Monday, February 16, 2009

Talentime rough trailers 1 and 2.


JimMorrison said...

Uhhh.... please cut a new one. This kinda fails to incur any interest from me as an audience, I'd imagine more so if I weren't already a fan of your work.

Anonymous said...


cant wait to see it!!

NANA said...

Explosive images, a haunting soundtrack with love and hate sentiments at the core of it. Best trailer so far. Best Wishes for Talentime.

tomloo said...

This looks extremely moving.
I must watch this.

I wonder if I can find it anywhere in Australia.

Helmi Razali said...

that looks very promising. good luck with talent time. If i'm not mistaken, this is your first music-based trailer, right? Do correct me kalau salah.

theosofie mashon said...

kak yasmin.. lagu/track tu baguslah. siapa penciptanya.. satu macam attraction // and the trailer.. it wasnt enough (for me...) tak sabar nak nonton di Malaysia, Insya'Allah.

yasmin said...

salaam, helmi. actually mukhsin trailer had the keroncong hujan and nina simone's ne me quitte pas, kan?

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Can't wait to watch it Kak Min!

The 2nd trailer really make me laughed here..OMG! So funny!

aBoy said...

Kak Min,

Why I cant view it from here?
Theres another way I can view it?

Anonymous said...

Besnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!creative gila la kak min ni..adaaa je idea nak buat movie yg best2!!bravo bravo

Anonymous said...

Hmm...smells like teen spirit!

So excited to watch when it comes out. Congratulations Kak Yasmin!

LifeBloom said...

Alamak - belum apa2x dah nangis ..can't wait for it...!

Qaisy Jaslenda said...
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Qaisy Jaslenda said...
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vb said...

support local film!

Sheikh Azraai said...

Gave me the 'chills' - the good kind of chills that is. Wow, was that really Adik Naswip's voice when he sang that song? If it is, then it's amazing how he manage to master the accent in a such period of time. And the song? I bet you composed it, right Kak Min?


Afiq Deen said...

Is that really his voice? He sounds really really good!

~NiNs~ said...

the second trailer!

Nazim Masnawi said...

I thought the 2nd trailer is good enough, but the last line needs a lil' more punch.

"This is the first contestant yg original."

And that's it?!??

Aziz Laikar said...

certainly got my attention!

Cant wait to check it out.

btw, what is the title of the hindi song in the #1 trailer?

Miccalamcka said...

wahhh auntie Yasmin!
best laa!

macam dokumentari ttg realiti sebenar rakyat muda-mudi Malaysia yg sekarang ni dok ujibakat untuk banyak program nyanyian realiti skrg ni ..huhuhu..

pe2 pun saya minat tarian India kat trailer 1 1:00 hingga 1:03..ahhhhhhh cantiks sungguh! =D

good luck with this film!

and tak sabar nak tengok Adibah Noor! God Shes so funny! ^_~

crux said...

im voting for the second like!

err..if its not a vote, then can i go again?

Dyan Dominique said...

Pure Awesome-ness. I can't wait!

Kris Law said...

I'm in a dilemma of whether I should post a comment here or not.

If I do, I don't want to sound too critical or too full of praise either, because all I really want to be is honest.

If I don't post a comment here, I fear you might mistaken me for masquerading as other negative anonymous comments which may suddenly appear, like you used to accuse me in the past (for your info, I finally found out that those are from my ex-colleagues in the same office whom I naively promoted your films to, but not all of them agrees with me about your choice of casting, etc..). So I can only think of one word to describe these trailers for the film:

Just FAITHFUL. :-)

Jumping Jane. said...

alamak,i want to watch this again. yeayyy tak sabar. :)

najwa said...

i cried already.. T_T

Anonymous said...

will it be released in singapore too? If not, when will the vcds be out? looks funnn!!!

yasmin said...

rai, the song "just one boy" was written by pete teo and me.

aziz, the name of that indian song is "o re piya". i fell in love with it the moment i heard it.

karateka said...

kak yasmin, i like the first trailer very much, and i'm very glad it's going to be out in malaysia! =)

yasmin said...

one gives you a peek into the drama of talentime, one into the comedy.

amethyst said...

d 1st trailer shows more on mahesh n melur.. while d 2nd one shows more on the show i guess.. i like both.. can't wait for march 26 =D

kamal said...

The first one is how I imagined the trailer should be.

The second trailer is fun, but in my humble opinion, it's more like a teaser.


gman said...

kak yasmin,
both are good ones if is compared to any other trailer in Malaysia.

but honestly,
i think you need more punches to incur excitement kn...

i'd watch ur films any given day.

Anonymous said...

i like the scenes from the 2nd one. but i prefer the background music from the 1st one.hhmmmm...maybe you should try to combine both instead.what do you think?


farah said...

Can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seronok tengok ramai muka fresh yang berbakat dalam filem ni.Tak sabarrr nak tunggu, tapi harap kali ni tak ada kes bila call panggung kata tiket habis.

Chahya said...

To me your films has some kind of special catharsis. Sometimes the scenes are so eeriely familiar and at other times, they churn dejavu- like undescribable feelings. And the joys are real.

I bet I'm not the only one who feels this.
Some might not like it, they try to find fault at the scenes you recreated.
But others like me say: Yasmin, produce more & more! Good films are joyful learning platforms.

I watched the reruns of your films over Astro last 2 weeks.
Shed the same amount of laugh and tears every time.
I concluded:
Great films.
Me, incurable romantic.
Or both.

Gotta watch Talentime as a reward for myself after a full month of literature reviews for my work.
Cant wait!

an--ew said...

Trailer 1 gave me goosebumps yasmin. Will be home in early April and will organize a group viewing. Congrat.


dheepan said...

The first one is too sad and does not really convey the story of the film.

The second one is more fun and light hearted.

I think i prefer the second one but maybe it can be brushed up further~.

Can't wait to catch it though. :)

caiweijie said...

Kak Yasmin,

Honestly speaking, the first one is a bit tragic. I would suggest that u keep that hidden for suspense. :-P I prefer the second one personally.

Who has oledi watched Talentime, but dun ask me for spoilers!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch it! I like both trailer. Well done :)

sherrina said...

Vote for 1st trailer.

andy gomes said...

i like the second one better.
it's so ALIVE...i actually felt it's vibe when watching it.
i'm deeply moved...
cant wait to watch.

memandangkan the date of release falls on a thursday, terfikir jugak nak ponteng skola pastu gi tengok wayang......hahahaha

take care n godbless.
sayang u...
n still hope to meet u one day=)

Michelle said...

Aiya Kak Yasmin...

The thing that is so susah about being overseas is that I don't get the chance to watch local films la...

I've been itching to watch Muallaf, and now I'm itching to watch Talentime.

Do you produce the DVDs later? I might have to get them when I get home instead..

kekure said...

Saya undi trailer no 2!**GRIN**
Boss,tahniah jadi duta earth hour.

Anonymous said...

hi kak yasmin!

will it be opening in singapore? when! :)


Wai Meng said...

awesome ! : D

yasmin said...

inshaallah, talentime will be released in singapore about a month after malaysia.

hady said...


i preferred the first trailer
sebab saya ni suka kalau movie tu sedih sedih, baru terasa jauh ke hati
kalau lawak lawak ni, sekejap saja orang dah lupa

oh, anyway
i have a short-true-sad-story in my blog. one of my friend cakap, maybe boleh buat jadi iklan raya petronas this year. check it out kak yasmin.

good luck with ur movie..

hady said...

oh, and to you guys out there
please go and watch slumdog millionaire


sebak tengok cerita tu

anya said...

Though I always never agree with ur films or ur ideas or ur beliefs or whatever u may call it, u hav truly changed my mind. The movie touched my heart ( and its just the trailer, duh! ) Its like they always say, they'll hate you, but they'll love you in the end. So, congratulations Yasmin....

Z said...

i am big fan of your work!
you create something different to malaysia film industries
you give us new perspectives and a different way of thinking
and i love to edit videos!
if only you would spend some time to watch some of my videos here
it's not much but i think angles, lightings, scenes are important in making a video
is it possible that i can be in one of your movies kak yasmin?

*cosmic freak* said...

liking both trailer equally in all different aspects.

andy gomes said...

i cant help but to notice the new hindi song, "o re piya".
i have always loved the opening number for gubra,
'khabi khabi mere dhil me".

everytime i watch that scene, i will be thinking, "banyak betul kaya yang kak mas sapu atas roti tu".

i also heard that jaclyn victor will perform at the end of talentime. i wonder what song will she sing?????
take care n Bless.
take care.

e1d said...

Trailer D and E?? Where's A, B and C?

People always said "Support local film". Thats wrong, the correct one is, "Support good local film". Don't encourage the bad film to breed in Malaysia.


chico said...

i think i'm gonna like this film!
cannot wait to watch it..
i like the dance moves anyway~ they are better than taiwanese pop idol Jolin Tsai..

mo said...

"To be or not to be? That is the question!"
"Thanks. NEXT"
"Can I have a second chance?"

HAHAHA. Adibah Noor is hilarious as usual. Can't wait :)

*syooq* said...

The English song that was written by You and Pete Teo tu was sung by Aizat right???...

yasmin said...

haha, syooq! i'll tell you AFTER you've seen the film.


Derman said...

hye Kak Min....I love all ur film....just wanna say that "Talentime Truly Malaysian"..thank you for make a film that not only telling a story but give us the values and color of life being a Malaysian....that's what i can see in your film ...make u different with others Malaysian film the way..i love both of the trailer...its like ais-kacang with mix lots of color n flavour with it..hehehehe gudluck n hope to see more from you.....

Anonymous said...

mak..if me i chose no 2...just use a same trick like Mukhsin..choose a trailer which is have a little bit of humor...Malaysian love something not so heavy and easy absorb when watch least with that people will is not only happy wise to attract people...

Jamilah Jamil said...

can't wait to see this.

hamzah said...

salam kak yasmin..I don't know why..but the first trailer touched me deeply with the acting and the sound of the background you believe if I said Im crying right now because of that....?it touched everyone else sould deeply through your work of art...salam

yasmin said...

salaam, hamzah. aww, it's so sweet that you should be so moved by the trailer. bless your gentle soul.

tomloo said...

Assalamulaikum kak Yasmin. I love how the two trailers complement each other. First one, deep and meaningful, while the second one shows the funny side to things.

You truly are an amazing movie maker.

Anonymous said...

beautifully done, kak yas :)

Kris Law said...

To profess to be doing God's will is a form of megalomania. -Joseph Prescott, aphorist (1913-2001)

Anonymous said...

mak..nani totally not in de screen?..only behind de scenes?dun answer wait n see ya mak..

yasmin said...

nani is in mexico at the moment, ary.

Anonymous said...

oooo...tq..luv u..hehehe..cant wait to see talentime..talented actress n actor..also director..hahaha

Kris Law said...

Puan Yasmin, what is Nani, your loving protege doing in Mexico, so faraway?

A) Search for some Mexican millionaire to marry
B) Shoot a new film
C) Promote your film
D) Meet Speedo Gonzales
E) All the above

Answer only ONE.


yasmin said...

c) promote our films at FICCO, the mexico international film festival.

they're showing sepet, gubra and mukhsin, if i'm not mistaken. the festival wanted me to go and present our films, but i've got commercials to shoot, so nani went in my place. it's an all-paid for trip.

apparently sean penn will be there, but i'm not sure about this.

Anonymous said...

it has the hindi movie slumdog millionaire feel LOL

yasmin said...

hehe! but slumdog is a british movie, yaar. not a hindi movie.

Anonymous said...

mak..u have mixed films...malay..chinese..india already...then what's next?

yasmin said...

haha! next is malay-japanese, dear.

Anonymous said...

Wasurenagusa - forgot come I one of the actor can forgot this simple thing..hahaha. what's the meaning?

Kris Law said...

All the best in your promotion in Mexico. Do tell us the good news when any of your films are selected for FICCO.

Hey, that means all the films must be translated into Mexican? Cool.... :-)

PS: Andere ariba andere!


Amy said...

Kak Yasmin...I can't wait to watch it!!

yasmin said...

amy, i can't wait for it to be shown! march 26th seems so far away!

louisyap said...

when is talentime going to be out in malaysia? can't wait to catch it.

btw, kak have you watched slumdog millionaire? What did you think of it?



yasmin said...

hey, louis. yeah, i enjoyed slumdog. great fun.

talentime release = march 26th

Muhammad said...

dapat juga " Berjumpa "

cammie said...

i'm watching this movie tomolo in USM.... i love u... hehe... cant wait... i'm so excited.

Lin9 said...

i prefer the second one..:)..

Kris Law said...

I got a juicy role for Hartamas episode 22. It's hillarious!

chico said...

cannot wait to watch talentime~
anyway, hail to SLUMDOG!!! YOOHOOO! and also, sean penn, one of my fav actors~~!!!

jessieloi said...


I just got back from watching your movie. I'm a USM student.

I loved it to bits! my friends and I are gonna watch it again when it is released in cinemas. =))

Wanna ask though, is there going to be any soundtrack album for this movie?

-vince- said...

kak yasmin!

no words can describe how i feel at the moment. i was one of d privileged M'sians to hv watched Muallaf in Singapore, had an exchange of words with you and the cast after the screening in The Picturehouse, and i was again able to watch Talentime in USM just a while ago. (4-5 hours ago 2be exact :D)

it's a long story how i actually got 2 watch Muallaf, but tht's for another day. :)

simply beautiful, simply stunning, simply breathtaking. Talentime is not just a feel-good movie, it's all in one! u'll find romance, laughter, tears - pokoknya, everything u'd want to see in a movie!

it has affected me in more ways than one. to those of u looking fwd to watching Talentime here in M'sia, come March 26th, - come with an open heart, get ready to enjoy yourself, and experience story-telling, kak yasmin's way!

i'm proud to be a Malaysian, and i'm proud u are too!

(p.s. thanks 4 d autographs as well!)

Nur Izzati said...

Hi Kak Yasmin,

I totally enjoyed you movie during the screaning in USM. It was all tearing up my mixed group of friends who went. When the lights went on after the movie, I could see my friends on my left and right were totally moved by it.

We enjoyed it so much that this group and those who are unfortunately unable to attend last night screaning due to classes and other obligations will be queing up on the release date again to watch your wonderful movie. Thank you for showing at USM and giving us the privilage watch your movie right after classes.

Please do contine showing more of your creative ideas. It was a privilage that during my stay in a conference in Singapore I watch muallaf which I enjoyed as well...


p/s: How can I get all the music in the movie?? I fell in love with all of it...thanks..:)

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Watch it in DTSP USM, very highly recommended to be watch by everyone.

The original you!

HazirahMahadzir said...

salam pn.Yasmin
saye tgk movie ni smlm kt premier screening USM
it's a SUPERB movie!
u and the crew had done a great job!
i'm honoured to see u,talk to u and see u're smiling in person..
thanx for producing a truly Malaysian films,Pn.Yasmin!
i'll be promoting this film for u in my page!

keep up the good work!


HazirahMahadzir said...

an entry to promote Talentime!

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

cant wait!!!!!it(the snippet) kept running in my mind...arrrr...hahaha

yasmin said...

salaam, all you dear, dear students of usm. you guys were awesome!

Anonymous said...

mak..their comments drive me crazy lor..cant wait anymore...huhuhu

misznieda said...

owhh.. dis is d movie dat intended to be shooted at my house first but my dad declined.. :)

Kris Law said...

Hi Puan Yasmin,

I think your film "Talentime" is going to be very successful in the local cinemas. Reading from all the comments here, I think you can be very proud. You're also a great marketer!

I will surely catch it.


gee said...

Kak Yasmin - both trailers were very good and if there was a way to incorporate the drama and humour into one trailer, lagi bes! ;)

For every one of your previous movie's releases, I've been luar negri, so you have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to see Talentime when it's opening in malaysian theatres next month. I can't wait!

nami o fish said...

i'm USM student.

do read my review about your movie - Talent Time.I hope you do comment my article as well.


karateka said...

kak yasmin, i hope talentime will have a long run in the local cinemas? i've to be away for work when it is released *boohoo!* but i'll be back in april. i really don't want to miss it!

Muhammad said...

Kak Yasmin
macam mana nak sebut tajuk filem ini ??





hamzah said...

Salam kak yasmin...u've been to usm in penang?wish i can meet you in person,but im not a student laa pulak...hopefully one day..take care salam

yasmin said...

salaam, muhammad.

it's talentime.

amethyst said...

it's march!!

YTSL said...

Hi there Ms. Yasmin --

Noticed that TALENTIME will be playing at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Have gone and tried to book a ticket for the screening of it at which you'll be in attendance. Very much looking to seeing and hearing it -- and you! :)

Zamir Hady said...

OMG! I'm going to watch it! Btw, how's Muallaf? I really wanna see that movie. I don't understand la, mcm2 filem nak band, entah apa apa. but all of your film shows about our real life. benda tu semua tengah jadi, masyarakat je yang tak boleh terima.
and one more thing auntie yasmin! kalau ada casting dekat penang or KL bgtau ler. boleh pergi try. Love u so much! Byeeeeeeee~

*cosmic freak* said...

"hehe! but slumdog is a british movie, yaar. not a hindi movie."

I chuckling alone in the office at the "yaar"

Mem sahab, All the best yaar!

I will do the promo on my blog, got a GO from GB personnel. Hehe. Can I do a sneak review?

yasmin said...

can't wait to see your promo! quickly do!

*cosmic freak* said...

Madam, I hope I did you some justice.

Salaam and much love.

Nur Amirah said...

I'm interested! When is this film coming to singapore?

yasmin said...

about a month after the malaysian release, nur.

Abir Abdul Rahim said...

Dearest Yasmin Ahmad. Salam. How've you been? I hope all is well and that you're still leading our film industry to betterment and fruitation as your past films have brought the world to see us as par as them.

My name is Abir Abdul Rahim and I am a student of Swansea University, Wales, currently doing my first year in Actuarial Studies. Am also the Project Manager of our Malaysian Society here.

As you may have been familiar with this, it's the Malaysian Night season in the Uk. We had our Malaysian Night just last Friday and so happened as I've just seen these awesome trailers, our play was akin to that to yours.

The night was to stage a play at the same time we slotted in several cultural performances to highlight our lifestyle in Malaysia.

But the core that became the basis to our night is the play itself that we wrote ourselves; called LAH. Love, Acceptance and Harmony.

Amazing how our storyline was the same as yours. A Malay boy names Kassim fell in love with an Indian girl named Shalini.

But we resolved the whole problem by falling it back to what matters most; which is being Malaysians, that is our identity. In our country, nothing else matters. No skin colors can stand in the way of our identity that brings us to unity.

I was happy to see your trailer as I thought our storyline wasn't logical enough.

Am looking forward to watching Talentime. If you're interested to read the script that we wrote, let me know ya?


All the best!

scenenseen said...

kak yasmin,
looking forward for this!
i am so in love with 'o re piya' and thus, i've got to watch it!
is it too much to say that mahesh jugal kishor could be our very own slumdog's dev patel?
anywho, can't wait for 26 march to come!

-aTie- said...

kak min...yes finally for a long long waiting for this last on 26 march....tenkiu...maybe i'l go n watch it on 27... of corse i more excited bcuz dat was shoot @ my lovely hometown n my lovely school where give a lot of sweet memories...and d school where i found my other half n d date u launch dis muvie was our anniversary....neway kak min..i'm ur big fan....starting from d petronas advert move on to rabun n all ur muvies...neway i hope u can launch a dvdd for muallaf...

*hug* n *kisses*

Sophia said...


Mr.Mu said...

ya allah,
i can't wait lah Pn. Yasmin!

macam best sangat,
i prefer the first trailer though.
(it's been so long since i watched a good bollywood movie[devdas])

Pn.Yasmin, Muallaf will never be release in Malaysia eh?
DVD pun tak?
hmmm, nak pegi singapore, takde duet, recession2 ni.


Johan said...

hi kak yasmin..

nice work..

Btw, is there any how we can "see
" muallaf?.. takkan la nak gi singapore, ekonomi meleset ni..
CD / DVD tak ada ker?

Ida said...

i've watched this yesterday, during the film promotion in uitm and i think it is the best film i've ever watched,lagi best dari benjaminbutton :) definitely will watch it again this 26th march :)
it reminds me well of ipoh, my usual hangout place during my study years..
thank you k.yasmin for making another excellent piece, hope u'll win more awards this year :)

yasmin said...

ameen, ya rabbal aalameen. thanks for watching, ida.


edzlin007 said...

i watched talentime 2 days ago. i love this movie so much. can't wait to watch it again at the cinema.

ika said...

isn't that syafie 0:48 --> that is soooo hot for a malaysian school boy...! if i were his schoolmate i would surely pengsan when he perform -- nicely done!

mozomunawwarah said...

salam. kak yasmin,

i really love all your work and i'm about to miss talentime and muallaf because i wont be in malaysia at least until this september... T_T. i suggest you start a site where fans can pay and watch your movies online - it may sound absurd, yet it is the only way that works for people like me... do consider my suggestion no matter how silly it may sound to you. =)

yasmin said...

salaam, mozomunawwarah. inshaallah i'll ask my producer if this was something workable.

afqa said...

kak min.this is a must watch movie.
i do like it. (:

jiven said...

nice movie..i watched wit ma frens..if u dun mind me askin where can i get the just one boy song..i reali love it..

aZiM sHaHiRaN said...

dear yasmin,
i'm a big fan of all your movies.
thanks for all your movies.great job.
i just wanna ask you something.
can u please tell me the song title of this song in talentime? "could this be magic, it must be magic"
thanks.and the real singer please

Anonymous said...

Min, i watched it yesterday... and feel like watch it again n again.. Hope the OST will be released soon.

Iskandar Khazimin said...

Dear Yasmin Ahmad

Ur movie was the greatest movie this year, and i salute u and ur team for the hard work.

you are the most daring director i ever known. none other director willing to portray the real malaysia with all the issues regarding religion, race and so on.

go head Yasmin, nothing can stop u.

ps: pls guide our young daring director Amy Ikram, i believe he will be ur apprentice

Faris Ahmad said...

Dear Yasmin,

This would be one of my first (if already not the first) comment on your new blog.

To be honest I do not follow blogs religiously - not anymore. When you blogged at your previous URL, yes I was quite a reader. No don't get me wrong, nothing to do with you moving. Just that it happen to coincide life got busier right after for me.

However back to this comment I am posting; Reading comments all over Malaysian profiles on Facebook lately and how most of them are discussing about Talentime on their wallposts, it ought to bring me to your blog.

I only knew about Talentime when the first time you featured Mahesh on your blog (yes the one that featured picture from his Uplands yearbook). Haha also when you put Mahesh in your Diwali ad. That was the only memory I recall of you making the movie. And now, in such a short span of time, it's here.

It has been a little bit over two weeks since its release, it's a shame that I am not in the country to watch it. But let me assure you this, every commercial, every short and full length movies directed by the famous Yasmin Ahmad has NEVER FAILED to captivate me. Usually I don't get to watch your commercials on TV, but more on the internet namely Youtube.

But it is somehow a blessing as I tend to replay them a thousand times simply to get "the whole experience".

Back to Talentime, that would be one of the first things I would do when I am back for vacation. Meanwhile, if ever there are screenings in London, please keep me in the loop.

Faris Ahmad.

p/s: It is also a shame that I have only watched Sepet, where all your movies are concerned. Not because I do not like them, but like I said, time has been VERY LIMITED these days, as well as being away adds to the whole dilemma. But no worries, I would dedicate a Yasmin Ahmad day someday and watch all your movies back to back. Keep to cameras rolling high and the good work to greater heights. And finally, sorry for the ultimately late comment. =) Bless you.

hazel said...

salam kak mmg peminat hasil karya kak yasmin. sy tonton talentime masa tgh jg arwah mak yg sedang sakit kt hsptl putrajaya.(sy escape kjp semata2 nk tgk nih) babak azean irdawaty dgn 'si mukhsin' byk menguatkan sy utk jg arwah mak dulu. wlubgimnpn, mak menghembuskan juga nafas yg terakhir pd 22/4/09.Dan saya redha..apapun terima kasih kak yasmin..byk menyedarkan saya..