Saturday, April 18, 2009

The killing of a puppy.

This morning, I received a heartbreaking email which brought tears to my eyes.

Entitled "Puppy Murderer", it read as follows:

"6 month puppy, strangled because it entered a neighbour's house and into prayer area. Story: Langkawi. Owner of dog Muslim. Neighbour Malay. Puppy gets loose and enters neighbour's house. Neighbour takes a noose and strangles dog to death. Rescuers arrive in time to bury the dog and get profanities shouted at them by puppy murderer. We need to do some justice for the dog and educate these people. We are awaiting more news about this incident - please contact me, Sherrina K, at 012 202 6384."

Recently, I received a long comment on my SPCA video, which Lembaga Penapisan Filem refused to let us run, without some drastic changes. The irate commenter said that I was making a big deal out of nothing, and that there were more pressing issues at hand.

Well, to that commenter, I submit that yesterday, while that self-righteous neighbour tied that noose around that puppy's neck and tightened it, nothing mattered more to that innocent, helpless creature of God than to have a kind hand intervene and loosen that rope, so it could run home again, into the arms of the people who loved it.


November said...

this is sad..the puppy didn't know the boundaries. just shuh him away is need to kill him. that puppy has every rights to live as the killer. you will have to samak the place anyway. killing the puppy doesn't change anything..except for there's a hole in the owner's heart now..

yasmin said...

watch the videos, november. i think you'll find that they may not have to samak the place after all.

Chris said...

I guess no religion would ask us to take a life out of nothing, especially knowing that the dog can't think like human, they won't know what is the so called "right" and "wrong" which human enforce it ourselves.

There should have been law enforced towards those who kill innocent animals in that situation no matter of what religion you are.

Thanks for sharing the video.

Anny said...

Oh my god.. how can anyone be so just a puppy.

Animals live amongst us.. but they don't really know the boundaries... its an animal. Cruel world.

zaidharis said...

orang gila,
buta akal fikiran,
seronok hilang pedoman.

Shikin Hambali said...


Sureindran said...

very sad, i have a Muslim friend who owns a cute dog as a pet and she follows all the "procedures". So I guess it's all depends on the limitation one put on his/her way of thinking.

Syazwan Nizam said...

maybe the neighbor hate the puppy's owner, so they killed the puppy in intention to pay a revenge or something but it's really not show humanity attitude and this kind of people doesn't deserve to even breath coz didn't respect other creature.

November said...

crap! that is absolutely true! i'm not so arif about all this, but i know enough not to torture the animals..

p/s: just now the videos did not appear..

jejaka anggun said...

masya allah....

islam agama yang bersih dan sangat mudah diikuti jadi kenapa orang melayu kita suka meremeh-remehkan dan membesar-besarkan sesuatu perkara yang mudah itu.

Zamir Hady said...

and kecewa.
mmg la anjing tu binatang haram.
tp Allah tak ajar pun sruh bunuh binatang2 ni dgn kejam. Puppy plak tu.
we need to do sumthing about this!
btw, where have u been? dh lama tak dengar crita aunty?

jejaka anggun said...

oh n btw, my mom used to have dog before n org kampung poisoned him because dia suke menyalak while we were out of town....

how ridiculous!!!

Peter said...

Just a little something I can do to help spread the word around...

WaFey-San ﻋﺑﺩﻟﻭﺍﻔﻲ said...

that guy has no manner and terribly sick! poor lil puppy! :/

annahidayah said...

OMG. pity that puppy. i'm sure the owner would be really sad. be strong ok. some people really don't know how to threat animals. sometimes people like this they admit they really know about religion. but actually the don't know nothing. grow up ok. killing that puppy is not a solution.

Jayson said...

We're all God's creations.
None of us would like others to hurt us, including animals.
Love them, just like how much God loves you.

Z said...

This is what happens when we act on what we think we know.

Anyway, 1 more month before I can actually catch Talentime in Singapore. I had a hard time avoiding reviews about this movie. And it is of course torturous to wait. But I am sure it is worth the wait!

Thank you, Puan Yasmin for being such an inspiration! Hope you are doing well.

Qaisy Jaslenda said...


"Semoga kita terkeluar dari golongan orang-orang yang jahil dan munafik, dan dari kesombongan untuk mengetahui perkara yang nyata."

Yasmin, keep reminding us about this thing.

May Allah bless you for your effort of doing this.

theosofie mashon said...

sungguh kejam... wahai si pembunuh.

Siriux Vawx said...

shit! thats horrible! what's wrong with the guy. it's just a puppy... it knows nothing. even tho if it was a dog, it still knows nothing. gosh! just shooh the puppy lar... wats so hard?!

Anonymous said...

Malay is Muslim? A lot of people get this wrong.And still getting it wrong.
Race and religion are two separate
things.They co-exist but each has it's own purpose,rules and boundaries.
Things go wrong when an individual failed to differentiate between religious obligations and customs
(adat).Islam encourages it's Ummah to be thinkers.
That little Prince Ant deserves to live what about a puppy.Feel for the puppy's Mum.She's a dog but a dog also cries in pain like us.

You may want to read this book 'I am Muslim" by Dina Zaman.She's a Malaysian.Read with an open mind and heart.Published by Silverfish Books 2007.About Malay , about Muslims.
If you have a pre conceived idea before you read the book , then do not attempt to read.
Be a fair and critical reader.

Happy rainbow isn't happy after what happened to the puppy.

hamzah said...

salam kak yasmin and all..

dalam masyarakat islam hari ini,majority nya hanya menjadi pengikut,dan bukan islam berdasarkan kepada apa yang dibaca,difahami dan diamalkan dari quran..dan mereka akan hanya mendengar dan mengikut dari orang kepercayaan..mereka selalu melihat siapa yang bercakap dan menerima walau pun salah..jika seorang yang menyampaikan kebenaran dari quran kalau bukan seorang ustaz,maka akan ditolak.So here,I'm begging all of you to copy down the video clip and spread it widely through email to all the muslim friends..hopefully it might help them to understand something.

S24-A45 Allah mencipta semua haiwan daripada air, dan sebahagian mereka berjalan di atas perut mereka, dan sebahagian mereka berjalan di atas dua kaki, dan sebahagian mereka berjalan di atas empat; Allah mencipta apa sahaja yang Dia mengkehendaki; sesungguhnya Allah berkuasa atas segala sesuatu.
024.045 And God has created every animal from water: of them there are some that
creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. God
creates what He wills for verily God has power over all things.

S22-A18 Tidakkah kamu melihat bagaimana kepada Allah sujud segala yang di langit, dan segala yang di bumi, dan matahari, dan bulan, dan bintang-bintang, dan gunung-gunung, dan pokok-pokok, dan haiwan-haiwan, dan ramai daripada manusia? Dan ramai, wajarlah azab ke atas mereka; dan sesiapa yang Allah menghinakan, maka tiadalah yang memuliakannya. Sesungguhnya Allah buat apa sahaja yang Dia mengkehendaki.
022.018 Seest thou not that to God bow down in worship all things that are in the
heavens and on earth,- the sun, the moon, the stars; the hills, the trees, the animals;
and a great number among mankind? But a great number are (also) such as are fit for
Punishment: and such as God shall disgrace,- None can raise to honour: for God
carries out all that He wills.

Anonymous said...

care to read a book by syed ali akbar on Malaysia The Club of Doom. there is a chapter dedicated to DOG and islam.
Malay malaysian have no idea that in al quran there is no discriminations toward dogs.. sebab tu we need to learn how to samak. haiyooooooo
our people are too sensitive and got a wrong idea how to handle dog... it;s a sad thang if this keeps going on..
dog sniff dog hunt dog companion dog is useful take the fact malaysian...

kak ina

chico said...

according to chinese beliefs, the ghost of the dog will become restless and angry and might haunt the killer...
i know what i say is not right..but i so friggin want that killer to be haunted and pay for his karma!

Kris Law said...


Having been in the local Malay TV drama series production for some years now, I have some concept how we non-Malays are treated in this industry. Usually, I will find myself being extra courteous and subservient to the point of being too thankful to be accepted in the Malay drama industry, something expected from the people who hired us non-Malays. I felt foolish and somewhat loss of my own integrity in acting so nice and patient with everybody on set, from the obnoxious cameraman to the bitchy make-up artists. And the money is not even good. Like what the saying goes "for the passion, not the money".

Sometimes my extra observant eyes would witness why certain artistes are being given the extra good treatment on set, meaning everybody from the director to the make-up artists would take extra long time to do their hair and make-up, and how their camera angles are usually being placed more emphasis than the quality of their acting, which is laughable and ridiculous at times. Behind the scenes, usually the director will laugh and joke with the so-called "main stars" while sharing a cigarette, hinting you already that something more is happening beyond just behind-the-scenes.

In the thickness of my own foolish courteous facade, I would still treat everyone on set just the same, with no bias or favouritism. Come on, who am I? I'm just an actor trying to earn a small living. No need to show how high in my standing or promoting my past achievements, when it becomes insignificant when my race and religion is mentioned. For this coming scene, I am playing the dejected boyfriend of this Malay actress, and am confronting her mother the first time because of her objection of me dating her on the grounds that I am non-Muslim. After the shoot was over, I was shaking hands with everybody and thanking everyone "salam". In the middle of the hands shaking, I suddenly felt a part of my wrist was partly twisted and the moistened touch of the lips were felt making a gentle stamp at the top of my hand. I looked across from whom my right hand were held, and it led to the grip of the actress who just played my acting Malay girlfriend's mother! (I won't reveal this actress' name)

She gave me a seductive smile, and I gently pulled my hands away with a smile in return. I told her "Eh, I am non-Muslim" And she smiled at me again and walked away with her personal assistant.


NurL said...

Salam Kak Yasmin,

I am a Chinese convert, my parent house have dog, and don't be surprise, my sabahan muslim in-laws house have dog, and we all love dogs. I don't believe God will create such a wonderfully loyal creature and then tell us that it is 'haram' (just like how most malay will say). And thank God that I have a wonderful husband who share my love towards animal.


RunWitMe said...

Hi Yasmin!

I am so excited when I learn that you will be shooting your new movie at Noah's Ark :)

Those dogs are so full of love. :)

Afiq Deen said...

all i did was to address this issue and now some holier than thou muslims are implying that i might be a murtad.

why cant they just... change their attitude on dogs and not pick a fight to justify their PERSONAL opinion on the jurisdiction of Islam

Diabolique & Miudinho said...

tHank you.

My in laws should watch this. They have been discriminating my father who lives in Australia, who keeps a dog as a pet to help protect the house against burglars.

This will make them realise since they too are pious, but they hv very lil knowledge abt dogs. and they too should realise, to whom they discriminate. He is after all, my father, their besan.

Thank you again.

yasmin said...

salaam, afiq.

don't worry, son. what matters is what allah thinks of you. some people think they can go to heaven by sending others to hell. that is such an insult to allah subhaana wa taala.

Paan Lee said...

salam, yasmin,

oh, muslim nowadays are scarier. i tot only in those arab region only, but in Malaysia as well..

'they' accused of me being murtad also coz i go to church in my highschool years.. hurm they dont even bother what is our intention.

those people might pray 5 times a day, wearing kopiah n act very pious. oh, how deceiving....

thank God, i know what im doing.

p/s : im happy coz i just bought the talentime ost just now. n its original..haha... :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Yasmin

I am a Muslim Singaporean and my neighbour had a big Alaskan dog. That dog has been part of our family ritual morning greetings. We are Muslim and yet we respect our neighbour for his luv of the big dog! Imagine every time that dog is out, he will lobby at our main gate and gaze at each of us !

We never feel its disgusting. Its makhluk Allah and probably dia lebih mulia dari kita!

To those feel they are Muslim and treated the puppy that way to justify their religion, simply said, they dunno obligation towards ugama and Allah.

Anonymous said...

Kak Yasmin,
Keep on doing what you do best ie reminding us Malaysians how to be a thoughtful and considerate being. Your movies have all but teach us all the good points of being a human.
Apart from killing something @ somebody else that is. The person who kill another being is not worthy of being a human.
I remembered watching Gubra in Midvalley with my friends. In front of us were seated a Malay couple, a young guy and his covered girlfriend. We were a bit disgusted with their lovey-dovey acts but said nothing. Yelah..even if you guys are married, there is a place for those kind of acts.
Sampai satu scene yang bilal sentuh ajing cacat before pegi azan solat Subuh, the girl suddenly bising.
"Eh...dia sentuh anjing. Terus jer masuk surau n azan lak tuh. Haram! Apa lak citer nie...wat orang salah faham jer" dengan nada berlagak seorang ustazah.
One of my friends nie jenis mulut lepas....
"Oii! Yang engkau bercengkerama dalam panggung tak haram la....Balik mengaji lagi la...kalau pegang anjing tak basah tak haram la..bodoh!"
Semua orang gelakkan that couple. Diaorang terus kuar.
Anyway Kak Yasmin...
dont ever let those stupid old people stop you from doing your angelic deeds.
Miss you and your movies.

geNe said...

thanks for sharing the video.

Arvin said...

As a puppy owner myself...i have to say dat a puppy will always be a puppy.....they will have inquisive nature just like our todler....Love you sooo much for being open minded....and the group of people here...u guys actually open my eyes as well....this is very good....really educational for me...this is da way other race could understand islam better......As i would always say.....JANGAN SALAHKAN AGAMA, SALAHKAN MANUSIA

Arvin said...

And i watched Talantime TWICE.....
Cried both times, laugh histaricly both times.. wat a movie....hei kak.....let me watch muallaf plsss...i don noe how, join cetak rompak and sell them or sumthing i don care.......i just need to watch it...another malaysian masterpiece

silly me said...

i can so connect to this... my puppy was strangled once by a neighbour, stupid woman... and then the mama doggy, died as a result of depression because of the death of her puppy... that stupid woman killed both the doggies... it's true, after her puppy died, she refused to eat, she refused to drink, she just wanted to die, so that she can be with her baby...

Kiden said...

I hope muslims should realize that Allah told us to love about anything Allah invented and that includes anything that muslims prohibited to touch.

Jigga said...

malaysia isn't what it use to be - or rather what we "thought" it was. dog killers, C4 users, money politics, proxy-practice, etc.
the country that we all once loved and cherished is now just a piece of land that we are survive in - that's all! I pity the next generation as they will have to live in this cruel nation with no mercy!

yasmin said...

i'll tell you why it IS better now. we are actually discussing this.

Zed Adam said...

Kak Min, kesian la anjing tu. I love, love animals, all animals. Animals don't jugde you, they are pure and their love is unconditional. I hope to own a dog one day.

Kak Min, I think you'll love this blog: My Kittun. They are Muslim and they own dogs, purebreds, lots of them. Quite wonderful really. And their mission is to show that owning dogs is actually okay for Muslims. But like usual, most Malays are quite anal, so the blog owner got so much backlashes, lectures and curses even. But some really warmed up to the idea that dogs are okay after all.

Samak tu another story pulak sebab the concept of samak is cleansing. By washing with soil, you are neutralizing filth, the same way a modern day antibacterial soap does. I bet kalau kat tengah2 padang pasir dulu ada sabun, diorang dah pakai sabun dah. Most Muslims can be too methodist and literal about these stuff.

yasmin said...

from a comment on afiq's blog:

"Malikite Jurists maintain that the dog is pure, even its saliva, and this is the predominant opinion. So, it is not obligatory to wash the body or the clothes, but one must still wash a bowl that touched or licked by dog. The Hanafite Juristic School and some of Hanbali Jurists say that it’s only dog’s saliva that’s filthy and impure, but its body is not. Imam Ibn Taymiyyah considers this view to be the most correct. Thus, if a person’s clothes get wet from touching the dog's fur, this doesn't render them impure. Also, if one touches the dog's fur after making ablution (wudu'), this does not nullify the ablution, but if one gets touched with dog's saliva, then one has got tainted with impurity, and it must be removed."

Anonymous said...

how to find these videos on you tube? I wanna put them on my facebook


yasmin said...

just click TWICE on the image and it'll take you to the video on youtube, dear.

the Razzler said...

Dear Kak Min..

It's so sad when we don't know how to appreciate life .. in any form!!

fnl said...

Kena faham tanggapan orang Melayu (konservatif) terhadap anjing. Tuan punya anjing juga sepatutnya lebih berhati-hati dan bertanggung jawab atas anjingnya, sensativiti manusia bukan terhad kepada anjing sahaja. Bagaimana jika binatang yg dibunuh adalah ular?

Naoko said...

NST reports not only they killed the puppy, but the son of the neighbour went to the owner's house to threaten them because the "matter was brought to the media."

In the end, the owner apologised and said she understand why they did that because "It was their race and religion."

The neighbours are a bunch of hypocrites!

Zed Adam said...

"Bagaimana jika binatang yg dibunuh adalah ular?"

Kalau ular sekalipun tak patut dibunuh. Jahat camne pun tak patut dibunuh. Kita bukan pencipta, apa hak kita untuk mencabut nyawa hidupan lain?

Orang Melayu konservatif pun kena faham perasaan orang sekeliling. Tak boleh la duduk dalam kepompong diorang je. Memang tuan punya anjing patut bertanggungjawab. Kalau di Barat, anjing yang takde lesen atau tak dipasang leash-nya boleh dirampas. Tapi walau macam mana pun, anjing tu tak patut langsung dibunuh. No excuse at all, nope. Lepas tu tuan punya anjing pulak minta maaf sebab atas dasar agama? Apa bongkak betul si jiran tu. Seolah-olah Islam menghalalkan pembunuhan tu? Sedih betul la, geram pun ada.

Reza Zainal said...

Most muslims forget that dogs are mentioned in the Quran in a positive light.

It's the knowledge that is lacking.

Anonymous said...

One of the former Terengganu Muftis had a dog. Seen a photo. It was a huge fella.

- siew eng

Author Unknown said...

Hi Yasmin,

I am a Malaysian student studying in America. I write on behalf of the Singapore Club at college here; we would like to obtain the rights to screen 'Sepet' sometime in May. Is there a way I could get in touch with you personally? If possible please do email me at Thank you!

Min Yao

Chetz Yusof said...

Kak Yasmin,

Thanks for putting these videos and your effort.

I'm a muslim and I have 8 rescued dogs. I just finished an ebook and it'd be put on sale online next week.

I was an engineer for 9 years but quit my job to educate people about dogs. Three years ago I got closer to dogs. I rescued 5 puppies and they've changed my life. They're such an amazing animals.

Now I dedicated my life to give dogs a better life and if not to end totally, is to reduce this discrimination.

I've lost many friends and family due to this. Some ppl also said I murtad. They just gave me more motivation to defend the truth.

My blog is Hope we can work together to educate more people about this. My goal is to have my own dog center here in KL. Your support is highly appreciated.

God bless.

Chetz Yusof

Anonymous said...

What's the point of being religious, if the pre-requisite value of humanity is violated. The dilemma does exist, but must it result to such tragic implication?

"Lepas tu tuan punya anjing pulak minta maaf sebab atas dasar agama? Apa bongkak betul si jiran tu. Seolah-olah Islam menghalalkan pembunuhan tu? Sedih betul la, geram pun ada..." I agree, some individual put religion in bad light because of their personal choice.

Sean L

haliastur said...

Rescuers? That's a very sweet word, thanks Yasmin. But, how i wish we were there much earlier. Probably Maya, (the pup) would have survived by now, Sri's sister wouldn't have gone into seizure and Sri wouldn't receive death threat. Dogs' life in Langkawi is pathetic. They are ill-treated, they got stoned at, kicked at and in fact they scored the highest statistics as road kills. Sri lost her 6 years-old dog, Mama to four wild dogs about less than a month before Maya was killed. We believe the same four wild dogs killed Sri's 3 legged 6 years old cat, Timon. We don't blame the wild dogs. They did it because of hunger. They belong to a Muslim land owner nearby who uses the dogs in wild boar hunting and yet do not feed them at all. So, the wild dogs strategy would be kill the big dog so they can eat the cats!
Is very tragic for Sri to lose all of her 3 beloved pets within a month!
Maybe Maya's death is for a reason. To infuse anger & disappointment among us and eventually that ball of anger would lead to positive changes, hopefully. Is great to have a network of people that actually support and care. However, is this effective enough? We need media from that could reach these kind of conservative people. I googled for any news in Malay media and none found. The Malay newspaper and the mosque would be a good start. I don't know how to go about (because my Malay sucks too). If anyone knows how to go about it, that would help. The best is to have the mosque-man to keep banging onto the mind of these people. If only the mind of the mosque-men can be convinced...

Moscow said...

i think some people bringing this issue too much

the killing of the dog got nothing to do wif religion

yes Islam did forbid dog to be pets, but it doesnt mean Islam allow killing of dog

but when a malay 'low knowledge' family killing the puppy, the victim connected it wif being a Muslim bla bla

why not the victim just said that the Malay family is just plain unknowledgable (or stupid) by killing the puppy? why must related it wif religion?

i just wonder, why in Malaysia got a lot of people which when sumthing bad happen must always related it wif religion. or races?

it is knowledge that is lacking....isnt it?

so please la guys, dont twist it anymore

when i heard bout this news yes at first i angry with the dog killer, but then to the pet owner

i think both are so wrong

yasmin said...

entahlah, moscow. i think maybe sebab many people use religion to justify the killing.

islam forbids the keeping of dogs as pets, did you say? really? where's the dalil?

Anonymous said...

1) Y not kill the ppl who jaga pintu?

2) if no ppl jaga, then Y kill the puppy?

3) if no ppl jaga and still can kill puppy, then who is the ppl to teach puppy - DOG and PIG is diferent?

4) if dog go there get kill, Y PIG can still in out in out? and not get kill.....

Moscow said...

why everything must need dalil yasmin?

i never heard of our beloved Rasulullah S.A.W, his companions, and brothers and any great ulama' ever raised a dog as pets. i dont need to question too much as long as i have great faith to it.

yes i know about the story of a prostitute give a dog a drink and all her sin been forgived by Allah and promised a heaven.

Allah wanted to show to us be kind to one of His creatures, but i never heard the story continue wif the prostitute take the dog as her pets.

what i know, when i read one of Rasulullah life history i also never found any sentence saying he has a dog as pet. Horse, yes. He love horses

so why question so much? What ever Rasulullah did was a direct instruction from Allah S.W.T. I just need that faith and that is enough for me.

yasmin said...

why must need dalil? are you serious?

Anonymous said... u know that u have to wear a tudung! - so, go and wear a tudung - how's that? u need a dalil for that?


Fatin Filzah said...

it's a sad story.
the puppy is innocent. ;(

xpatut betul!

yasmin said...

haha! excellent demonstration of maturity, mm. can't answer a question, insult the questioner. and yes, now that you've mentioned it, do you have dalil for the tudung?

Anonymous said...

Moscow, you should blame the Federal Constitution for equating Muslims with Malays.

Anonymous said...


"Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka menutup atas dadanya dengan tudung kepala mereka…." (Surah An-Nur: 31)

I heard Allah's Apostle saying; "Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal)." Hadith - Bukhari 4:448, Narrated Abu Talha

PS My apology, didn't mean to be rude/insult. I love your blog.


yasmin said...

thanks, mm. yes, i am familiar with both the dalils you quoted here.

i'm particularly intrigued with the one from an-nur. it's a very famous ayat. it says cover the bossom with a veil. you'll find related issues in an-nisa too, if i remember correctly. but no mention of the covering of hair. i'm not being argumentative or anything, but i do wonder. so far, everyone i ask get angry and threaten me with condemnation, instead of patiently and learnedly answering my sincere queries regarding the tudung.

hamzah said...

this is one of the youtube talking about dog in UK.Even bring dog into the mosque....

I do believe that the topic here is about dog...rite??
Bukan kah hadith juga ada yang menyuruhkita melihat kepada apa yang di katakan dan bukan pada siap yang berkata?
053.031 Yea, to God belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: so that He
rewards those who do evil, according to their deeds, and He rewards those who do
good, with what is best.

053.032 Those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds, only (falling into) small
faults,- verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings
you out of the earth, And when ye are hidden in your mothers' wombs. Therefore
justify not yourselves: He knows best who it is that guards against evil.

053.033 Seest thou one who turns back,

053.034 Gives a little, then hardens (his heart)?

053.035 What! Has he knowledge of the Unseen so that he can see?

053.036 Nay, is he not acquainted with what is in the Books of Moses-

053.037 And of Abraham who fulfilled his engagements?-

053.038 Namely, that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another;

053.039 That man can have nothing but what he strives for;

053.040 That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight:

053.041 Then will he be rewarded with a reward complete;

053.042 That to thy Lord is the final Goal;

053.043 That it is He Who granteth Laughter and Tears;

053.044 That it is He Who granteth Death and Life;

053.045 That He did create in pairs,- male and female,

053.046 From a seed when lodged (in its place);

053.047 That He hath promised a Second Creation (Raising of the Dead);

053.048 That it is He Who giveth wealth and satisfaction;

053.049 That He is the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star);

053.050 And that it is He Who destroyed the (powerful) ancient 'Ad (people),

053.051 And the Thamud nor gave them a lease of perpetual life.

053.052 And before them, the people of Noah, for that they were (all) most unjust
and most insolent transgressors,

053.053 And He destroyed the Overthrown Cities (of Sodom and Gomorrah).

053.054 So that (ruins unknown) have covered them up.

053.055 Then which of the gifts of thy Lord, (O man,) wilt thou dispute about?

053.056 This is a Warner, of the (series of) Warners of old!

Ciki said...

Hi Kak Min,

About the veil 'issue', I quote what you said to Afiq earlier "don't worry, son.. what matters is what allah thinks of you. some people think they can go to heaven by sending others to hell. that is such an insult to allah subhaana wa taala." So, don't worry, Kak Min.....

Susanne said...

THis is terrible! The dog knows nothing on the boundary...pity dog.

yasmin said...

Babi Diqiaskan Kepada Anjing
oleh: Almarhum Ustaz Abdul Qadir Hassan (*)

Sebelum mendudukkan masalah yang ditanyakan itu, baiklah kita mengetahui dahulu
beberapa istilah, keterangan dan kaedah berikut ini :

1. Najis adalah kata-kata Arab, artinya kotor.
2. Najis pada istilah ulama ialah : kotoran yang menghalangi sahnya shalat,
maksudnya : sebelum shalat, kotoran-kotoran itu harus dibersuhkan lebih dahulu.
3. Najis dari sudut Agama ada 3 macam :
a) Najis yang disuruh kita membersihkannya (mencuci) berhubung dengan pekerjaan
shalat. Najis ini, yang ada keterangannya dari Agama, hanya 5 macam saja, yaitu
: kencing manusia, tahi manusia, darah haidh/nifas manusia, madzi manusia dan
wadi manusia; selain ini tidak ada keterangannya.
b) Najis dengan makna tidak boleh dimakan dan diminum , seperti : babi, bangkai,
darah binatang sembelihan tidak kerana Allah dan arak.
c) Najis yang berhubungan dengan i’tikad (kepercayaan), seperti orang-orang
musyrik dan yang seumpamanya.
4. Najis yang menurut istilah ulama itu dapat kita pakai asal ada dalilnya dari
Agama, bukan dalil fikiran atau perasaan ulama.
5. Tiap-tiap urusan atau benda keduniaan, menurut ketetapan, asalnya halal bagi
kita. Hanya boleh kita katakan ini haram, ini najis dan sebagainya, bila ada
dalilnya dari Qur’an atau Hadith.
6. Ulama-ulama ada membicarakan qias, ia bukanlah satu dasar yang mutlaq
sebagaimana Qur’an dan Hadith-hadith. Kita hanya menggunakan qias bila ada
jalan-jalannya yang tepat. Itu pun akan terdapat satu atau dua masalah sahaja.
7. Hendaklah diketahui bahwa tiap-tiap yang diharamkan Agama itu, tidak
semestinya najis.

Demikianlah dasar-dasar dari pembicaraan kita yang akan datang.
Sekarang mari kita melanjutkan masalah babi tersebut.
Orang yang mengatakan babi itu najis untuk dipegang, menggunakan beberapa alasan
Alasan pertama : Mereka merujuk pada surah al-An’am 146. Setelah Allah Swt
mengatakan babi itu haram untuk dimakan, lalu Allah iringi dengan kata-kata :
“…fa innahu rijsun”
Artinya :…Kerana sesungguhnya daging babi itu “rijsun”
“Rijsun” ini, mereka maknakan najis dipegang.

Bantahannya :
Perkataan rijsun yang berhubungnagn dengan babi, soalnya itu ialah soal makan,
bukan soal dipegang. Oleh kerana itu, rijsun di situ mesti kita makanakan najis
untuk dimakan, bukan yang lainnya.
Sekiranya rijsun di situ hendak kita artikan dengan najis dipegang, maka harus
juga kita katakan ia najis dilihat dan sebagainya dengan alasan lafaznya itu
umum.Tetapi untung dalam masalah babi ini tidak terdapat orang yang berkata babi
najis dilihat.

Alasan kedua : Mereka mengqiaskan babi kepada anjing. Mereka mengatakan anjing
itu najis; Agama menajiskan anjing kerana ada cacing yang disebut Taenia
achinococcus. Tania ini ada juga dalam babi. I’llat (sebab) dinajiskan anjing
sama dengan sebab diharamkan babi, yaitu taenia pada kedua-dua binatang

Seharusnya lebih dahulu kita memeriksa : adakah Agama menajiskan persentuhan
dengan anjing atau tidak, sebab soalnya kejurusan ini.
Yang ada keterangannya , hanya tentang anjing menjilat bejana sebagaimana sabda
Nabi Saw :
Artinya: Apabila anjing menjilat dalam bejana salah seorang dari kamu, hendaklah
ia buang airnya, lalu ia mencucinya 7 kali. (Muslim)
Dalam riwayat, Nabi bersabda: Yang pertama kalinya atau akhirnya (hendaklah
dicuci) dengan tanah.

Hadith Rasulullah Saw ini dengan nyata menunjukkan bahwa jilatan anjing dalam
bejana menjadi najis. Ini tidak berarti bahwa seluruh badan anjing itu juga
Hendaklah kita bedakan antara menjilat di bejana dengan menyentuh badan. Kedua
hal tersebut adalah berlainan.
Sebagai perbandingan : kencing manusia adalah najis. Orang yang setelah kencing,
diperintahkan mencuci tempat keluarnya kencing. Ini hukum Agama yang sudah kita
ketahui. Apakah dengan sebab kencing najis itu, lalu seluruh badan orang yang
kencing itu juga turut menjadi najis? Menurut qiasan anjing itu, mesti kita
katakan bahwa seluruh badan orang ini najis. Kalau najis, maka bila kita
bersentuh dengan orang yang baru kencing tetapi belum bersuci itu, harus kita
juga mencuci tempat kena sentuhan itu.
Tetapi kita maklum tidak ada orang yang berpendirian sedemikian, sebab bukan
demikian seharusnya. Begitu juga seharusnya dengan anjing.

Kemudian, ada riwayat-riwayat :
Artinya : Dari Ibnu Umar : adalah anjing-anjing kencing, datang dan pergi dalam
masjid di zaman Rasulullah Saw tetapi sahabat-sahabat tidak menyiram sedikit pun
dari yang demikian itu. (Bukhari)
Artinya : Dari Abu Hurairah : Ada orang bertanya kepada Rasulullah Saw tentang
telaga-telaga yang ada di antara Makkah dan Madinah. Ada orang berkata :
Sesungguhnya anjing-anjing dan binatang-binatang buas meminum dari telaga-telaga
itu. Sabda Nabi : Bagi binatang-binatang itu apa-apa yang telah diambilnya dalam
perut-perutnya, dan bagi kita apa-apa yang ketinggalan, sebagai minuman yang
suci. (ad-Daraquthni dll)

Kedua riwayat ini menunjukkan bahwa anjing itu tidak najis. Sebab jika najis,
tentu masjid yang dimasuki anjing itu harus dicuci, dan air bekas minuman dalam
telaga itu tidak boleh diminum.
Sesudah kita mengetahui tidak ada keterangan yang menajiskan anjing, seperti
yang tersebut dalam bantahan pertama dan kedua, maka tidak ada jalan menajiskan
babi dengan mengqiaskan kepada anjing.Tetapi biarlah kita perbincangkan.

Mereka yang menghukumkan babi itu najis, kerana sebabnya bersamaan dengan sebab
yang ada pada anjing, yaitu cacing yang disebut taenia acchhinococcus. (1)
Baik, apakah Nabi Saw menyuruh mencuci jilatan anjing itu mutlak kerana ada nya
taenia itu?
Ini belum pasti, walaupun kita dapat mengetahui bahayanya. Tambahan pula dari
keterangan-keterangan yang saya sebutkan di atas, kita telah mengetahui bahwa
tidak ada keterangan yang menajiskan anjing untuk disentuhnya.

Dengan begini cara qias menajiskan babi itu tidak kena dan bukan pada tempatnya
Alasan ketiga : Untuk menguatkan qiasan yang ada di alasan kedua, mereka bawakan
Hadith Nabi Saw: Artinya : Barangsiapa bermain nardasyir seolah-olah ia
mencelupkan tangannya dalam daging babi dan darahnya. (Muslim)

Kata mereka : Nardasyir (dadu) itu hukumnya haram. Bermain nardasyir sama dengan
memegang daging babi dan darahnya.
Maka, memegang daging dan darahnya itu hukumnya sama dengan bermain nardasyir,
yaitu “haram” (najis).

Bantahannya :
Hadith Muslim tersebut sama sekali tidak munasabah dijadikan alasan najisnya
babi dan darahnya untuk dipegang, kerana :
1. Kalau sesuatu diqiaskan kepada yang lainnya, mestinya yang dijadikan tempat
berqias itu sudah diketahui hukumnya atau keadaannya atau sifatnya.
Kalau yang hendak diqiaskan babi kepada nardasyir, mestinya lebih dahulu kita
mengetahui hukum nardasyir itu. Adakah Agama mengharamkan nardasyir atau
menajiskan untuk dipegangnya?

Tentang nardasyir itu belum ada keterangan tentang haramnya atau najisnya dengan
Dalam perkara ini ulama masih berselisih faham.
Maka, sekira hendak diqiaskan “nardasyir” kepada babi, maka hukum babi kita
sudah ketahui, yaitu haram (untuk dimakan), paling banyak dapat kita katakan
haram bermain nardasyir, bukan haram memegangnya.

2. Perkataan “seolah-olah” dan yang semisalnya itu belum menjadi sesuatu kaedah
tentang persamaan hukum antara sesuatu dengan yang diseolah-olahkan.
Tetapi kata-kata seolah-olah itu hendak menunjukkan kepada keburukan ( atau
kebaikan) sesuatu.
Sebagai contoh, mari kita perhatikan Hadith ini :
Artinya : Barangsiapa menutup cacat seorang Muslim, maka seolah-olah ia
menghidupkan orang yang mati. (Thabarani)

Menurut cara qias babi dan nardasyir yang tersebut di atas, akan kita dapati
begini : Menutup cacat seorang Muslim, hukumnya wajib. Menutup cacat orang
Muslim sama dengan menghidupkan orang mati. Kesimpulannya : Menghidupkan orang
mati menjadi wajib pula.
Mustahil Allah Swt mewajibkan kita menghidupkan orang yang sudah mati. Tetapi
hal-hal luar biasa seperti inilah yang akan timbul apabila kita hendak

Ringkasnya :
a) Babi itu najis untuk dimakan : tidak ada keterangan yang menetapkan najis
untuk dipegang atau disentuh.
b) Anjing bila menjilat sesuatu bejana, disuruh kita mencuci bejana itu, tidak
ada keterangan yang mengatakan najis menyentuh anjing.
c) Alasan-alasan orang hendak menajiskan persentuhan dengan babi atau dengan
anjing, tidak ada yang dapat diterima kebenarannya.
d) Oleh kerana itu jalan-jalan mengqias anjing kepada babi , atau mengqias babi
kepada anjing itu pun menjadi tidak benar.
e) Imam Malik berkata : anjing itu suci
d) Kata Imam Malik lagi : buruan dengan anjing itu boleh dimakan(2) maka
bagaimana patut dimakruhkan air liurnya? Ucapan ini hendak menunjukkan bahwa
air liur anjing tidak najis.

(*) Almarhum adalah anak kepada A.Hassan Bandung. Meninggal pada tahun 1984.
Beliau semasa hidupnya, diberi kepercayaan oleh Rabithah ‘Alam Al-Islami (Liga
Islam Sedunia)di Majlis Fiqih

(1) Menurut Alg. Uezonheidsleer 1, hal 88, bahwa cacing itu mendatang juga pada
babi, manusia, lembu, kambing dll. Semestinya ahli qias menajiskan juga manusia,
lembu dan kambing kerana ‘illah yang ada pada binatang-binatang itu sama dengan
yang ada pada anjing.
(2) Kerana ada Ayat dan Hadith-hadith yang membenarkan kita memakan binatang
yang diburu dan dibawa dengan gigitan anjing.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Yasmin! and thanks for An-Nisa.

I'd like to quote again An-Nur: '...dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka...'. Here, 'perhiasan tubuh' has been understood to include the womens' hair. Rambut adalah mahkota perhiasan yang paling tinggi pada tubuh wanita.

I feel sad knowing the threat they gave you. So, I'd like to quote this:

Allah says: "Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And Allah hears and knows all things." [Sûrah al-Baqarah: 256]


Moscow said...

now i heard resident in Pulau Ketam trying to starve 300 dogs, but wait....

no relation wif religion and race huh?

so my earlier point is valid....what a shame

leave context and reason out, put treating animal first, again what a big shame

yasmin said...

nobody's attacking, dear. why are you defensive?

::airswift:: said...

kill the puppy just because it entered the prayer area? i don't get it. marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar.

but really, out of anger we can do crazy things.

Anonymous said...

a)Babi itu najis untuk dimakan : tidak ada keterangan yang menetapkan najis
untuk dipegang atau disentuh.
Jadi bagaimana pula misalnya sabun yg mengandungi lemak babi dsbnya adakah tidak najis pula untuk digunakan?


yasmin said...

yah, and kasut kulit babi boleh pakai tak?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how these people can do such a thing to such a loving loyal creature. It's so sad how they look at you like dirt just because you own a dog. I am a muslim and My family owns two absolutely wonderful dogs and because of that, some of our so called 'religious' relatives won't even set foot in our house. We're not invited to family gatherings when they live just a couple blocks away from us because of it. Apparently we're evil because we gave our dogs a safe home and love. Honestly, you don't have to wear a huge serban and jubah to know that dogs are just like any other animals and to treat them wrongly and even killing them is gonna land us in hell.

@pan zhafr@n said...

Anonymous said...

I watched the video!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing this, kak yasmin..

I'm a Muslim and i have a crippled dog under my care. The others pout at me.. But this post really inspired me. T


Adelene Wee said...

When I last visited SPCA Melaka 2 years ago, I was surprised to find a Muslim electrician fixing the lights surrounded by a few wandering rescued dogs. Next to him were his 2 young children peering through the kennel fences, laughing and talking to the dogs. I was speechless. Then I asked them aren't they afraid of dogs to which I was given a reply, 'Tak de lah, kak. Tapi saya takut kena jilat aje'.

Now how amazing was that? They lived among the villagers who constantly taunt and threw bricks into our already dilapidated shelter and I could just imagine the amount of sneers they receive from the kampung people. If only others are that open-minded.

I have so much respect for that man and his young family. God bless them

becks said...

My late father loved dogs. There was even a little gravestone for a beloved dog in the Istana grounds! "Here lives Rover. Born a lowly mongrel, but in courage, devotion and loyalty was second to none."

There were dogs running around the palace grounds, even inside the palace itself! Pedigrees, mongrels, you name it. I had a favourite one called Spot who would sleep outside my bedroom door, and so he would be the first one to greet me, tail a-wagging, when I woke up.

All animals are sacred, because they have the hand of God in them.

Jo said...

This is taken from a blog (link below) about the possible reason Islam prohibits touching dog's saliva. If this is true, then one of my questions on Islam (why Muslims can't touch dogs) has been answered. I'm feeling a great sense of relief... *sigh*...

Persue a question long enough, and you will be given an answer.

Here's the snippet:

==========SNIP SNIP==================
Dr. Gorman said...
American here, and yes, an animal lover. I have donated to Furry Farms for this cause. Yes, they need to educate the officials on the fishing island about spay and neutering the strays, or having them humanely euthanized. It's better than starving to death.

Question please: Why are Muslims encouraged not to touch dogs? God made them one of our two domesticated animals (along with cats) specifically for the purpose of helping humanity and providing companionship.

May 10, 2009 2:24:00 PM MYT

Zalina said...
Dr. Gorman,

When the rule was written, rabies was wide-spread. However, in the book is also written that dogs have been companions to the Prophet and his followers.

Muslims overseas have no problems with dogs. I am a local muslim, and I have no problem with dogs.

However, there is a cleansing ritual involved after being licked by the dog. I think people are just too lazy to go wash with red clay earth.

Also, I'm a little more forward thinking and believe soap will do.

Don't blame the religion -- blame the (few) followers. Thanks for your donation. On behalf of of the Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Secretariat. Thanks from us all.

May 11, 2009 6:30:00 PM MYT

Antares said...
Zalina, thanks for responding to Dr Gorman. I'd just like to add my two cents worth. I believe the hadith against touching dogs was inserted long after Muhammad's time during a severe outbreak of rabies in Arabia. Since infection is mainly via saliva, and water isn't easily available in Arabia, people were advised to wash their hands in mud if licked by a dog. Soon dog saliva became regarded as "dirty" and long after rabies ceased being a problem, dogs remained anathema. Only in Malaysia do you find such rabid dog-haters/fearers. Muslims everywhere else have long become sensible about most taboos. I believe Malaysia is the only country in the world where a Muslim can be arrested & prosecuted for eating during fasting hours in the month of Ramadhan! Well done, Malaysia, for making Islam look ridiculous.

May 11, 2009 7:03:00 PM MYT

Dr. Gorman said...
Thank you, Zalina and Antares, for the excellent answers. It helps to try to understand the actions of those you can't understand! Still praying for the volunteers, the relief effort and the change of heart of the villagers and officials who did this.

Kim Gorman, O.D.

============SNIP SNIP==================

link to blog:

Now on to my other questions: Why Muslims n Jews cant eat pork? Why mixing red+blue= purple, blue+yellow=green, yellow+red=orange? Why are we here? Is there really a 'divine purpose'/'destiny' or did we just "happen to be here"? Is there really life after death? what about reincarnation, heaven & hell?etc etc etc

jo said...

If the drum surface is made of kulit babi, can play drums or not? Or must ber-samak after playing?

By the way... there is such thing as Sabun Taharah to bersamak you know... Purchase directly from SPCA, Ampang or go to

RM6/- only... not only use for samak... make skin beautiful as well... anti-rashes, anti-fungal...

yasmin said...

only antares can make a truth sound obnoxious.

Remy said...

Bukan salah Islam,bukan salah melayu,
tapi salah manusia yang kurang perkemanusiaanya.

yasmin said...

remy, you are ABSOLUTELY right.