Sunday, May 17, 2009

If the ticket counter person says it's a full-house, insist on seeing their computer screen!

sellout poster.jpg

What happened to Gubra has been happening to SellOut!

People wanting to buy tickets were told there were none left and that it was a full house, when in actual fact the hall was half empty. Don't ask me why they're doing it, but apparently some of them do.

So if you feel like supporting an internationally-acclaimed Malaysian comedy that was a hit in Italy, do the right thing. Insist, insist, insist they sell you the ticket you want to buy.


aladi2489 said...

they really did that to Gubra? They should be ashamed of themselves!

Your Average Mat said...

interesting. When is this movie coming on cinema?

mohamad faiz said...

why they do that? to give spot for Hollywood? hanya Tuhan yg mampu balas kejahatan dgn setimpalnya

iez_ariena said...

hai kak min. hope kak min n keluarga sihat...betul ke jadi macam ni kak min? kalo betul memang tak adil. n x sangka that this happen u before with gubra.kak, my mother always said; 'biar org buat kita jangan kita buat org...'. so saya doakan kak min tak kena camni lg for your next production!

p/s: kim slm pada muz, kak fidah n their 2 little tots!

jejaka anggun said...

whatta heck?

the Razzler said...

Dear Kak Min..

These people are really mean & unscrupulous to continue doing such things!!

Mohd Yusof Sadjirin said...

aku dah tengok filem ni first show hari tu..memang best..siapa2 yg belum tengok p lah panggung memang tak malaysian movie..

Tammy said...

Noted! Thanks for the information, kak yasmin!

yong said...

i watched this movie !
i like the way the movie bring out the reality part of human ;)

NenekPenne said...

my hubby selalu insist nak tengok skrin computer kalau nak beli tiket wayang...

Shikin Hambali said...

? could it be that there were a lot of reserved tickets that werent picked up in the end? reserved tickets are only to be released half an hour before the show... didnt know this happened to you.... pelik sungguh, or not?

Arivind Abraham said...

Not again. The film community really needs to get together and figure out how to deal with the exhibitors because they are now the one loose cog in the chain. Since S'kali I've been saying distribution is no longer the issue for Malaysian cinema, it's exhibition and the lack of support from the local chains.

alhariesz said...

what in the world???

its outrageous...we need all the support for our can we brand and sell our film to outsiders when we ourselves shun our doors at the products....

its ridiculous, like they have nothing else to do...duhh...

Kris Law said...


I got a friend name Lan Kaw See. Whenever you ask her out, she say "busy".
Text message on her phone only, she fussed like crazy.
Request her to add as friend in Facebook, she said "hardly".
As hobby, she directed some mini film series.
I asked her to watch local movies.
She shrugged and quipped "no quality".
I informed her good local films like "Sepet" and "Mukhsin".
She screamed and replied "No BM, only English, see?"
One day Lan Kaw See asked me to act as her lover baby.
That was AFTER I become famous on TV.
She only wants me to use me only.
I agreed because to her, I pity.
In my heart, I pray for Lan Kaw See.
I pray she will stop acting like superior quality.
I pray one day she will see me as me.
I don't blame her because it's human nature.
A bit of Lan Kaw See is in YOU and me.


afams-chan said...

Saya sudah kena! i thought that it was really full-house!~
First it was selling fast,so i rushed to buy the ticket. But when i reached the counter they told me it was full-house and i turned back without no question. If it was really not a full house, i will go back to that cinema and find that sales person who was in charge that time.

Sakit hati betul

Jia said...

Hello Yasmin,

My name is Jia I am currently working on the fieldwork for my doctoral dissertation. I read in the Singapore Straits Times a while back that you are making a film on class status and migrant workers in Singapore. I wonder if you might be looking for a research intern or might perhaps be interested in some collaborative work? My ongoing research is on the reproduction of class identities in Singapore and migrant workers, particularly the Johorean commuters who cross the causeway everyday to work in Singapore.

If you might be interested, please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

andy gomes said...

that is a malaysian movie????
the list of awards and comments on the poster...WOW.
i had goosebumps (for real).
i am very PROUD.
malaysian movie makers have gone far. that goes to you too mak.

take care, God bless and
Love you=)

yasmin said...

andy, one day, inshaallah, you to too will go that far, and who knows, maybe even further.

Syafiq said...

i already watched the movie.luckily,the folks at gsc ou didnt do that to me :)

lck said...

This film is funny, BUT~~~~~

Don't BUT me,it is a funny-BUT-film.

andy gomes said...

that is so sweet.
you just put a smile on my face.
AMEN to what you just said.

take care n God bless.
love you=)

imborntosing said...


I wanted to see this movie! It is currently shown at Pavilion! Thank you heaps Yasmin for this tip. Damn!

Muhammad said...

me sudah menonton 2 kali

jenaka nya amat gelap dan sinis.
menjawab dan meyindir semua aspek dalam dunia filem tempatan.


tapi pelik , filem ini berwajah malaysia. tapi sayang..panggung legang tanpa melayu !!

kali kedua me menonton ,
dari lebih 50 orang dalam panggung.
cuma me n my fren yg melayu.

sayang..hasil produk terbaik dari malaysia ini , dipandang sepi.


nadsoblue. said...

hey I watched Sell Out to an almost-full cinema. really good & funny!

cannot believe they're depriving audiences of that just because.

but that aside, I cannot wait for your new ones! :)

ayesha said...

That's so mean. :(

Anonymous said...

The exhibitors just wanna make money.
Just like everyone of us.

Malaysian Filmmakers especially the indies got to realize that. A lot of indie films from the current crop of indie directors make boring award winning films that have no commercial value. They make films in the name of "ART", hence "I CAN MAKE WHATEVER I WANT". People walking out on their films are seen as an achievement.

To keep exhibitors from kick their films out of the cinema, filmmakers just have to make entertaining films that people wanna watch. SIMPLE.

In short, filmmakers just need to be responsible as making a film is a very expensive affair and they got to realize that everyone who finances films (this includes Exhibitors) are in it to make MONEY.

If this current crop of filmmakers do not see that, I see no hope in the future of Malaysian cinema no matter how many awards are won internationally.

My advice is learn from HOLLYWOOD.

spunkz said...

You know Anon, maybe you should watch some of our quality local pieces first. People like you who keep looking at Hollywood is no help at encouraging others to appreciate our very own local film which has content and is entertaining at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of local indie films.
Most of them I need to FF X32 or they put me to sleep.

I totally encourage local production but they got to learn the basics first which is

1) take your audience into consideration.
2) imagine you are funding the movie.
making films is expensive and normally someone funds it. Filmmakers should ask themselves "Would they sell their family home to finance the movie?"

BTW one should not be asked to support local films just because it is local. I would not do that. Support it because it is good and entertaining.
Likewise I would not by a proton because it is local. Why should i if it is a lousy cars that falls apart after a year or 2. I will only buy it if it is reliable.

artistiksyurgaloka said...

i watched this movie.
it was great. & funny.

mula2 ingat taknak tgk.
tp i guess i should give a try.
lagipun tak salah tgk filem dr negara sendiri kan.
n yeah!xrugi betol.
seronok.mereka patut tgk.

yasmin said...

anonymous does have a point. we have to work harder.

Jayson said...

I will surely shout at them until they sell me one :)

Mohd Syabandi said...

I will watch this movie soon

Eng said...

How strange. Why would they do that? don't they want to sell tickets?

at GSC ticket counters, the seating screen is always visible to the customer. but not TGV. so insist on seeing it.

pandamaranjaya said...

I was told at the ticket counter at putrajaya cinema that they had cancelled the show. They didn't even pretend to tell me it was a full house.

As I stay in Seremban and due to time constraint, I still haven't watched the movie yet.

Nada Syazana said...

As the concrete world advances, its people get sicker. What's up with cinemas lying about tickets?

Btw, I enjoyed Sell Out immensely. It's the kind of humour that slaps you in the face, forcing you to laugh out silly. A definite gem in the local entertainment industry.

tough cookie said...

I watch SellOut & I love it. I'm glad they didn't reject me at the counter. I can't wait for the DVD to be out!!

Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Rabun, Muallaf, SellOut - they all have one thing in common -- they are simply so true and one could just keep watching them over and over again without getting bored!!

MJ - A Cuppa Tea said...

Watched it and it was FANTASTIC! It really portrays the total malaysian business feel. The silly boss who doesn't want to hear other people's opinion and just wants money, and being too creative that made people not being able to understand and stuff like that. And oh! My lecturer, Leon.. played the accountant role! It was fun teasing him before he gets back giving critic session on my ideas.

And oh, I didnt knw that they do such thing in cinema.. But when I went, it was pretty much half empty tho. Oh well, I shall get the dvd and watch it again!!!

SpyGame said...

how could one do such a thing ... am appalled.

lyanna. said...

haila...selalu kena la....especially kalau nak tengok cerita-cerita tempatan...last2 beli je la CD dekat least dapat tengok berkali2....