Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Please spread this little film.

On the 29th of December, 2008, my crew and I shot this commercial in Ipoh. It was a one-day shoot, alhamdulillah.

I had written a script, based on the true story of Encik Shahrul's family, or more specifically, of his youngest child, Adlan.

Adlan was an extreme autistic who, for 7 years, behaved like he was trapped in a bubble, unable to communicate with the outside world, and vice versa.

What finally brought him out of that state is shown in the commercial you see here.

The dog is the most misunderstood animal in this country. Its haters, I'm sad to say, are largely Malays who often don't even know the difference between "haram" and "najis", let alone the finer points and different degrees of najis.

With this little film, I urge my people to read more about the true Islamic rules concerning this beautiful creature of God, and to please refrain from being cruel to it.

Let's do this for Allah.


Ibu Adam said...

very beautiful...as always.. :-)

Unknown said...

sokong. Hopefully all the bashing about orang islam menyentuh anjing will stop.

dah bersedia nk rescreen muallaf ke? ha ha. masih berdebar2 tak?

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Salam Kak Min...

It's really touching...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful advert for SPCA. Hopefully it will help change some minds and some hearts. I have done my part below.


Subaiii said...

I so agree on the fact that dog is Allah's creation too, and we shouldn't treat them any less than the other animal.

Awesome commercial! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my god that is so beautiful, i am a dog person, and it is sad when i told that to people they will exclaimed "but you are a muslim!" and looked at me with disgust.

loving god's creatures goes beyond touching "najis", it is when you treated them with respect and love and many people misunderstood that :) u captured what i have been feeling and thank you so much

Unknown said...

i totally agree, k.min. I've never understood why people must be so cruel to these poor animals. There's absolutely no need for cruelty for any of God's creations.

Unknown said...

wow..sungguh menyentuh sensitivi rakyat Melayu di Malaysia...hhuhu

but i like the messege..especially when it comes to adopting a pet from spca and stuff..YAY i love animals!^_~

yes i do love dogs too,tapi tak bolehlah ..since its Haram and Najis in Islam..I accept that because we still have CATS which is very the cute also!haha


kenape tak pernah nmpak iklan ni kat TV?

Kris Law said...

Truly, this TVC demonstrates the true beauty of animal adoption. I had a dog once, name Bobby, and it helped me to express love in ways that I could not express with anyone in my family or even "friends" from school, because nobody was kind to me and also because being a teenager it was hard to express anything at all! A pet can mirror the love you showed unconditionally. It helped me through my teenage years and to understand the meaning of love, admist an ugly environment where I grew up.

Only humans abuse, animals don't.

vb said...

hi there...

Unknown said...

haram dan najis
bahan fikir yang baik

Elza Irdalynna said...

i love this, mak. truly. will post it on my page (if i can figure out how!).

also, rumah melur!

Queen said...

My grandma pernah bela anjing to take care of her house and her ladang. Now, I memang tak pernah tengok any Malays yang bela anjing.

Sicreci said...

+That's rly one nice short film, meaningful as alwiz, there's actually a tear in my eye the time when he bends down n touches the dog, has the commercial been released already?

Patrix Tenario said...

Great, the genius touch is the decision to make it in black and white, Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!, at least... please know something that you should care and concern....

We're all HIS creature....

He made us...

to live in peace and harmony...

at HIS beautiful creation... EARTH

Amir Muhammad said...

There are, as far as I know, only 2 mentions of dogs in the Quran. Surah 5:4 and Surah 18:18. Neither mentions that dogs are unclean or nasty. In fact, the first states that animals captured by hunting dogs are halal to eat. The second describes a group of exemplary young men who happened to have a guard-dog :-)

sinnnnn said...

Yasmin! I love this idea so much! Something for heart!

Fanapicaholic said...

Love this commercial!
Tahniah kak yasmin for ur another successful advert!
This adv does make me think more about my perception about this animal..
And i think, it changed my perspective.. a lot..

Congrats kak yasmin .. ;)

Maiya A. Lim said...

this is so beautiful Yasmin!

Afams Chan said...

So sweet!!!!~~~ I love it!Simple but yet got a deep meaning!~ I was touched when i see the last scene where the boy came near to the dog.

It reminds me of two puppies at my neighbourhood at my hometown. They were cute but sadly being chased by a group of malay boys who just come back from school. I saw them (the boys) throwing pebbles towards the puppies, so i ran out from the house and yelled and asked them to stop.

"tapi ni haram kak" one of the boys told me.

"tapi ni binatang juga!! Depa (they) bukanya kacau hangpa!(you guys)"

In the end, the boys turned back and went to their home. The puppies are being taken care by my next door who also own a dog. I was glad at least the puppies are now safe.

Chris said...

I love all your commercials because I could feel that message that you wanted to deliver it from my heart. You stir the string of our heart somehow, for an example, the spca commercial. =)

Anonymous said...

Who did the voiceover? It's nice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin,

Thanks for the most touching short film. I now live in Saudi Arabia, the cradle of islamic society and yet to my pleasant surprise, the Saudis regard the dog as a family pet. Dog food aplenty in the supermarkets.

The cats on the other hand are the rubbish bin kings!

Alsalamu alaykum from Jeddah.


Unknown said...

As I watch that little film,
my understanding about my faith get stronger...
Allah have 'Rukhsah' on certain occasion and I think what we need here is a better understanding of our religion's teachings
and plus...another great artwork kak min! ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

I like it,Kak Yasmin!
simple but touching and meaningful!

SpidEy d'lEfty said...

wish to learn more about this: the difference between 'haram' and 'najis'? so Malay hates dog becuz of 'haram'? i think it's 'najis' right?

sorry I'm a new learner here.

Jabber said...

I was so touch with this short film..yes & i'm a animal lover..wish i had a dog one day for my own purpose..and i've involve with OKU people..with some working dogs.

truly majority of Malays they have this fickle minded syndromes on this "haram" & najis matter. They cant be beyond of the thinking or have a thinking outside of the box.

I will spread this little film with your permission to copy & paste from your blog.

keep up the good work..

Anonymous said...

Im no religious expert but i understand the fact that lots of current practices are not necessarily what was thought by the religion but rather practices of a time which stuck on. It may be done at a particular time for some reason but with changing times, some of these practices didn't evolve hence it conveniently became religion. I may be wrong but we changed a lot of things with time as long as it causes no harm to anyone!

Love the work Yasmin :)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, beautiful story.

GraFiQuE said...

sedih tengok 360 (TV3) mlm nie. kejam sungguh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yasmin,
If you didn't explain the message of this ad in this post, I'll be forever blind.
Hehe..stupidly, i couldn't read the message behind that!

I'll make that my blog's featured video of the week. Hope this will do some good to others too. Come on people, let's support this.

Thanks for always teaching!

maszuzu said...

indeed we're still living in a community tht have not only mix najis and haram but also culture and religion...:(

SumBoy said...

very very strong message :)

nazila said...

Akak, boleh tak tolong load film nie kat facebook. Tak boleh view lah kat blog nie. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yasmin, correct me if im wrong.

This advert isnt to say that having dogs as pet is permissible. It is still haram to have dogs as pet (unless the circumstances allows it, ie. safety and etc).

And the saliva of the dog is "unclean" or najis.

Fikri said...

This is nice. My brother is autistic, so I can relate. :) Thank you.

yasmin said...

"There are, as far as I know, only 2 mentions of dogs in the Quran. Surah 5:4 and Surah 18:18. Neither mentions that dogs are unclean or nasty. In fact, the first states that animals captured by hunting dogs are halal to eat. The second describes a group of exemplary young men who happened to have a guard-dog :-)" -- Amir Muhammad

bless you for this, amir! thank you.

Anonymous said...

kak min..who's voice actually for this advertisement?really touchy...n overwhelming...really love that...simple implication.

yasmin said...

voice was that of a friend called claire lee. good, huh?

Kris Law said...


Kris ramai kawan melayu,
Sesetengah Kris jemput ke rumah,
Ada yang berani, ada yang kaku,
Sebab sekitar jiran anjing dipelihara.

Yang berani datang, bole dikira tangan,
Satu alim orangnya bernama Haji,
Sama saya jalan lambat sambil puji Tuhan,
Bila nampak anjing, cepatnya lari!

Awek jelita dijemput rasa hairan,
Wajahnya ayu, tak sabar dibawa ke rumah,
Waktu malam Kris bawa berjalan,
Nampak anjing, lenyap dia entah ke mana!

Yang tak disenangi juga dibawa ke rumah lewat,
Rasa nak kenakan sebab sombong,
Besarnya cakap pasal dirinya hebat,
Nampak anjing, lekas ke kereta berkongkong.

Laki miang dibawa balik juga,
Asyik pegang sana sini entah takde erti,
Nak marah dia pun hilang daya,
Dihadap mukanya ke anjing terus berhenti.

Sekian, kawan-kawan Melayu yang disayangi,
Anjing ciptaan makhluk Tuhan ilahi,
Tiada salah berdamping erat di sisi,
Semuanya bersih, suci di hati.


Anonymous said...

kris I only understand the last stanza..others?...dunno what r u talking about...hehehe..neway good start n try for u to learn Malay linguistics...cool

Kris Law said...

Thanks for reading anyway, Ary. :-)


Unknown said...

yann yann rocks! the closing shot captures, for me, all the emotions of hope, love and relief, and a wee bit of weariness!

Kris Law said...

Ary, I owe it to you to explain a bit what i wrote. Maybe Puan Yasmin understands better.

It's about how my 4 Malay friends (the Haji, the pretty girl, the proud guy and lastly the horny man) reacted differently with dogs around the neighbourhood when they come visit me in my house. Simple as that. :-)


yasmin said...

yeah feiwan, i adore yann yann, both as an actress and as a person. very easy to direct because she GETS it. and a lovely human being to hang out with.

and she did a sterling job in muallaf, too!

Kris Law said...

Oh I read that Puan Yasmin, I get it. Amen! Something good to learn as an actor.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are God's creations, thus they deserve to be loved.

I read that there were even dogs that wandered into the mosque when the Prophet himself was praying inside. The dogs were left there ignored while the Prophet continued praying. How funny Muslims today view dogs as if they are monsters when the Prophet himself didn't make a fuss over its existence!

Anonymous said...


is what you're trying to say here portrayed in the film 'perempuan melayu terakhir'?, the dilemma always occured to malay muslim?...."berkopiah, berjubah, bertudung ....,apa itu baru islam bagi abang?"....

alamak - aku terbaca kris punye comment la ...ha ha...kris, jgn marah, nanti kena lelong!


yasmin said...

how can anyone throw stones at a dog and then say they believe in god?

Anonymous said...

actually all these nonsenses happened because they know about islam surface only..but they doesnt know how to understand deeply about islam..islam is to holy and simple to learn..never burden anyone..even dog or pig still Allah creations.doesnt mean we can simply kill and threat badly on it.Refer Quran n never judge by ur own sceptical minds.

Anonymous said...

yasmin, may Allah reward you for all that you do in His sake and may He forgives all our sin. And may He be pleased with all that we do, amin.

yasmin, knowing that your readers are the type of different races, i feel that you should point out your stance in the matter of animal adoptions.

The advert shown is for SPCA which is an animal shelter; promoting animal adoptions. This, seems to have target audience which are muslims and malays in particular.

I know in the past, you have been conveying several msg in one scene, and this is no exception. But as a viewer who knows nothing of your work or you personally, the msg that they might get from this is, "come to SPCA, and adopt a dog, it's permissible (this spur from the "unclean" msg."

and then, in your latest writing, you somewhat express the misconception that the muslims/malays have but did not clarify the ruling. Knowing that this blog is read by muslims and non muslims, i think if you had to point out the misconception, then you should also, present the ruling on the matter.

To my knowledge, it is not permissible to keep dogs as pet, other than for safety or extreme circumstances. You can still be kind to dogs, and feed and treat them well. Treating them bad is of course, against the belief of a muslim. It happens, but muslims or non muslim, know full well that, treating animals badly is against any religion.

Anonymous said...

i rather know about islam surface only, than deeply know it until 'redha' wit all adegan cium peluk gomol just like in gubra.

it is more pathetic when you people was like, wow gud movie, lain drpd yg lain, unique, great movie, etc etc.. for me, sepet is the best, gubra is totally confusing n sick..

yasmin said...

err... thank you, dann. i think. i prefer sepet to gubra too.

yasmin said...

anon, thank you for your prayer, but pls don't wait for me to spoonfeed you with details about the rules.

and no, it is NOT forbidden for muslims to keep dogs as pets!

Anonymous said...

This film speaks a THOUSAND WORDS. I shed tears after watching the film. It really touches my heart on how awesome they are. Kak Yasmin could you PLEASE do a film based on ANIMAL RIGHTS?
Thanks, Sophie

Anonymous said...

chairman...we talking bout what?dann refer the scope...dogs also ALLAH creations...that's all..others than that...u should create others post...then we discuss...k..tQ

Anonymous said...

chairman...we talking bout what?dann refer the scope...dogs also ALLAH creations...that's all..others than that...u should create others post...then we discuss...k..tQ

mkia said...

I admit tht dogs have somewhat become a social stigma for muslims.. esp. malay muslims.

My boss have a couple of dogs (adorable ones at that) and he bring them to the office daily. Given the small office space, the dogs naturally tend get around to where I am, and I'm ok with it.

Not everyone knows that I shared space with a couple of dogs in the office, because of their perception of dogs and the supposed proximity we are to have from them. My parents are more open to the idea (thankfully!) and they just remind me of the hassle of having to sertu whenever I come into contact with their wet parts.

Note that I say 'WET PARTS' cos only then will we have to sertu (cleanse). Otherwise it's pretty much alright.

These adorable beings are like children to my bosses; seeing that they are childless.

If we can't practice harmony, at least enforce some tolerance. These dogs, they know nothing.

crux said...

assalamualaikum all,

firstly, i think there is also another mention about dogs (tapi tak sure dlm quran or just dlm himpunan kisah nabi) about these group of people yg slept for a long time, sampai tukar king, govt and what not. they were running from the evil king and hid in a cave. and when they woke up, it was a few hundred years after. anyways, in this story, they had a dog with them. (correct me if im wrong)

2,i think Malays (some, most, but adalah) are to skewed and sempit otak. basically, for most malays, anjing and babi is taboo. anjing = garang + haram and babi = jijik + haram. up to a point that some of them cant even speak the word (remember the babi / khinzir fiasco?). i knw one auntie that cant even watch Babe.

i know u can keep dogs as pets (not babi tho..) but its just a matter of samak laa...if u get licked or tersentuh dry to wet or wet to wet, then u have to samak. but nothing wrong with keeping a dog!

gembala biri2 in middle east pon pakai anjing wat? even some kampung malays guna anjing to jaga kebun.

all in all, makhluk Allah. know the rules,and dont twist it. Islam tu mudah, kalau tersentuh, samak laa. bukan susah pon. thats it.

but that's just me. makhluk kerdil berbicara.mungkin betul, mungkin sandiwara.


Menn said...

nice advert!! n nice meaning

Kris Law said...

I am planning to make a film out from my poem "Takut Tak Bererti".

Puan Yasmin, can you play the awek jelita?

Anonymous said...

its not about spoonfeed.. for me, if you post the msg, u r automatically responsible to explain abut it.. ok, not details, but atleast an evidence or source.. yup..

Anonymous said...

masa kecik2 dulu, selalu orang bagitahu "orang islam bela anjing, malaikat tak masuk rumah.."

tapi saya percaya kalau kita berbuat baik dengan haiwan, tak kira sama ada anjing ke, kucing, malahan hamster sekalipun, mereka akan mendoakan kita.. sebab mereka pun makhluk tuhan juga..

Anonymous said...

oh ye.. and one of the reason why bila a muslim nak jadi vet, mesti dipandang serong especially when those times yang kecoh pasal student vet amek gambar dengan anjing.. omg.. please la.. islam itu mudah.. kalau terkena najis, kita boleh samak.. and moreover, skrg sudah ada sabun utk samak kalau tak silap.. kat spca pun ade jual kalau mahu beli.. i hope muslims akan buka hati, buka minda when it comes to about dogs.. :/

MORIBAYU said...

Kak Yasmin

" Orang selalu lupa , anjing datang dari mana..."


Faisal Admar said...

Ah I discussed about this with my mom last week when a friend of mind from England asked me "Why all my Malay friends run when they see dog and they show uneasiness face like the dog is so dirty”

I replied “Islam is not mean as what you think and it teaches us righteous not harsh to any animal. They think by doing that they are religious but actually they are so wrong. In Islam, you can touch dog when the dog is dry and so is your hand and if you touch it when any of the medium is wet, you can use water and soil to wash your hand with proper steps”

He smiled and said “Now it makes sense”

… and people kept blaming you last time when there was a part in Gubra about that holy man touched the dog.

It’s better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt –Abraham Lincoln-

Anonymous said...

There is no may God will create unclean beings. Only the devil and that is what you call SIN.

Anonymous said...


I support your work as part to educate the ignorant. But, growing up in Malaysia, you're the first person to say that dog is not haram. This will trigger an energy to find out more about the true teaching - this is superb!

At the same time, there are a lot of other people who kill, not only dogs, but children - in the name of God and religion.

I have had experiences being barked and chased by dogs when I was a kid on my way to the bus stop to go to school. But I didn't and don't hate dogs. But I do get scared by them ....


Louis Yap said...

i thought the two elements fit perfectly together =)

Anonymous said...

you make the best of Malaysian films!

baboon^albino said...

salam..kak yasmin. love the video,love the black n white concept..and really enjoy the debate about..erm.."haram n najis"...erm,just wondering,when this comercial gonna be aired?or will it be aired?
anyway,keep up the good work..

*really love cute dog's*

Anonymous said...

Yasmin, i am not asking to be spoonfed. I know the ruling. I was merely asking for explanation for your reader's benefit, not mine.

If someone tells me there are 2 methods in cooking chicken, and i disagree by saying there are 5, then i should clarify what those 5 methods are. I cant present to the person my opinion and tell him to find out what those 5's are.

crux, the story you told, just mentioned the dogs being in the company of those ppl in the caves. To me, it still doesnt prove how you can take dogs as pet. All of the examples you've given, show that there is purpose to the dogs being there. What we are describing here, is more of ppl taking in cute cuddly dogs that you sleep with, take a walk with and such. And why cant you take khinzir or babi as pets?

Islam is indeed made easy, but we're the ones who makes it hard.

yasmin said...

dear anon. (there are so many anons out there, it would be nice if they left their real names!)

plough back thru the comments here and you'll find some interesting quotes from the holy quran, posted by amir.


Invader Voobee said...

Hi Yasmin,

Just a little request from one filmmaker to another. I'm from Les' Copaque Production and we just released our baby film Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, Malaysia 1st 3D Animated Feature Film. It's a film for the whole family and knowing you are the type, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Hope you'll watch it and spread it around.

Anonymous said...

Kak Min dah tengok filem Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula tak? Best giler! Saya bagi 10 Bintang! :) Boleh baca review saya kat sini >> http://www.techtarik.net

Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin,

I love reading your blog and am anxiously waiting for Muallaf to be screened again here in sg. :)

With regards to the story of Adlan, any possibility of you putting up the story here?

yasmin said...

salaam, ain.

muallaf re-elease in singapore march 5th. inshaallah.

yasmin said...

invader voobee, i hear your film is good. will try to catch it. thanks for the heads up.

yasmin said...

what 2 elements, louis?

Anonymous said...

please visit this link for more information on the singapore re-release of muallaf


Anonymous said...

thanks for speaking on behalf of those that could not speak for themselves. may all malays see the way u see.

thank you.

Ms Pame said...

Dear Mdm Yasmin,

I would like to know did U know that your film, Mukhsin,is to be screen at Festival Film d'Asia,Vesoul France tomorrow?

If yes,can you explain why is the film origin is stated as Indonesia instead of Malaysia?

I am very curious.

Please do explain.Thank you.

yasmin said...

well pame, the truth is i don't know why. i assume you're near the festival, so why don't you do me a favour and ask the organisers to correct this mistake, please?

Fireopal said...

beautiful and touching clip...

will share on my blog, The Fire in My Life!

Louis Yap said...

raising awareness on autism, and awareness on dogs. well it seemed that way. haha. salam.


yasmin said...

ah yes, i see what you mean, louis. you're absolutely right, of course.


Joy said...

gosh.. yess.. thanks for this entry ma'am. it's so important that they know about this.

Latique said...

I simply love this. Dog is one of many other amazing God's creation that actually understand man and being named as man's best friend has its true meaning. Being a dog's person myself, and did a project on autism awareness, I must say this is very close at heart. Thank you Y. Another excellent piece of work!!

Singapore Community Cat said...

Thank you for a very touching video.
We see the same phobia towards dogs amongst many Muslim Malays in Singapore as well. Some of us think perhaps this sensitivity to towards Muslim sentiment is the reason why AVA is relentlessly killing stray dogs even when they are sterilised. This phobia stems from parental conditioning in childhood.
A few weeks ago, I watched a Turkish movie on TV and dogs are very much part of some families.

Anonymous said...

I have an autistic cousin, but he's kinda hyper, and ahem, only speaks in english (cuz he is). He's cool.

Thanks for doing this.

yasmin said...

i knew a hyper autistic child who used to rub his bare back against a pillar until it bled. but whenever a dog walked past, he would stop, and suddenly behaved well. so they got him a dog.

Anonymous said...

brilliant as always! So touching. Thanks Kak Min, for the reminder to kindness.

jules from singapore

Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful ad indeed. *applause*

tauhhid said...

i love the ad. speaking as a teacher, we may never 100% know how to teach a special child to learn. countless methods of teaching may not offer success. but, let's face it, miracles do happen...we just have to wait patiently.

ariel said...

thanks yasmin~
it's another beautiful piece of work!

yasmin said...

alhamdulillah, a vast majority here likes it. i had one hate mail over this commercial. anonymous, of course. hehe!

yasmin said...

yati, i miss honolulu...

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Yasmin...interesting discussion on this issue of dog...well, i try to understand it and just did a little googling...hope you will publish this if you think it's fit...cheers!


Dasar Hukum Haramnya Anjing

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Dari Abi Hurairah ra bahwa Rasulullah SAW bersabda,`Sucinya wadah kalian yang dimasuki mulut anjing adalah dengan mencucinya 7 kali." Dan menurut riwayat Ahmad dan Muslim disebutkan salahsatunya dengan tanah." (HR Muslim 279, 91, Ahmad 2/427)

Maka seluruh ulama sepakat bahwa air liur anjing itu najis, bahkan levelnya najis yang berat (mughallazhah). Sebab untuk mensucikannya harus dengan air tujuh kali dan salah satunya dengan menggunakan tanah.

Siapa yang menentang hukum ini, maka dia telah menentang Allah dan rasul-Nya. Sebab Allah SWT dan Rasulullah SAW telah menegaskan kenajisan air liur anjing itu.

Khilaf Dalam Penetapan Najisnya Tubuh Anjing

Seluruh ulama telah membaca hadits-hadits di atas, tentunya mereka semua sepakat bahwa air liur anjing itu najis berat.

Namun yang disepakati adalah kenajisan air liurnya. Lalu bagaimana dengan kenajisan tubuh anjing, dalam hal ini umumnya ulama mengatakan bahwa karena air liur itu bersumber dari tubuh anjing, maka otomatis tubuhnya pun harus najis juga. Sangat tidak masuk akal kalau kita mengatakan bahwa wadah air yang kemasukan moncong anjing hukumnya jadi najis, sementara tubuh anjing sebagai tempat munculnya air liur itu kok malah tidak najis.

Namun kita akui bahwa ada satu pendapat menyendiri yang mengatakan bahwa tubuh anjing itu tidak najis. Yang najis hanya air liurnya saja. Karena hadits-hadits itu hanya menyebut air liurnya saja, tidak menyebutkan bahwa badan anjing itu najis. Pendapat ini dikemukakan oleh para ulama kalangan mazhab Malikiyah. Meski kurang masuk akal, namun kita hormati pendapat mereka dengan alur logika berfikirnya.

Namun yang pasti, ulama kalangan mazhab Maliki tidak pernah menolak dalil dari sunnah nabawiyah. Mereka bukan ingkarussunnah yang hanya memakai Quran lalu kafir kepada hadits. Mereka adalah mazhab fiqih yang beraliran ahlussunnah wal jamaah juga.

Lebih dalam tentang bagaimana perbedaan pendapat di kalangan ulama tentang kenajisan anjing ini, kita bedah satu persatu sesuai apa yang terdapat dalam kitab-kitab fiqih rujukan utama.

a. Mazhab Al-Hanafiyah

Dalam mazhab ini sebagaimana yang kita dapat dikitab Fathul Qadir jilid 1 halaman 64, kitab Al-Badai` jilid 1 halaman 63, disebutkan bahwa
yang najis dari anjing ada tiga, yaitu: air liur, mulut dan kotorannya.

Sedangkan tubuh dan bagian lainnya tidak dianggap najis. Kedudukannya sebagaimana hewan yang lainnya, bahkan umumnya anjing bermanfaat banyak buat manusia. Misalnya sebagai hewan penjaga atau pun hewan untuk berburu. Mengapa demikian?

Sebab dalam hadits tentang najisnya anjing, yang ditetapkan sebagai najis hanya bila anjing itu minum di suatu wadah air. Maka hanya bagian mulut dan air liurnya saja (termasuk kotorannya) yang dianggap najis.

b. Mazhab Al-Malikiyah

Seperti sudah disebutkan di atas, nazhab inimengatakan bahwa badan anjing itu tidak najis kecuali hanya air liurnya saja. Bila air liur anjing jatuh masuk ke dalam wadah air, wajiblah dicuci tujuh kali sebagai bentuk ritual pensuciannya.

Tetapi karena dalil sunnah nabawiyah tidak menyebutkan najisnya tubuh anjing, maka logika fiqih mereka mengantarkan mereka kepada pendapat bahwa tubuh anjing tidak najis.

Silahkan periksa kitab Asy-Syarhul Kabir jilid 1 halaman 83 dan As-Syarhus-Shaghir jilid 1 halaman 43.

c. Mazhab As-Syafi`iyah dan Al-Hanabilah

Kedua mazhab ini sepakat mengatakan bahwa bukan hanya air liurnya saja yang najis, tetapi seluruh tubuh anjing itu hukumnya najis berat, termasuk keringatnya. Bahkan hewan lain yang kawin dengan anjing pun ikut hukum yang sama pula. Dan untuk mensucikannya harus dengan mencucinya tujuh kali dan salah satunya dengan tanah.

Logika yang digunakan oleh mazhab ini adalah tidak mungkin kita hanya mengatakan bahwa yang najis dari anjing hanya mulut dan air liurnya saja. Sebab sumber air liur itu dari badannya. Maka badannya itu juga merupakan sumber najis. Termasuk air yang keluar dari tubuh itu juga,air kencing, kotoran dan juga keringatnya.

Pendapat tentang najisnya seluruh tubuh anjing ini juga dikuatkan dengan hadits lainnya antara lain:

Bahwa Rasululah SAW diundang masuk ke rumah salah seorang kaum dan beliau mendatangi undangan itu. Di kala lainya, kaum yang lain mengundangnya dan beliau tidak mendatanginya. Ketika ditanyakan kepada beliau apa sebabnya beliau tidak mendatangi undangan yang kedua, beliau bersabda,"Di rumah yang kedua ada anjing sedangkan di rumah yang pertama hanya ada kucing. Dan kucing itu itu tidak najis." (HR Al-Hakim dan Ad-Daruquthuny).

Dari hadits ini bisa dipahami bahwa kucing itu tidak najis, sedangkan anjing itu najis. Lihat kitab Mughni Al-Muhtaj jilid 1 halaman 78, kitab Kasy-syaaf Al-Qanna` jilid 1 halaman 208 dan kitab Al-Mughni jilid 1 halaman 52.

Anjing Ashabul Kahfi

Kisah ashabul kafi yang menghuni gua dan memiliki anjing, sama sekali tidak ada kaitannya dengan hukum najisnya anjing. Ada dua alasan mengapa kami katakan demikian.

Pertama, mereka bukan umat nabi Muhammad SAW. Maka syariat yang turun kepada mereka tidak secara otomatis berlaku buat kita. Kecuali ada ketetapan hukum dari Rasulullah SAW.

Kedua, kisah itu sama sekali tidak memberikan informasi tentang hukum tubuh anjing, apakah najis atau tidak. Kisah itu hanya menceritakan bahwa di antara penghuni gua, salah satunya ada anjing.

Dan memelihara anjing dalam Islam tidak diharamkan, terutama bila digunakan untuk hal-hal yang berguna. Seperti untuk berburu, mencari jejak dan sebagainya. Bahkan kita dibolehkan memakan hewan hasil buruan anjing telah diajar. Al-Quran mengistilahkannya dengan sebutan: mukallab.

Mereka menanyakan kepadamu, "Apakah yang dihalalkan bagi mereka?" Katakanlah, "Dihalalkan bagimu yang baik-baik dan oleh binatang buas yang telah kamu ajar dengan melatih nya untuk berburu; kamu mengajarnya menurut apa yang telah diajarkan Allah kepadamu. Maka makanlah dari apa yang ditangkapnya untukmu, dan sebutlah nama Allah atas binatang buas itu. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah amat cepat hisab-Nya.(QS. Al-Maidah: 4)

Menurut para ahli tafsir, yang dimaksud dengan binatang buas yang telah diajar dengan melatihkan untuk berburu di dalam ayat ini adalah anjing pemburu. Tentu bekas gigitannya pada tubuh binatang buruan tidak boleh dimakan. Tapi selain itu, hukumnya boleh dimakan dan tidak perlu disembelih lagi.

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese Muallaf. When I was a child, I used to have many dogs but the worst part is to witness the death of a stray dog being shot by the MDKB people in my hometown Perak (equivalent to DBKL). I thought what gave them the right to shoot the dogs when the dogs were no harm at all. This short film truly depicts how dogs are man's best friends.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful moment..I only see act of Love between the living beings..Thanks for showing us whats love is. Universal love that needed by all and yes I am a vegan too:o)

Joy and happiness be with you and your love one Yasmin:o)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Yasmin,

There is an amazing animal santuary called Noah's Ark that is based in Johor. The santuary has almost 800 hundreds dogs, 600 cats and five horses.
Being there gives you the wonderful feelings on how animals have so much LOVE TO SHARE.


NKLi G'KaR said...

yasmin still dgn dogismnyer...

i'm in all agreement that dogs, like other animals should be treated well/ equally. Islam demonstrates care for animal by prohibiting its follower from inducing unnecessary pain to them and even in slaughtering, a sharp knife must be used to prevent the animal from suffering much.

but, majority of ulama (jumhur ulama') from the 4 leading mazhabs opined that dogs are najis. so why keep them as pets? unless for reasons permitted (there's always exceptions to the general rule). and plus, there are various alternatives/ other animals that you can have as pets.

yasmin said...

yes, mubaraq. for as long as our people continue to be cruel to dogs and teach their children to do the same, i reckon i shall probably continue with my "dogism". this is not just to help save the dogs from harm, but also to try and save our people from sinning against dogs. i don't expect that people will approve of what i'm doing, let alone help me with what i'm trying to do. but i hope they won't stand in my way.

kalau tak nak tolong tak pe. tapi diminta janganlah menghalang.

Anonymous said...

hi kak yasmin, this is really meaningful as i grown up with pet dogs. they are so lovely yet human beings could treat them brutally which is totally ridiculous! can i put this video in my blog so that my friends can see?


Anonymous said...

By the way, do our police force and rescue team use dogs to trace drugs and to rescue victims in disasters?

(nothingness) said...

as if we people are that clean in the first place. no?

yasmin said...

faiz, i miss you...

Mindy said...


Anonymous said...

Hi kak yasmin,

I live in Europe right now. I do love dogs very much here, they're cute and playful. Sometimes if they came to me I'll pet them & played with them. But then, surely I'll wash my hand 7 times. Sebab dlm Islam, mmg tak nafikan anjing itu najis, tapi mmg tidak haram menyentuhnya. Tak susah pun basuh 7kali.. =)

I really appreciate your efforts to change some Malays mind. Tp sy rasa, mgkn lbh baik kalau kak yasmin do it in soft way.. I mean, tunjuk stand akak yg akak bukan nak menentang Islam.. For example, dalam video tu akak tnjuk after that(if they're muslims), they washed their hands.. That would be even more beautiful and people will understand and accept it better..

ps: tapikan, sy rasa kbnykn anjing kat malaysia garang2la..takut..

tinyhyppo said...

1st time baca your blog..agree with you about malay perception towards dogs.why shud we hate dogs for no reasons. malays must fully understand haram & najis. saya puji anjing cantik pun orang pandang saya semacam. dah cantik pujilah kan! Takkan itu pun salah.Ciptaan Allah juga kan...

Mad Maureen said...

I agree with your stand.. What is cleanliness anyway? (Oops, don't get me wrong. I am a hygienic person, though not ro the extreme)..I mean, dog's dirtiness is only in terms of physical, but the human's dirtiness is dirtier, where we are dirty in thoughts and even actions.. I do not think God will be so shallow to judge us according to our physical hygiene, right? It's just the doctors who do that..

Anonymous said...


how to say...
saya tak 100% salahkan ur way of expressing regarding to islamic thingy...n i also did not 100% agree with ur thoughts..

because kadang-kadang saya rasa yasmin a bit exaggerate problems related to islam...

macam kes anjing tuh. sesetengah manusia @ melayu @ islam (n sbnrnye sdikit shja bilangannya) yg ekstrim bncikan anjing, yg len ok sahaja thdp anjing2 yg ad di malaysia nih.

dah Allah tak bagi kite pegang anjing sebab die najis, kenapa nak dipertikaikan. tak usahla pegang anjing..kalau suka anjing satu hal..memang anjing comel..no need to the extent kite peluk cium dia sampai air liur pun melekat-lekat kat badan...

cuba yasmin sendiri selidik hikamah di sebalik kenapa tetapkan hukum anjing tuh najis mughalazah dan haram dimakan..sama seperti si babi yang kita terang-terang tahu ada banyak penyakit related to khinzir.

kenapa yasmin nak bangkitkan isu yang sebenarnya tak jadi masalah pun dalam islam.

nak kata kita org islam nih cruel pada anjing, ada jugak orang non islam yang kejam pada anjing. dan ada jugak orang yang lebih cruel thdap binatang2 lain..

tapi kenapa anjing yang dibangkitkan? kenapa tak bangkitkan manusia kejam terhadap binatang lain? babi maybe?

sbb anjing comel dan babi tak comel?
sebab anjing boleh dibuat pet dan babi tak boleh?

saya tak faham la. kenapa isu ini nak diperbesarkan sangat..

banyak lagi sebenarnya isu islam yang lain yang kita perlu fikirkan, yang lebih besar priority nya.

p/s: orang melayu kalau jumpa anjing bukan sebab jijik pada anjing tu tapi takut tengok anjing tu nak kejar dieorang.

Anonymous said...

6 month Puppy, Strangled Because It Enters Neighbors House and into prayer area.


Langkawi. Owner of dog Muslim. Neighbor Malay. Puppy gets loose and enters neighbors house, neighbor takes a noose and strangles dog to death. Rescuers arrive in time to bury the dog and gets profanities shouted by puppy murderer.

We need to do some justice for the dog and educate these people.

Ghim said...

a good reply from muslims in regards to dogs.


sheikh said...

Babi Diqiaskan Kepada Anjing
oleh: Almarhum Ustaz Abdul Qadir Hassan (*)

Sebelum mendudukkan masalah yang ditanyakan itu, baiklah kita mengetahui dahulu
beberapa istilah, keterangan dan kaedah berikut ini :

1. Najis adalah kata-kata Arab, artinya kotor.
2. Najis pada istilah ulama ialah : kotoran yang menghalangi sahnya shalat,
maksudnya : sebelum shalat, kotoran-kotoran itu harus dibersuhkan lebih dahulu.
3. Najis dari sudut Agama ada 3 macam :
a) Najis yang disuruh kita membersihkannya (mencuci) berhubung dengan pekerjaan
shalat. Najis ini, yang ada keterangannya dari Agama, hanya 5 macam saja, yaitu
: kencing manusia, tahi manusia, darah haidh/nifas manusia, madzi manusia dan
wadi manusia; selain ini tidak ada keterangannya.
b) Najis dengan makna tidak boleh dimakan dan diminum , seperti : babi, bangkai,
darah binatang sembelihan tidak kerana Allah dan arak.
c) Najis yang berhubungan dengan i’tikad (kepercayaan), seperti orang-orang
musyrik dan yang seumpamanya.
4. Najis yang menurut istilah ulama itu dapat kita pakai asal ada dalilnya dari
Agama, bukan dalil fikiran atau perasaan ulama.
5. Tiap-tiap urusan atau benda keduniaan, menurut ketetapan, asalnya halal bagi
kita. Hanya boleh kita katakan ini haram, ini najis dan sebagainya, bila ada
dalilnya dari Qur’an atau Hadith.
6. Ulama-ulama ada membicarakan qias, ia bukanlah satu dasar yang mutlaq
sebagaimana Qur’an dan Hadith-hadith. Kita hanya menggunakan qias bila ada
jalan-jalannya yang tepat. Itu pun akan terdapat satu atau dua masalah sahaja.
7. Hendaklah diketahui bahwa tiap-tiap yang diharamkan Agama itu, tidak
semestinya najis.

Demikianlah dasar-dasar dari pembicaraan kita yang akan datang.
Sekarang mari kita melanjutkan masalah babi tersebut.
Orang yang mengatakan babi itu najis untuk dipegang, menggunakan beberapa alasan
Alasan pertama : Mereka merujuk pada surah al-An’am 146. Setelah Allah Swt
mengatakan babi itu haram untuk dimakan, lalu Allah iringi dengan kata-kata :
“…fa innahu rijsun”
Artinya :…Kerana sesungguhnya daging babi itu “rijsun”
“Rijsun” ini, mereka maknakan najis dipegang.

Bantahannya :
Perkataan rijsun yang berhubungnagn dengan babi, soalnya itu ialah soal makan,
bukan soal dipegang. Oleh kerana itu, rijsun di situ mesti kita makanakan najis
untuk dimakan, bukan yang lainnya.
Sekiranya rijsun di situ hendak kita artikan dengan najis dipegang, maka harus
juga kita katakan ia najis dilihat dan sebagainya dengan alasan lafaznya itu
umum.Tetapi untung dalam masalah babi ini tidak terdapat orang yang berkata babi
najis dilihat.

Alasan kedua : Mereka mengqiaskan babi kepada anjing. Mereka mengatakan anjing
itu najis; Agama menajiskan anjing kerana ada cacing yang disebut Taenia
achinococcus. Tania ini ada juga dalam babi. I’llat (sebab) dinajiskan anjing
sama dengan sebab diharamkan babi, yaitu taenia pada kedua-dua binatang

Seharusnya lebih dahulu kita memeriksa : adakah Agama menajiskan persentuhan
dengan anjing atau tidak, sebab soalnya kejurusan ini.
Yang ada keterangannya , hanya tentang anjing menjilat bejana sebagaimana sabda
Nabi Saw :
Artinya: Apabila anjing menjilat dalam bejana salah seorang dari kamu, hendaklah
ia buang airnya, lalu ia mencucinya 7 kali. (Muslim)
Dalam riwayat, Nabi bersabda: Yang pertama kalinya atau akhirnya (hendaklah
dicuci) dengan tanah.

Hadith Rasulullah Saw ini dengan nyata menunjukkan bahwa jilatan anjing dalam
bejana menjadi najis. Ini tidak berarti bahwa seluruh badan anjing itu juga
Hendaklah kita bedakan antara menjilat di bejana dengan menyentuh badan. Kedua
hal tersebut adalah berlainan.
Sebagai perbandingan : kencing manusia adalah najis. Orang yang setelah kencing,
diperintahkan mencuci tempat keluarnya kencing. Ini hukum Agama yang sudah kita
ketahui. Apakah dengan sebab kencing najis itu, lalu seluruh badan orang yang
kencing itu juga turut menjadi najis? Menurut qiasan anjing itu, mesti kita
katakan bahwa seluruh badan orang ini najis. Kalau najis, maka bila kita
bersentuh dengan orang yang baru kencing tetapi belum bersuci itu, harus kita
juga mencuci tempat kena sentuhan itu.
Tetapi kita maklum tidak ada orang yang berpendirian sedemikian, sebab bukan
demikian seharusnya. Begitu juga seharusnya dengan anjing.

Kemudian, ada riwayat-riwayat :
Artinya : Dari Ibnu Umar : adalah anjing-anjing kencing, datang dan pergi dalam
masjid di zaman Rasulullah Saw tetapi sahabat-sahabat tidak menyiram sedikit pun
dari yang demikian itu. (Bukhari)
Artinya : Dari Abu Hurairah : Ada orang bertanya kepada Rasulullah Saw tentang
telaga-telaga yang ada di antara Makkah dan Madinah. Ada orang berkata :
Sesungguhnya anjing-anjing dan binatang-binatang buas meminum dari telaga-telaga
itu. Sabda Nabi : Bagi binatang-binatang itu apa-apa yang telah diambilnya dalam
perut-perutnya, dan bagi kita apa-apa yang ketinggalan, sebagai minuman yang
suci. (ad-Daraquthni dll)

Kedua riwayat ini menunjukkan bahwa anjing itu tidak najis. Sebab jika najis,
tentu masjid yang dimasuki anjing itu harus dicuci, dan air bekas minuman dalam
telaga itu tidak boleh diminum.
Sesudah kita mengetahui tidak ada keterangan yang menajiskan anjing, seperti
yang tersebut dalam bantahan pertama dan kedua, maka tidak ada jalan menajiskan
babi dengan mengqiaskan kepada anjing.Tetapi biarlah kita perbincangkan.

Mereka yang menghukumkan babi itu najis, kerana sebabnya bersamaan dengan sebab
yang ada pada anjing, yaitu cacing yang disebut taenia acchhinococcus. (1)
Baik, apakah Nabi Saw menyuruh mencuci jilatan anjing itu mutlak kerana ada nya
taenia itu?
Ini belum pasti, walaupun kita dapat mengetahui bahayanya. Tambahan pula dari
keterangan-keterangan yang saya sebutkan di atas, kita telah mengetahui bahwa
tidak ada keterangan yang menajiskan anjing untuk disentuhnya.

Dengan begini cara qias menajiskan babi itu tidak kena dan bukan pada tempatnya
Alasan ketiga : Untuk menguatkan qiasan yang ada di alasan kedua, mereka bawakan
Hadith Nabi Saw: Artinya : Barangsiapa bermain nardasyir seolah-olah ia
mencelupkan tangannya dalam daging babi dan darahnya. (Muslim)

Kata mereka : Nardasyir (dadu) itu hukumnya haram. Bermain nardasyir sama dengan
memegang daging babi dan darahnya.
Maka, memegang daging dan darahnya itu hukumnya sama dengan bermain nardasyir,
yaitu “haram” (najis).

Bantahannya :
Hadith Muslim tersebut sama sekali tidak munasabah dijadikan alasan najisnya
babi dan darahnya untuk dipegang, kerana :
1. Kalau sesuatu diqiaskan kepada yang lainnya, mestinya yang dijadikan tempat
berqias itu sudah diketahui hukumnya atau keadaannya atau sifatnya.
Kalau yang hendak diqiaskan babi kepada nardasyir, mestinya lebih dahulu kita
mengetahui hukum nardasyir itu. Adakah Agama mengharamkan nardasyir atau
menajiskan untuk dipegangnya?

Tentang nardasyir itu belum ada keterangan tentang haramnya atau najisnya dengan
Dalam perkara ini ulama masih berselisih faham.
Maka, sekira hendak diqiaskan “nardasyir” kepada babi, maka hukum babi kita
sudah ketahui, yaitu haram (untuk dimakan), paling banyak dapat kita katakan
haram bermain nardasyir, bukan haram memegangnya.

2. Perkataan “seolah-olah” dan yang semisalnya itu belum menjadi sesuatu kaedah
tentang persamaan hukum antara sesuatu dengan yang diseolah-olahkan.
Tetapi kata-kata seolah-olah itu hendak menunjukkan kepada keburukan ( atau
kebaikan) sesuatu.
Sebagai contoh, mari kita perhatikan Hadith ini :
Artinya : Barangsiapa menutup cacat seorang Muslim, maka seolah-olah ia
menghidupkan orang yang mati. (Thabarani)

Menurut cara qias babi dan nardasyir yang tersebut di atas, akan kita dapati
begini : Menutup cacat seorang Muslim, hukumnya wajib. Menutup cacat orang
Muslim sama dengan menghidupkan orang mati. Kesimpulannya : Menghidupkan orang
mati menjadi wajib pula.
Mustahil Allah Swt mewajibkan kita menghidupkan orang yang sudah mati. Tetapi
hal-hal luar biasa seperti inilah yang akan timbul apabila kita hendak

Ringkasnya :
a) Babi itu najis untuk dimakan : tidak ada keterangan yang menetapkan najis
untuk dipegang atau disentuh.
b) Anjing bila menjilat sesuatu bejana, disuruh kita mencuci bejana itu, tidak
ada keterangan yang mengatakan najis menyentuh anjing.
c) Alasan-alasan orang hendak menajiskan persentuhan dengan babi atau dengan
anjing, tidak ada yang dapat diterima kebenarannya.
d) Oleh kerana itu jalan-jalan mengqias anjing kepada babi , atau mengqias babi
kepada anjing itu pun menjadi tidak benar.
e) Imam Malik berkata : anjing itu suci
d) Kata Imam Malik lagi : buruan dengan anjing itu boleh dimakan(2) maka
bagaimana patut dimakruhkan air liurnya? Ucapan ini hendak menunjukkan bahwa
air liur anjing tidak najis.

(*) Almarhum adalah anak kepada A.Hassan Bandung. Meninggal pada tahun 1984.
Beliau semasa hidupnya, diberi kepercayaan oleh Rabithah ‘Alam Al-Islami (Liga
Islam Sedunia)di Majlis Fiqih

(1) Menurut Alg. Uezonheidsleer 1, hal 88, bahwa cacing itu mendatang juga pada
babi, manusia, lembu, kambing dll. Semestinya ahli qias menajiskan juga manusia,
lembu dan kambing kerana ‘illah yang ada pada binatang-binatang itu sama dengan
yang ada pada anjing.
(2) Kerana ada Ayat dan Hadith-hadith yang membenarkan kita memakan binatang
yang diburu dan dibawa dengan gigitan anjing.


jazrul said...

aku suka cerita sheikh

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jazrul said...

Hopefully all the bashing about orang islam menyentuh anjing will stop.

malaysia seo

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