Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Seraphine". Shepherdess, housekeeper, self-taught artist, genius. Watch her story at GSC One Utama.

seraphine 1

seraphine 2

seraphine 3

Séraphine Louis


adee said...

i read about her. what a painful childhood. and life.but to think that her paintings were all inspired by her religious belief. wow.

and oh, there's a film based on her life. have you watch it?

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

definitely ;)

maggot said...

Kalau GSC Labuan, ada tak?

(nothingness) said...


yasmin said...

stunning, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

but boring as malaysian indie flicks.

Anonymous said...

Anon...What u mean boring? I wonder whats your fav films are? matrix? Transformers?

Edlin said...

will do..

rainbow mushroom said...

it was screened during the previous French Film Festival... is this like a come back? her drawings are stunning and the way she draws (in the movie) is breathtaking... awesome!

Anonymous said...

i know nothing about painting...i see d movie during french film festival n getting really awwww by it...its breathtaking~

Anonymous said...

Boring means nothing happens.
Boring means when you X32 on the remote, it is still on the same scene and man is still holding his ziggy.
Boring means taking motion out of motion pictures.
Boring MOST IMPORTANTLY means it does not entertain.

I like Matrix. I like Transformers. I like Drag me me to hell. They all entertain me and others who pay RM10 to be entertained. But my current favourite entertainment is not a feature film but a tv programme. It is the sopranos. Breaking Bad is brilliant too.

Sadly Malaysian indie don't make any attempt to entertain audiences. Hence nobody watches their films. No need to spend money to put them in cinema, just show them at HELP or Klub Seni. Thats the total number of audiences that will wanna to watch them.

If you don't believe me, go check out the box office of indie movies. Find the total collected, divide it by 10 ringgit and you will get the number of people who paid good money to watch. I bet the number of people can fit inside the hall at HELP.

My favourite Malaysian film maker is Yasmin Ahmad. At least she makes an attempt to entertain.

So what's your favourite?
Flower in the pocket?
Rain Dogs?

And honestly I am sure you must have been entertained by The Matrix. I will be real surprise if you were not.