Monday, May 18, 2009

Inshaallah, after "Wasurenagusa", it's a Singaporean film called "Go, Thaddeus!"


( The article below was lifted from Today, the Singaporean daily paper. Look it up here: )

Monday, May 18, 2009.

Go, Yasmin, go! Malaysian director tackles Singaporean teen triathlete’s tragic death for new film. ~ Mayo Martin in Cannes

Yasmin Ahmad’s new film will soon be up and running. And it’s based on one of the biggest tragedies to have hit Singapore sport, involving triathlete Thaddeus Cheong.

Yasmin, the Malaysian director of award-winning films like Muallaf and the TV commercials for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports — Eulogy and Red Shoes — is currently writing the script for "Go, Thaddeus!"

In June 2007, the 17-year-old Cheong, a Raffles Junior College student, collapsed at the finish line during a selection race for the South-east Asian Games triathlon event. He died soon after.

"Go, Thaddeus!" will be based on the book "Running The Full Distance: Thaddeus Cheong", written by the late athlete’s aunt, Belinda Wee.

It is set to be released in Singapore and Malaysia in August next year as a lead up to the Singapore Youth Olympics.

Coming on board as producer is Thomas Chia, director of independent movie distributor Lighthouse Pictures. The first-time feature-length producer told Today at the Cannes Film Festival that Wee had contacted Yasmin through him.

Chia, a personal friend of the director and distributor of her films, said: “(Wee) sent me the book, I finished it in four hours and cried my eyes out. I knew Yasmin would be interested in something like this.”

He added: “I saw this project as viable because it’s for the Youth Olympics, it’s a real story of a national hero, and Belinda went all out to get all the government agencies to be involved.” One of the film’s earliest supporters is the Singapore Sports Council.

The 15-day shoot for "Go, Thaddeus!" commences in February next year, with an estimated budget of somewhere between $700,000 to $1.2 million. Actors have yet to be cast, but Chia revealed that the short list for one of the lead roles includes a Singapore TV and movie actress, and that Yasmin “has been speaking to one of the biggest actresses in Malaysia. And she’s Chinese”.


AfiQ said...

august next yr?
i can't wait!!..
but i'm sure.. this wud be my perfect birthday gift...ever!!

nun said...

hahahaha...dia~handsome ooooooo!!
tergoda iman saya.
kih3... :P

najwa said...

another great movie is coming!
can't wait to see the result
and oh wasurenagusa as well
i wonder when muallaf is going to be screened here???

Anonymous said...

I'm always watching you through your films and God watches over you.You will excel when you are sincere and your films is your medium.

Happy Rainbow

yapthomas said...

GO Yasmin! Go!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yasmin,
Thank you for doing this for Thaddeus. We hope he can be an inspiration to everyone.

Great to have met you.

warm regards,
angie, george and thomas cheong

Kris Law said...

You are gaining a reputation as an expert in teenage film subject. It's your forte! Good job, congrats! "Go, Yasmin!"


yasmin said...

hey guys! angie and george are thaddeus's parents, and thomas is his younger brother!

hi, cheong family! i warmed up to you guys instantly over dinner on saturday. thanks for making me feel so welcomed. see you this saturday!

lone orange.. said...

dearest yasmin,

as an avid supporter of all your films/ads etc, this upcoming project is one that will definitely get my support.

all the best and may god bless you in you cause..


Arivind Abraham said...

Hey Yasmin,

What excites me most about this is that you're doing something that strays just that little bit from the themes that have been pervasive within you films to date.

Looking forward to catching up with you when I am back for a holiday this July.

Maxsterism said...

I'm wondering if the person Yasmin is looking for happens to be Dato' Michelle Yeoh. :)

Wishing you all the best, Yasmin! I do hope the movie will be screened in Malaysia when it's out.

aisyah yg sengal said...

hi kak yasmin!

this shows how good you are at what you are doing when the family of Thaddeus gave you their trust to do their late son's story. i wish you all the best and i believe you'll deliver it as it should have.

and for the Cheong family, my prayers are with you all.

yasmin said...


someone asked me if i would ever make a sci-fi film. i said yeah, and in it, a klingon girl falls in love with a vulcan who sells pirated beam teleporters.

Kris Law said...

Hahaha, pirated beam teleporters. That's dangerous to the users, what happen when they got teleported and lose an arm or find their head attached to the butt? Funny....(some changes to poem below)


I got a friend name Lan Kaw See. Whenever you ask her out, she say "busy".
Text message on her phone only, she fussed like crazy.
Request her to add as friend in Facebook, she said "hardly".
As hobby, she directed some mini film series.
I asked her to watch local movies.
She shrugged and quipped "no quality".
I informed her good local films like "Sepet" and "Sepi".
She screamed and replied "No BM, only English, see?"
One day Lan Kaw See asked me to act as her lover baby.
That was AFTER I become famous on TV.
She only wants me to use me only.
I agreed because to her, I pity.
In my heart, I pray for Lan Kaw See.
I pray she will stop acting like superior quality.
I pray one day she will see me as me.
I don't blame her because it's human stupidity.
A bit of Lan Kaw See is in YOU and me.


Hak!M said...

yeay! singapore!


Hak!M said...

yeay! singapore!


Tammy said...

Kak Yasmin,

Will you be casting in Malaysia for this movie? I would really want to try out acting! Please keep me posted!

Thank you!

yasmin said...

tammy, we'll have to limit the casting only to singaporeans, i'm afraid.

Tammy said...

Awww... It's ok! Thanks for replying to my question so quickly. All the best in your upcoming movie!

yasmin said...

thanks, tam.

ogy said...

kak yasmin,

i loved all ur movies sangat tenang ila tgk.. especially time stress. kenapalah ada manusia yg berhati busuk dan suka mendengki orang lain....

Anonymous said...

yasmin ni suka ambil laki tinggi, encem je berlakon.

saat omar said...

Salam....Jemput hadir ke majlis perasmian filem AMAN yang akan diarahkan oleh Dr Hatta Azad Khan di Saloma Bistro Ampang pada 22 Mei(jumaat) ini mulai pukul 3 petang....

adee said...

yay! do keep us posted when you come here to shoot ya.:D

yasmin said...

will do, inshaallah.

andy gomes said...

i suppose never in the life time of Theddeus would he ever have imagined a movie being made about him.

its heart warming.
he left a great mark behind.
but, the most touching part about him to me is the fact that he is only 17. such a long way to go in life.
how i feel for the young people.....=(

take care mak.
love you

Anonymous said...

My sis is into triathlon. and it takes load of disiplin on training and food diet. i gonna tell my sis to watch this film. next year! can't wait!


P.S. she going for the half triathlon race next month.

Anonymous said...

i just want ur email...we can chat..i just wanna ask u something bout ur fans..diz is my email

Ted said...

sounds like an interesting story. come on kak min... spill...who's the actress?

p.s. - dear Kris Law, i doubt that you're THAT famous. and would you kindly please stop peddling your blog blatantly here? just key in the url at the posting field so it's linked to your name, that should be enough la. as per Orked's line in Sepet, "you are polluting my air".

veii said...

This is ... quite a surprise!

I'd been quite moved by this story when it broke. So many blog posts with various personal recollections from friends, relatives etc. So much promise gone.. and in such dramatic fashion!

It's quite a stretch for Yasmin Ahmad, I suppose. I'm almost imagining an atmosphere that's something like the Korean "Marathon" or perhaps a visualisation of Haruki Murakami's story of his Ultramarathon experience from "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running". But of course, you're the boss, so surprise us!

yasmin said...

well veii, i can only take the lead from the tao. i don't know the first thing about filmmaking, other than what my senses observe as i work. thad's aunty looked for me, watched sepet and mukhsin, and decided that they wanted me to do it. i hope i won't disappoint them!

Anonymous said...

kak min, who's that chinese actress from malaysia?
was thinking hard.

Albert Bravo Quah said...

Hi Yasmin I love your movies and films... always touched by them. This story sounds good! I'm in Singapore. Any chance to join you in this film?
I have no acting experience...but willing to learn ;)


Azmi Danuri said...

i love mak!

Anonymous said...

“has been speaking to one of the biggest actresses in Malaysia. And she’s Chinese”.

my guess...amber chia or carmen soo.
my favourite wud be carmen soo, definitely! amber chia? a big NO NO! :D


Anonymous said...

how can we contact you if we have an interesting fact that I bet no one knew about your upcoming movie? would you be keen?

yasmin said...

Anonymous said...

“has been speaking to one of the biggest actresses in Malaysia. And she’s Chinese”.

nape my guess is carmen soo too....
carmen tgh hot macam goreng pisang panas kat philipine skrg...thanks to malaysian-pinoy drama 'A Time For Us'....

yasmin said...

no, it's not carmen soo. we need someone much older.

e1d said...

so.. it's carmen soo's mom? :P