

But in the same time i do hope it can be release here(and i'm giving a high hope).Don't care about the critism that they may comes, because these can make us to become stronger. Every people have different mind-set, and we cannot tuned them on except themselves.

Gambate-neh sensei!!~

Kris Law said...

See, not only my comment that "surfaced the hatred", as you so blatantly pinpointed directly at me previously. Others feel that way too, read at what they if you equalised hatred with me.

Why-lah, I want hatred? For what? Because of what happened in the past about casting me in talentime? No-la, story ended, and I forget about it already and moved on, no big deal.

It's just the feeling I get from reading your current article, madam. Nothing to do with the past. Besides, I just like to watch your films and know the updates. No desire whatsoever to act in them. Your criteria for actors is...let's just say it's "different".

I admit that I can be very honest and direct sometimes, sorry if it looks somewhat offensive to you. I don't like to hide. Life is too short. Peace...

tomloo said...

The only problem I have with Muallaf is that it doesn't show in Australia.

I loved Sepet, except the only way I was able to watch it was from a friend who came to visit me who happened to bring down a few DVDs.

wondering heart said...

hello, I caught Muallaf the first time it screened in singapore and loved it. Watched it with my family... it was the first time in a long while since I saw my dad tear while watching a film. (he thought I was oblivious to his discreet wiping of the tears)

nadiafarah said...

i hope i can watch muallaf in Malaysia soon!!(begging u..hahaha)

anya said...

Yasmin, sorry but I heard different versions of the story. It says that Muallaf was never being sent to Lembaga Penapisan Filem, and from the insider scoop, they mention that they never received Muallaf, and not interested in it at all. Tapi nih maybe gossip je kan?

Jackie said...

2009 WE CARE FILM FESTIVAL, a Documentary Film Festival on Disability Issues with the theme: DIGNITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Its inaugural opening ceremony will be held today February 4 at 10 am (12nn here in Manila) and ...
Advocacine's Blog -

Jackie said...

i hope you can work on projects featuring disabiled people. Because i think Malaysians need 'Disability Issues on the silver screen to sensitise masses' and who can do it better than you?

fadz said...

kan best kalau saya kerja di Singapura, tiap tahun tak putus2 tayangan filem Kak Min, hihi.

hans said...

I want to watch da movie but....
Ask LPF???

Anonymous said...

Hi Yasmin

I just got back from was nice to be back.

Bought you 'Gubra'. Which one came out first? Gubra or Mukhsin? Had a little argument with a friend because I said Mukhsin came out first.

Another question, but may sound too I guess I'll ask you when I get the chance to meet you in person. See yaaa.....


mee kari said...

Hye Yasmin Ahmad,
u'v done malay,chinese,tamil movies..
don't u want to make it frm sarawak or sabah.. ;)
i like sarawak ppl,they seem very soft.

Elza Irdalynna said...

i watched your interview on the breakfast show the other day. laughed me skinny arse off, but was glad u mentioned that reporter's ignorance and irresponsibility on air. Chances of that fler watching the breakfast show is slim (nanti dia kata show tu show orang kafir pasal cakap english), but at least more ppl are aware that his claims were bullshiz.

and i'm glad u spoke ur mind instead of being politically correct. lapchiu, mak!

yasmin said...

lapchiu right back, elza!

*cosmic freak* said...

Ramai yang sangat sangat beremosi. Heh.

"Call people to the Way of your Rabb with wisdom and best advise, and reason with them, if you have to, in the most courteous manner: for your Rabb knows best who strays from His way and He knows best who is rightly guided."
- An-Nahl 16:125

No one should do God's job in sending anyone to hell. If they call themselves pious and devotees and using words from religion as their sword to charge, they should know better.

Thus, these people, we just have to pity them. Becos they forgot the fundamental of it, which is Iqra', read, read and be knowledgeable. No restriction in what we should read, be it Holy Koran, the Bible, Old and New testament, The Hindu sanskrit scriptures, we should read. Then understand. And comprehend. Not glance through something and make assumptions and start sending people to hell.

Kasihan. Lebih lebih lagi seseorang yang kerjayanya adalah untuk menyampaikan maklumat.

ltroi said...

is this breakfast show up on youtube? it'll be nice to be able to watch it :)

andy gomes said...

i'm not that privilaged to go to singapore. perhaps,
you can have a private screening of muallaf or even release the DVD in malaysia. by doing this, even your fans in malaysia will be able to keep up with your current work.
take care=)

Lynna said...

ok this is random BUT i was just watching(for nostalgic purposes) the Muallaf Q&A at Picturehouse on youtube and i stumbled upon SEPET, GUBRA and MUKHSIN!! apparently we can watch the whole film on freaking youtube!! and i immediately text one of my friends about my "new" discovery and she asked me what it feels like to come out from my cave!! sigh.... i just think this is wrong...

ps: i am still waiting patiently for Rabun dvd...

Kris Law said...

Being a young Malaysian Chinese (not purely Chinese, but a mixture of Pinoy and Thai blood)can have its many paradoxical challenges. On one hand we aspires for wider views of the world and not be limited by just one race, therefore bathed and welcome ourselves in the media where films celebrates the theme of interracial love. On the other hand, we are also tied to the family we inherited, quite unnecessarily, but forced into from birth. One case example is during the past Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Being single, naturally my aunty would asked many questions. In addition, she would also advised me to be careful not to choose the Muslim girls to get married. She very cleverly cited many examples of her friends who got converted in the religion, and after the failed marriage, were not allowed to turn back to their religion of origin. She further elaborated that then "their numbers" would just be on the increase, and our numbers are forced to be on decline, somewhat dividing us from them.

I do agree that racial extremism does not rests on one race alone, but transcends on everyone of every race and religion. The Chinese themselves are divided by many dialects as well, and the spoken dialects can become some form of division as well within the Chinese community. One example to stress this point happens just this morning when I went into the sundry shop to photocopy some papers, when the man tending the machine were reprimanded by a lady who made a statement "Why, everybody speaks the Cantonese dialect, and you don't?" The man was agitated abit, so do I, because we find the comment to be too inclusive rather than general. The man spoke out against her, "Then why don't you speak Hakka dialect, like everybody else?"

So what lesson do we derive from these 2 situations? For one, please don't think of yourself as
the center of the universe, and expects everyone to speak and act according to your way. And secondly, nobody cares about your values and how high you stood in the social ladder, because even the highest of them fall short when it comes into the basics of understanding and accepting others for the way they are.

More to argue about at:

yasmin said...

the REAL lesson here is kris wants us to visit his blog. hehe!

andy gomes said...

i heard muallaf will be on astro. i'm seriously glad.
as it is for the utusan reporter,
here's my favourite quote-

"an eye for an eye makes the world go blind"
-mahatma gandhi

i admire your peseverence in the midst of persecutions.
take care mak,
god bless...
still sayang u alot.
ps-still hoping to meet you one day=)

Anonymous said...

Love this lesson!

mee kari said...

For itroi,
I think u can catch it (yasmin's intvw @ the fairly current show) at (or sumthing like that) just google for it if ur not sure.

im promoting the show here for nothing actually (not that i appeared on the show nor do i own the site,ok! ;p) just for the simple fact that it's quite a good show. besides yasmin ahmad herself, there are other brilliant-faces-to-watch-for there, such as Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir and Malaysia's beloved Ida Nerina.

Catch it soon,ya'll!!

Yasmin, i'm in love with your blog.The peeps here too! Everybody is so thoughtful..Gosh, how i wish u were my English teacher back then..hehe!

mee kari said...

eh,my bad!wrong me!
it's the breakfast show,is it?
that's why i called myself mee kari, full of instant and rush!hoho
sorry guys..
but,sure do visit the site.good show.believe me. or don't.. ;)

(ala,yasmin, pls just don't approve/delete both my comments if they're confusing people and ugly-ing ur blog's comments page..hee i won't mind at all)

fazilah said...

kita, melayu kat msia ni are such a judgemental lot! and we think 'our' islam is better than other ppl's islam. Baru baca satu muka surat, bagi ceramah satu buku... you know what I mean? My Ustaz ada bagitau, ada 4 golong org,
1. Dia Tahu Dia Tahu (& share the knowlege dgn org lain)
2. Dia Tahu Dia Tak Tahu (org yg sedar)
3. Dia Tak Tahu Dia Tahu (org ni simpan semua ilmu untuk diri sendiri)
4. Dia Tak Tahu Dia Tak Tahu (org ni yang paling menakutkan, sbb org mcm ni lah yg suka bagi opinion yg hebat-hebat)
Min, so far, I noticed you've avoided being 3 or 4. Insya'llah, just keep doing what you're best at, you'll be rewarded. Good luck. NotABloggerButABlogReader.

Kris Law said...

Hi Puan Yasmin,

Oh yes, partly, but I think I've invited one really rude anonymous comment on my blog for the "Can Malaysia Judge Talent" article. I believed this rude commentator knows about my blog from yours.

Anyway, please visit my official website and look under "FILMOGRAPHY" section where I've posted 3 new films: "Monologues", "The Chase" and "The Party". Take a look and see how you feel.

I am setting a new section CREATIVE too, so alot of new stuff is happening.

Thanks a lot for reading and your response about my "lesson". Here's a long, lusciously beautiful, pink organ sticking out with a tiny bubble tip pointing directly at you LOVINGLY and cheekily.

It's my tongue. Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

kris,i will never visit ur blog.

yasmin, i love ur blog.

i don't have a blog.


Inang said...

hello kak yasmin.. may i ask u something?? its about ur advertisement (ad).
2001, the title 'the prayer' the petronas ad.. directed by u right?? may i know, from where u get the idea to make that ad?? the main message of that ad?? n what objective of that ad??

sorry yasmin.. too much question.. its for my assignment.. may u help me??

yasmin said...

"the prayer" was directed by one of my film gurus, kamal mustaffa. it was based on an idea i wrote.

the message? no matter how bad you think your life is, there's always someone going through something worse.

Kris Law said...

Thank god, MM Anonymous! I NEVER wanted you to visit my blog, if you ever show your real name and picture here. I don't want you to get any unnecessary stomachache.

"The Prayer" TVC, please show us in your blog, Pn Yasmin...kinda forgot how it looked like.

*cosmic freak* said...

I think its a wise message. I remembered telling a friend who exaggerated how he wants to get his grandpa's gun and shoots himself in the head becos he's a struggling photog with no job and no money.

I told him a situation, where a young boy in a refugee camp who watches with his own eyes his 8 year-old sister being rape, would he wants to kill himself? But he stays on to survive so he can take care of his sister, right.

Its best to always think, however bad your situation might be, there are others who might experience worst. We must always be grateful. And also remembers that other people live with different circumstances in life.

Rumi noted,
"Envy makes you say, "I'm inferior to so and so: and his good luck increases my lack."
Indeed envy is a defect; worst than any other.

amirah lee said...

Alhamdullilah .. It's nearer to my house now, and very familiar with the place (Causeway point). Will catch it this time round, and also bring a notepad to take numbers (wink wink) down.

Tomorrow I'll wear Jason nametag to school said...

who's this 'kris law' actually?
ala Yasmin,i think he's trying to somewhat attract your attention..take him maybe 'ganti' THE Jason!hehe

peace! ;)

ltroi said...

Unggas Rimba said...

alhamdulilah...Muallaf will be shown at Cathay Causewaypoint. Ppl in JB can come over n watch!
its just 5 mins walk from my place at woodlands.

Kak Yasmin, I work for Muis, (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) and we are supportive of your films. Some of my colleagues are followers of ur movies.we missed the earlier showing as we were really busy when is was showing at The Picturehouse in 2008.

As most of MUISian stay in woodlands, we probably arrange a movie outing together to watch Muallaf, insya'llah.

Hope we can meet u in-person!

Inang said...

yasmin, how i nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal kamal mustafa? your guru's.

Anonymous said...

sedikit selingan..

who is Kris Law? boy, you are annoying. you are the only -ve energy in here. i can get a sickness if you post more irritating/provoking stuff here.

i know that you're a free-spirited soul, who believed in the power of choice and freedom to every living soul wuteva, but please put some tolerance and politeness or perhaps TLC in that freedom of yours.

somehow i feel pity for you cos your comments shows that you are in dying need of attention. you're like asking people to check out your blog. don't you have better things to do?

1 advice..

you quote "I am thankful each day that I am alive here and healthy to create beauty and love"..


-Easily Contented-

shahib said...

we singaporean are looking forward by your films.. i think how you tell your stories by the films produce is simply genius... how the msg flows with simplicity of the characters is just so amazing.. singaporean are optimist society, dare to change, and willing to recieve new challenge approach.. thanks for making a high quality movies and importantly spreading the messege..

azi ahmad said...

Dear Kak Min,

I've cried when I read your first blog for the first time. It reminds me of my late mak and the time we spent together watching Sepet again and again. She loves Sepet very much and it was just not her rezeki to watch your other movies. I've kept collection of your movies, Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin and hoping so much to have Muallaf too since it is not shown here in Malaysia. Can I purchase Muallaf's dvd is S'pore?

I really admire your work, keep it up and my doa is with you Kak Min.

Take care.

yasmin said...

dearest azi. salaam.

i'm so sorry to hear about your mum. and so grateful that my film gave her some measure of enjoyment, and hopefully, happiness.

muallaf dvd should be released soon after the re-release is over, insaallah.

coretan_khalayak said...


Kak Min,

kawe dok JB, 26 ni kawe cuti plan nak masuk S'pore tgk film mu, gu mano nak beli tiket ? kawe gi website Cathay takdo info pasal film Muallaf ni , takut kawe gi tiket abih , dgr response hari tu bagus , tapi kawe respect kat mu , caramu present idea tentang kehidupan dengan membawa nilai Malaysia , terasa dekat jiwa kawe anak bangsa Malaysia ni , disaat struktur kehidupe Malaysia yang seperti hilang tujue , film mu mampu buat khalayak Malaysia macam kawe ni terisi.

thanks & regards,

lhp said...

Muallaf opens in Singapore on 5th March 2009 bukan 26 February as previously announced.

lhp said...

*Cathay Cineplex Causeway Point (Singapore)

Thursday, March 5

Friday, March 6

Saturday, March 7

Sunday, March 8

Monday, March 9

Tuesday, March 10

Wednesday, March 11

All showtimes are correct at this time and may change. For utmost accurate showtimes. You are advised to check on

Yasmin's meet & greet sessions to be announced later today.

Thank you

Lighthouse Pictures

lhp said...

MEET YASMIN AHMAD- Up close & personal

Visit this link for more information

erina_z said...

Kak Yasmin,

We wanna screen Muallaf for the msian students here in Sydney.

Where can we buy the DVD? Or what other options do we have?

Thanks Kak Yasmin.

yasmin said...

salaam, erina.

muallaf dvd scheduled for release in singapore, towards the middle of this year, inshaallah.

nazura89 said...

I'm dying to watch this movie!!
huhu.. =(

yasmin said...

salaam, nazura. muallaf showing in singapore again from today.

Aamyra Amin said...

I envy 'em who live in Singapore (er, and Johor). I want to watch Muallaf too! The world is so not fair, m'am. But what's new there, lol. T__T

Anyways, I watched Talentime a week ago. Boy, did I cry, or did I cry? Hahahaha. I, for the lack of better word, love you for making those fantastic films! It definitely takes a lot of courage and bluntness to potray what's really been going on in this country. To REPLAY them in a form of movies what's reality.

Thank you,

izat said...

tolong kak min!!
saye ni dari singapura. tried to find muallaf dvd around northeastern part of singapore.. but i cant find it anywhere! waaaaaa!! kak min tau mana saya boleh beli? which company distributes muallaf dvd here eh?
thanks kak min!

Anonymous said...

Hi will there be a release on dvd? Someone pl inform me if there is going to be. Thanks!